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Morning. Alright, I am here. I was just jumping out of the app to share the livestream over into my personal page in my Facebook group. So, hey, hey, good morning, happy Easter Sunday, for those who are here in the US. Or happy, middle of the night of Easter Monday and Sunday, if you're in Australia. Morning Christine. Hey Lana, what's up? How are you? And April Fool's Day. It's Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day. I thought that I put a really good message, like a really good ... Oh God, I think I need more concealer.

I thought that I put a really good April Fool's Day message over on my personal page. I'm like, people probably, maybe believe that, because I don't know, like they probably ... like I was waiting for people to agree with me and be like, "Yeah, Kat." Like some of the people who are not really my true tribe basically, who are connected with me online. I was waiting for some pompous, dad type, Internet marketer, of which I have a few in mind, to be like, "Yes, well, finally you've figured it out, or you've got it clear." I guess you can go to my personal Katrina Ruth page if you want to know what the fuck I'm talking about.

But basically, straight away my private in person client, Jana was like, "April Fool's." I was like, "Goddammit, I need to get better at my April Fool's game." Every single year, people just figure straight away out that I'm kidding. I gotta get more sneaky with it. Anyhow, I'm just heading out of Dallas today. I've been here in Dallas the last two days with one of my best soulmate people in the world, Patrick. We did a couple of livestreams together into my free group, The Daily Asskickery. If you didn't see that, or if you're not in the group, it's called Daily Asskickery for Revolutionary Fucking Leaders, because that's what it is. And, yeah, we brought some hard core truths in that group.

We did a livestream on stage fright, and showing up even when you don't feel like it. Like, if you're really just getting out there with your message, and learning how to be authentic and put your true self out there. Or maybe you feel nervous about livestreaming and that sort of thing, you should definitely go watch that livestream. It was from Friday. It was supposed to be about that, but there ended up being talk about, basically a prison, a lot of red souled shoes that we were throwing around. It was kind of like a shoe unpacking at one point, there was some discussion of bondage blogs and it definitely went all over the place. It was actually pretty hilarious, it went for nearly two hours.

So, we did that, and then yesterday we did a livestreaming on unconventional relationships and non monogyny, which is basically relevant to us. So, that was a really cool livestream that was pretty raw, and pretty heavy, like we were both whacked by the end of the day. Energetically, just kind of exhausted and actually, I want to talk about, well what the topic of this livestream is about, like calling soulmate people into your life. You're going to need to meet those shoes. I will introduce you to the shoes, don't worry. It was kind of funny, because I had some really bad ass Louis Vuitton shoes on, obviously, and then also and we were on the livestream ... And then I'm like, "Oh, but have you seen my thigh high, rose gold, sequinned Louis Vuitton's? I'm going to need to pull them out." So, I pulled them out of my suitcase, then I'm like, "Hang on, what about these ones?" So it ended up just being shoes everywhere, then they were being used as a pointing device. By Patrick, not by me.

So, I really just have so much appreciation and gratitude for the last few days with him, because, well we always have an amazing time together, but it's also just going kind of deeper and just super flow and into just, I don't know, that soul connection that you can have when you have somebody in your life who you are able to be yourself with so deeply. And where the connection is not based on, we build a friendship but it's based on, there's a soul connection there. And what I found is, like when I think about it, like when I look around, well, it's not like something I've found, that's the wrong wording. What I'm really grateful for and what I want to talk about here is, as you know, I've been experimenting on non monogamy for a while, I just haven't talked about it publicly. But we did, but thank you. I talked about it in my groups and stuff, and all my clients know this stuff, but we did the livestreaming to my Facebook group, into The Daily Asskickery group. So, definitely jump on there if you want to check it out.

It was pretty full on for me to do, to talk about that, or like to talk about the relationship that I have with him, which has been 18 months or so now, give or take. And just kind of like, we're navigating that conversation together even, let alone talking about it on a livestream, and kind of actually like workshopping it and navigating it via livestream in front of people. That was kind of full on. Like, we both fell asleep straight afterwards, in the middle of the afternoon. [Samir 00:05:02], we cannot have a video call together, I'm sorry. No, that's not an appropriate request in the middle of my livestream. But here's my point, right, and he's like why I'm exuding so much gratitude and appreciation right now. Not just for the last few days with this friend, he's very important to me, but because 100% of people in my life are soulmate people now. And it's just how I expect it to me.

So, whether it's someone that I have a romantic connection with, even if it's just a very short term thing, as opposed to something that is ongoing, like what I have with him, but also with my soulmate clients, who I call soulmate clients. I literally use that term all the time, because it's what it really is. What do you mean, is this really you? What do you mean? I'm going to block this Samir guy, I'm sorry Samir, you're out, he's blocked. What do you mean, "Is it really you?" Did you not see my livestream in The Daily Asskickery yet? But also, I drop hints on this stuff all the time about the monogamy stuff and my relationship stuff in my blog posts, but I guess it's if you read between the lines or not. And I do talk about it openly with my private clients. They know all the things, they know all the stories and all the things, and we discuss all these things, and to kind of navigate it together I guess.

Yeah, soulmate clients, but also my friends as well and actually I was half way through writing an Instagram post, that I'll put up later today. Oh my God, it's April Fool's. I don't know, this is for real, go watch the livestream from yesterday. Oh, you're hilarious. That would have been a really good April Fool's, but it's not made up. My April Fool's joke is over on my personal page, the content one, you saw it. You're so funny, no this is real. This is my real life I'm talking about. I'm talking about something I haven't talked about in a public way about before, because I guess I wasn't ready, or I didn't, like, you know, I was conscious of, I don't know, of people watching or listening to my stuff who I don't really want certain people having to see that stuff and so, kind of like hiding my messaging in a little bit of a way. But also because with the relationship that I have with Patrick, who I've just said, we hadn't talked about it. We hadn't got it out in the open. We just kind of like had a guard up there in a certain area, in a certain way, despite how long we've been in each other's lives now.

So, finally, we kind of had a big breakthrough around that and talked about it really openly and we both kind of thought that the other person wouldn't be cool with that, even though we kind of knew that that's what was happening, we were just avoiding talking about it. And then we found out we were both totally on the same page from values and alignment around that, and it was just mind expanding. And so that led into a stream of public workshop about it in The Daily Asskickery. However, this livestream is not really about that, you can go watch that livestream if you want to. This livestream is about how do you call in soulmate people into your life in an all around sense, right. So the clients, the friends, and lover or lovers, or whatever it might be.

And I just feel like why would you have anything less. But let's talk about how that actually happens. I'm actually half way through writing an Instagram post about this exact topic, so you might want to check that out later today. And I went through a period, like a lot of entrepreneurs, and like a lot of my clients, where I felt like I really didn't have any friends anymore. But even like 20 years ago, when I was finishing up school, so at 17, 18 years old, I already expected that my friendships would fade. Which sounds bad, I feel bad saying that, but I just already recognised that I was different. That I loved my friends from school, and I still have love for friends that I have that history with ... Oh, I see this question here, but I'll see if I can come back to it later, because I want to stay on my story.

So, yeah, I loved my friends, and I still have that love and appreciation for all the close friends that I've had in my life, but I always have recognised when something's just, it's not going to be able to keep going in a deep way, because you're just so different on a soul level, right. And I guess I'm like everybody here, probably in the sense that, I just can't do it. I cannot do the chit chat, I cannot do the social thing, the networking thing, the make conversation thing for the sake of it. I mean, I can have a good time with someone who I'm not like a soulmate connected person with, of course, depending on my mood. But I'm not going to pursue a deep friendship and invest a lot of time, energy and emotion if there's not a soul connection. But before I figured out how to call soulmate people into my life, basically what this meant is that I ended alone. Like, I had just let a load of my friendships fade, and I had a few close people that have stayed really long term in my life. I have some soulmate friends that I've known for even decades, so Ryan Prig is one of my best friends in the world, and he and his wife Stacy are part of my community online, or connected through their community and my community.

Their soulmate friends, Ryan's one of my oldest friends in the world, and so, that friendship certainly stood the test of time for now nearly 20 years. My friend, Leanna, Cynthia, and one of my friends who's name is also Kat, same thing. But most of the friendships faded, and what happened was I just started, and this is what I would suggest, I just started to journal on having soulmate friends in my life, and I wasn't even thinking about soulmates clients, let alone lovers at the time, because I was married at the time, and the client thing, it hadn't occurred to me. But, I started to journal on, I have bad ass entrepreneur friends who are just like me all around the world. And I just started to name and claim that that could happen.

I didn't go out on a friend hunt. I didn't try and friend date on Bumble, or Bumble wasn't even a thing back then. But I wasn't worrying about the how. And in general, if you want to manifest or create something into your life, don't worry about the how, just set that intention. And then the second part of it is, so this is the how, the first part is decide what you want, so I started to name and claim that I had these bad ass soulmate friends all around the world and in real life also. And then the second part is, you just gotta be you. How can you have soulmate people in your life if you're not fully being you and authentically being you. No fucks given, no filter, no BS, no excuses. You're just showing up as you. You're not like, "Oh, I hope that if I am cool enough that that chick's going to be friends with me." Or, "I hope that if I look good enough, or that I laugh at all his jokes, that guy's going to like me." Or something stupid like that. And same in business, right. This is really critical.

I have 100% soulmate clients in my business. My clients are bad asses who just appear into my life, typically sign themselves to work with me. They do the fricking work, they're super fun to hang with. Like I just was saying, I talk to my clients about all my love and sex stuff, non monogamy stuff, all their love and sex stuff as well. All the different areas of conversation, and all the randomest, fucked up, crazy shenanigans, and whatever's going on. I have no filter between my personal life and my client life, or my business life, I should say. Meaning they get to see all of me. I'm never worried about, "Is that unprofessional?" Or what are people going to think, because I'm only interested in having soulmate people in my life who fully love and accept me for me, right.

So, that is how it is now. 100% of my clients are soulmates, 100% of the people in my life are soulmate friends, or lovers, or whatever, and I have soulmates friends who are bad ass entrepreneurs and creative and purpose driven, all around the world. Like I just had an amazing dinner last night with one of my best friends in the world, Ryan Stuman, and his best friend is Patrick, who I was referring to earlier. That's how we met. And then one of their other friends, who I don't know quite as well, but is the same sort of person, same sort of thing. And it's like, I met all these people through Facebook. So many of my closest friends in the world I met through Facebook, which is like this entrepreneur world. It's how it works. But it's how it works if you let it. And all my female close friends who you see me posting with all the time, I met them all through this world, so really how I met them is through me showing up full authentically online. And in some cases they were clients, or all my clients become really close soulmate friends anyhow, or they followed me online, or in some cases, I followed them online, or vice versa. And we just magnetically came together.

So, whether it's somebody that I met directly through online, like Ryan, or like my friend Kelly [Renny 00:13:25] or like Regan [Hillier 00:13:26] or Lachlan [Tredoctor 00:13:27] or like any of my best friends. Or Billy Jean, who I'm going to hang out with tonight in San Diego. All people who I connected with through the online space, or Patrick was sort of through online, but really I met him in real life through Ryan. And the connection stays and goes to this level of, you can completely be yourself because it's based on soul stuff. But you've gotta choose to call that in, is what I'm saying.

So, it's about number one, getting clear on what you want. Number two, choose to call it in. And, you know, one of the things I love and appreciate about Patrick is, I know there's nothing I can say that's going to sever that connection. It's impossible for me to screw it up, and that is true with my clients as well, and with my friends, because it's a soulmate connection, right. It's a soulmate connection. So a soulmate connection means it's not based on if what I do or what they do or don't do. I said to him last week, it's got nothing to do with what you do or don't do, or what's going on in your life, or not going on. That's got nothing to do with it. It's always just the soul connection, and that's how it is with my friends, with my clients, and it goes both ways.

So, I feel completely safe to be all that I am, the good, the bad, the crazy, the random, the ugly. In fact, I know that I have to do that, or I won't continue to have soulmate people in my life, right. So it's actually not just that you can be all of you, it's that you gotta. Particularly for business, there's no other possible way to have soulmate clients in your life if you're not being fully you. And I believe that's true with men or women or whatever, whoever you want to be sleeping with, or dating as well. And with friends, also, for sure. So, the thing is though, that sometimes we get scared and we worry about, "But if I said that, what would people think?"

Now, I've long ago let go of that area in my business life, and I've had 100% soulmate clients and community members in my business for so long now, but in the romantic area, I've only come out of my marriage, just over 18 months ago and it was a period of real learning and growth. And connecting to what I actually knew about myself. Like this stuff that I'm talking about, and kind of going through a process of giving myself permission, and being like, "Oh my God, I'm crazy." And you can't, but then you can, and then you have amazing people like Alexa, who come into your life. And how people connect to you, and remind you that you actually can have what you want.

But even with this man who I've just said goodbye to and I'm heading out now to San Diego to see my soulmate buddy, Billy Jean. With him, I wasn't expressing my full truth. I was living from kind of like fear and scarcity around, "Well, what if I said what I really want, or what I really think?" And, I was just holding onto a bunch of old patterns. And how this huge breakthrough happened, which ended up resulting in the livestream we did yesterday, and now this conversation also, was because I finally fucking realised that, you know what, I'm going to tell him exactly what I think and feel. Like, exactly. The exact shit that I've said to my best friends about it. I'm going to tell him, lay it all down, and I'm going to be completely unattached to the outcome. And this is how you do it. With friends, with clients, lovers. Because I know that if I be all that I am. If I fully expressed to him who I am and what I desire, and what I want, and what I'm feeling. And that results in our connection ending, then it was never meant to be and it wasn't a true soulmate connection.

So, I'd been walking around for a year plus going, he's a soulmate, you know, there's multiple soulmates. I don't mean "the one" when I say soulmate. But he's a soulmate. I just know that, and I believe that, and I'd had enough inferences to that, but I was, "Well, maybe I'm wrong." And I thought, "Well, I'm not wrong, cause I know I'm not wrong." And I always know I'm not wrong. Okay, I'm at the airport. I'm going to put my earplugs in. Is this the American drop off here?

I want to make sure, because they've got four terminals.

Oh, I've gotta check the terminal. Okay, I gotta jump out of this livestream and check the terminal. But it ... can you Google which one's for American? Does anyone know which terminal American flies out of, out of DFW? It's a long shot, cause it didn't have the terminal on my boarding pass. Alright, let me jump out of this livestream. I'll come back in one minute. Okay, I'm back, we figured it out. Airports and multiple terminals. So, now I kind of broke my chain of thought. Oh, that's right, I figured out and I realised to myself, if I be fully myself, and if I share everything that I'm feeling and that I want, and that I want to talk about, and then he's like ... oh, okay, I'm back. Yeah, that would be that, well it wasn't a soulmate connection, right. But I knew, and I just fully knew inside of me, that it is. Just like I know, with all of my clients and with my friends.

And so even with my friends, my soul sister friends, which this is very rare that this would happen, but where there's occasionally been some kind of little trigger issue or upset or something like that, because it's a soulmate friend, you just deal with it. You don't go and bitch about it to your other friends, or keep it to yourself and worry about what this person thinks of you and what's really going on. You just express everything that's inside of you, cause you know that if you have a true soul connection that nothing can go wrong. That everything's perfect and as it's meant to be. Just to trust that everything's perfect and as it's meant to be, in all areas of my life.

Okay, I feel like we're going into some off cross country terrain here. And then with clients, also, I'm known for being really no BS in my clients. I call my clients on their shit all the time. I say stuff that's kind of shocking to my clients, like if they'll leave me an audio and I know that they're just bullshitting myself, I don't beat about the bush with it. I don't try and say that you're bullshitting yourself in a careful way, I'm just, "That's complete BS and here's what's really going on, and you know it." And so I never have to have any sort of stress or anxiety about how to sharpen my business, or how to sharpen my personal life. Well, now I've stepped into that and it's an ongoing process of cause in all these areas. It's a continued process of being truthful with yourself. And of when you notice something come up, whether you feel unsure about something, that you're, "Oh, I'm going to express what I'm feeling."

Revolutionary idea, right. I'm going to say what I actually think, I'm going to say what I actually want. And so I guess this just really what I came on to share here today because I know that it is a conversation that people are interested in. I don't mean, even like the love stuff, I mean, business stuff, client stuff and friends. I know people want more solid friends in their lives and I do get asked this a lot, because people see online that I have so many amazing bad ass friends who are just incredible as fuck, and I want you to know that that didn't just happen. And it also didn't just happen because I got to a certain level of being famous on the Internet industry, or known. Didn't happen when my business got to a certain point, nothing like that. Just like you don't have a soulmate, man or woman, come into your life just because you got yourself in shape and you know, got your head on or something like that. It happens because I decided for it to happen and because I called it in. So that's my suggestion to you.

Leave me a comment. I'm going to jump out now and jump on my flight. And, by the way, if you want to know more about calling in soulmate, high ticket clients who do the work, are total bad asses, and pay you with ease up to tens of thousands of dollars, go to ... I nearly said some of my client. Forward slash highticketsalesworkshop. Somebody could maybe type that link in for me. That's my new programme on offer. It's a low cost offer, and it's how I sign up high ticket soulmate clients who pay me up to tens of thousands of dollars each and who do the fucking work and are hilarious as fuck, by the way, also. So that's at Go check it out. Have an amazing rest of the day. Don't forget, life is now, press play.