Rebel Millionaire

This is my first Livestream after 10 days of having no voice, and I feel like a livestream Virgin!

I talk about power, and how losing my voice was all connected to up-leveling and me not taking aligned action. I also discuss how Entrepreneurs and Artists walk a fine line between art and addiction and I wasn't excluded from this in my past.

Watch the video to find out what my addiction was and how it actually helped me in my business.

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Key moments from this episode:

4:35 Disgusting facts and delicious wine :D :D
9:45 The plan for my new show
12:00 I get vulnerable and share some of my limiting beliefs around my show
15:30 Why I turned my back on a tv deal
20:59 My addiction and how it helped me
25:54 Why I lost my voice
31:48 The lessons I learned through my near bankruptcy
34:20 My conversation with God
38:21 I wasn’t happy so I surrendered

Key Kat Quote "I don’t hold back, I don’t pull any punches, I say a lot of stuff that is “not professional”…oh my God….whatever.”

Life is now ... Press Play!

Kat x


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