Rebel Millionaire

When you believe that the vision inside of you is true and you just have that faith, and don't forget that faith is a choice, when you believe and you have that faith, guess what?

You can do, and you should do, and you must do whatever the fuck you want, which is fabulous, and I don't even mean it in the sense of being a rebel or a black sheep. Like, I just think like, I'm like a black sheep or a rebel, but that's just because I was following my soul. I never set out to be a black sheep or a rebel, right? That was just me doing what I knew I needed to do for me, and then we end up labelled that way. And then, you know, I kind of use the labelling 'cause it's like cool or whatever. I think it's fun, but it's like, eh, my intention was never that. My intention was never to be a black sheep. It just kind of happened because it's how I am.

Well, doing whatever you want just means you can't screw it up, you can't go wrong, it's literally impossible for you to screw it up. You know that that vision inside of you is real. You know that it's going to come to life.

So what have you gotta do to bring it to life?

Keep focusing on it, keep setting that intention, keep tuning into it through your inner work, through your journaling, and then your task, as far as what action to take through your day, through your business, through your life, is to tune the fuck in and listen to what your soul is telling you.

And this is the biggest thing that I come back to repetitively; it's the number one piece of advice or conversation that I come back to repetitively with my private clients, my home clients, who pay me a significant amount of money obviously to work with me. This is the biggest thing I teach them, and we come back to it over and over again.

Actually, I wrote about it in another blog, which I've not published yet, which I'll put up later today, which I wrote this morning, and it just makes it so easy, right, because I know that I'm gonna succeed.

I know that my entire vision is coming to life. It's always been that way and I know that it's the same for you. So all I need to do is to tune in and to follow soul for it.

That's it.

There's literally nothing else required, and isn't that just the most beautiful, glorious thing in the world, because it means that when you are somewhere and you suddenly feel like you need to not be there, you're not gonna screw it up by leaving.

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