Rebel Millionaire

Today, I have this workout I just don't wanna do. I'm resisting it.

But even though I'm just not feeling it, I'm STILL going to work out. Because I know that when I've finished working out, I'll walk away knowing this has elevated me towards my dreams.

The thing that differentiates people who achieve massive success to those that never do is that they've learnt how to push through.

When I have a headache, when I'm resisting, or acting like a pissed off bitch – than the best thing for me to do is what works for me.

I believe it's important to differentiate things you're obligated to do, vs. things that you're obligated to do, but you know that when you've done those things, you know it'll be worth it.

Things like training, reading, or working out. I don't believe you can put down a book, or walk away from a workout going "oh, that was a waste of time."

It's all about feeling good and growing yourself towards your soul.

Exercise of the day: Thing about the things that you HAVE to do. Grab a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle. On the left, write down the things that will make you feel glad when you've completed them.

On the right, what're the things that you HAVE to do – that don't make you FEEL good?
Really question if you NEED to do the things on the right column.

What can you do to make the column on the right easier?

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