Rebel Millionaire


Okay. It's not frozen.

I was going to maybe be a silent picture live stream. Like a silent movie.

Why do you think I chop my own head off all the time?

How do you like my gangster unicorn? Hello. I was gonna do the whole live stream as a mime.


I think I could be quite good at it if I practised. I don't think I care enough to practise. I think that's the problem.

This live stream comes to you, obviously, from a place of great power and depth. I don't think anyone understands the gravity of what is gonna happen in this live stream, and I'll tell you how I know that. Hello, badass people who I see joining me.

Firstly, something is happening inside the system of Katrina Ruth. I feel things happening. I feel that my voice is possibly making some kind of argument that it should get to go on vacation. Can you hear that? I'm all blocked up. I don't know why, what's happening. And my voice is a bit croaky. So I was like probably I shouldn't live stream at fricking 11:34 pm at night. Or yell. Clearly, welcome to

But you know, when you gotta live stream, you gotta live stream. What's up Mac? New viewer. Welcome.

Then though, here's how I know for sure, for sure, that this live stream is going to be beyond. Beyond what, you ask? Beyond your wildest fucking dreams and imaginations about life, about the universe, about the internet, and about yourself.

Have you joined, because it freaking closes tomorrow, in less than a day. What day is it even right now in America? It's definitely Monday morning, for sure. For sure it's Monday morning. For sure it's probably as late as like 10 pm in some parts of the US, 10 am I mean. What that means is I don't even know. I don't even know. The doors are gonna close at midnight eastern standard time. [Giana 00:03:19] is ready. Of course she is. Join. If you haven't joined Break the Internet, run, run, run to the back of the room and join the programme. I'll give you the details momentarily.

There's no back of the room. Get to wherever the back of your own room is, to wherever your credit card or whatever it is that you've got is.

Okay. But here's ... Ready. Here's how I know for sure that this live stream right here is gonna be insane, because not only was I like I probably shouldn't live stream when it's nearly midnight and I'm having surgery tomorrow. Don't worry, it's for exciting, fun purposes only. But still, it's surgery. I don't know, maybe it's not a big deal. Although I can't have any fucking coffee or water from five am. I find it very upsetting to the psyche, more nerve racking than the idea of the surgery itself to be frank with you.

And then that, and then my voice is not really working, and now apparently I'm gonna yell at the internet with it anyway, and I've already done like four live streams today, two ones in my members group and one public one earlier today in the park.

And then, and then, and then, the other thing was not once, not twice, but ... I can't use that nail, that's the one where the whole nail ripped off ... Three times, three times this live stream tried to crash its own ass, and it would not let me go live. We know what that means.

All right, I'll give you the details right now about Break the Internet. I just popped it in there so you don't miss out. You would be next level insane to not be part of Do not go to the URL You would think that that would be a logical thing to do based on the fact that that's the name of the programme. You would need to think again. This situation here does not really know or understand logic. I don't know why I clicked my fingers at the end, it just kinda happened. Kind of embarrassed now.

You'd be crazy not to be part of this. It is beyond, beyond, beyond whatever your idea of of beyond already is. But, but ... Okay, just reminding myself of those people that go to those circuit gyms and think that they're boxing and they're just like "Aah."

All right. Three times this live stream crashed before it would let me go live. So put the title in - actually it was a less interesting title than the one I ultimately went for. It was more boring. So maybe it was meant to be. I put the title in, the title that I put in originally was Are You Selling or Are You Selling? There's a Difference. Like that. I think it would have gotten some good traction anyhow. And then I was like nah, fuck that title.

But my whole phone shut down. It just black screened its own ass. It was quite traumatic for a minute or two as when your phone just dies for no reason and it was fully charged and it was a relatively new iPhone X. So I plugged it in, I found it charged, but nothing, nothing. I was like okay, I do have at least 89 backup phones in this house. But still, I want this one. And then it came back to life. I'm like fuck this shit, now I have to type the whole title in again, I already did it. So it did that, and then it just exits itself out of the screen and won't let me go live and blanked out the whole thing again. And then finally the third time ... Oh no, three times. It blanked out two times. Or one time I accidentally exited and didn't save the title. I had to type it like four times total, by which time I changed it, and maybe it was meant to be.

But there was a moment where I stood in the kitchen and I was like maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't go live and I should go to bed, because it's blanked itself out X amount of times now. And now here we are, and you know the whole story, and you're all up to date. Except for how do you think this cushion ... Because I feel that I can't really communicate anymore until you've seen it.

And by the way, I established with my private empire ... Rich Hot Empire 101 clients earlier on in a live stream this evening that this unicorn, which Linda, my friend, brought for the kids I think, but I've commandeered it. This unicorn, which lives now on this couch set, is the most gangster unicorn in the world. The reason we know that is because he's extraordinarily fluffy and cute looking - I'm gonna hold him by the scruff of his neck. Too bad. And I think that makes him a gangster unicorn, because he's extra cute. Don't you think? It's logical. I'm all about logic.

And then this pillow, if you've not seen it, I normally do a whole show around it, but I really don't have the time or inclination for that. But I'm still gonna blow your mind. I did put a ... Maybe I'm gonna blow my own mind by not remembering how to use it. I did put a blow mind emoji in the live stream title so it would be rude if I didn't blow your mind. Here you go. You ready for it? We're gonna do it quick, we're gonna do it hard and fast. That's how it's needed sometimes. Look at what it says. The message in the cushion. Life is now, press fucking play.

Okay, so what you should be ... And then we bling it back up again, because you can never have too much bling. It's a rule of life.

And then, and then ... Okay, I forgot my point. I don't know if I have one at all. But I think what I was gonna say is is off the hook. There is no URL. I feel like I've gotta say that every time. Don't type it in. You don't know what you're gonna get. Maybe Kim Kardashian's ass, I don't know. I haven't even looked. I don't care. The first live training went down today. It feels like it was 700 years ago.

Exactly. The more bling, the better. I've got blinged up cushions everywhere. Everywhere. There's about 40 of them in this house, for sure.

It was about getting angry. The first training, the first deep dive training was today. There was already two badass pre-work trainings last week. People were having shifts and transmissions and transmutations. I don't know if that's ideal. But things were definitely happening in the group already from last week before we even started, just from the pre work. Before even the pre work. I need that URL then, Lea. Send it to me energetically.

That's shocking. Don't you think that's shocking? Is somebody storing it? I feel like I need a wine break to recover from that information.

Anyway. Don't go there, though. No need to do that. The vibe is off the hook. The whole thing is off the hook. You would be crazy, like batshit crazy, like do you want to die crazy, are you seriously telling me you're not joining this programme, you're going to die if you don't join this crazy programme. That's how crazy you would be. No, the only disclaimer is if you kinda hate me and you think I'm a hoity toity bitch - sometimes I am, it's true. I don't know if maybe you're only here for the unicorn, or I don't know, why the fuck are you here if you don't love me? Just give me a reason already.

But at the end of the day, say what you want, if you're watching this right now and you're like, "That Katrina fucking Ruth." I'm sorry, but if you're here, technically, you're magnetised to me and you love me. It is what it is and that's all it is. So you might as well join and just find out why it is you can't look away, even though you're just looking in horror half of the time.

But for those of you who are looking in fascination and with great amounts of love, and maybe you're only a little bit abhorred from time to time, then the reason you'd be crazy ... Like do you wanna die, that level of craziness. Because, don't you fucking wanna know how to be magnetic? Well, you already know anyways. It's nothing I have to tell you about it, except I will show you, and I will reach into your soul and wrench forth whatever's in there that needs to come out. Mandy knows all about it. She saw it already many times. She's doing it already herself many times. It's what happens.

Watching a bad movie. Exactly. See, Sarah Jane's making a fantastic comment here. This is a perfect example of somebody who maybe thinks that they can't stand me or maybe they think what the hell is she doing and when is she getting to the point but yet cannot watch away, cannot look away. Love your audacity, so horrific, macabre, fascination, you haven't said anything yet. That's the exact fucking point. But those who know and are ... See? This is one of those, is that a backward compliment, or is that a forward insult? What was that exactly? Somebody decipher what Sarah Jane just said. I'm gonna decipher it myself in my own way.

For those people who think I haven't fucking said anything yet, oh, it just makes me be so happy to be one of the 1% within the 1% people who actually fucking gets it, and it makes me so happy that the people who are here, which is everybody, sorry, except for Sarah Jane, are my people. It makes me so fucking happy to be this good. It was totally shade. It's totally shade. She says she may love my audacity, or maybe many people love my audacity, but I haven't said anything yet, it's horrific, it's macabre, fascination. I don't know, maybe it is a backward compliment or a forward insult. It's an in between one, isn't it?

Whatever it is, it doesn't feel like the most obvious expression of love that I've ever received. So there we go. But I'm gonna decipher it anyway. My deciphering is this. There's nothing to fucking tell. What am I here to tell? I'm the Katrina Ruth Show. I'm a show. I'm not a show and tell. I don't have anything to tell. I just be. That's what I do.

But actually, if you wanted to break it down ... I'm in the wrong app, Leah. It's gonna be embarrassing if I admit why I'm in a different app, but I think you could probably figure it out, Leah, based on what you said yesterday. It's actually all your fault. That's why the sticker's not here. Whoops.

You know, if anybody who actually had a brain on top of their heads somewhere up in there, or some sort of access to soul and higher being and self, wanted to reverse engineer what's already happened on this live stream, you'd find that there's enough fucking content there to expand out into an entire book on how to make millions of dollars alone on the internet each year just by being you, which is indeed precisely what I do, and all without saying a single fucking thing. It's a mystery.

It's not a mystery to those who actually get it, but it will eternally be a mystery to those who are not us. I feel like I could have found a better way to say that, but it came out that way, I'm sorry.

So, you know, the point is that the less you say about anything, the more you actually reveal from the soul. Thank you Kiana, I appreciate it. It's a talent and it's also somewhat of a entity that has taken control of oneself. It's sort of a mix between that. Hello from Denmark. Thank you for saying where you're from. It's interesting to me to know. Thank you Christine. It's the gangster eye makeup. I don't know what happened to my eye makeup, because I didn't put that much on, but it seems to have taken on a mind of its own. It's like another entity now.

And then it's obviously the art, and it's also the fact that it's 12 pm and I'm supposed to fricking stop drinking and eating at 5 am in the morning, so I figure I should just stay up until then and drink and eat until then.

Not a mystery but definitely a wonder. Well, it's all about, it's all about, it's all about the slate of [inaudible 00:15:10], it's all about the pattern interrupt. I kinda hate that expression just because it's overused, but it still makes very good sense. It's all about the oh, oh, oh, oh, you thought I was over here, you thought I was doing that, you thought this is how you sell online, this is how you market, you do this thing, you do it like that, you thought it was that. Oh no, now I'm over there, and you didn't see, and you're still there. Oh now you're trying to catch up here, that's cute, because I'm over there. That? You're doing that? Oh my god. I'm sorry for you. No, no, I'm over here, 45,000 fucking steps ahead of you, and you'll never catch me.

And by the way, when I say I, I mean the royal I, which is not a thing, but I've just created it into a thing, which means I mean the I of all of us who are the actual ones, the ones, the chosen ones who know about these things, who know about the mysteries and the wonders, and don't need to put them into words. And if anybody just tries to ask us how it works and what we do and can you explain that to me, I mean, yes, but no. Please go away, please don't ask me that, because it makes me want to claw my own eyeballs out, because you should just fucking magnetically, energetically know. Even if you don't fully have it in implementation yet, that's fine, but you definitely should fricking know. Your soul should be like, "I see what is happening here." You should recognise that we are each others' spirit animals. Exactly. Exactly Talisha.

Your soul should be like, "I completely ..." I mean, this is what it's about. When you see how I show up, here's how you know if you're one of my people and I'm your person too and we're just each other's I, because your soul says "Aha." Maybe not aha. Your soul says "Yes, I recognise you, there you are." Right? Something like that. Your soul is like, "Oh, she's me. I'm her. Oh shit. Okay." Maybe you still don't fully quite get the pieces of how it all works together, which is obviously precisely why you're gonna join It closes tonight, midnight eastern standard time. Not this current night that I'm living in in Australia. I mean, I'm many places all at the same time. But it closes Monday night US time.

Right, because your soul is like, "I fully recognise and understand this situation. It makes total soul sense to me. I 100% have always known that this is how it's meant to be. I still can't quite explain it, I don't really quite know what she's doing, but I know it's exactly who I am and exactly what I'm here to do and exactly how it fucking works and all the other bullshit that they may have told you about." They, not the royal they, because obviously there's nothing fucking royal about them. All the other bullshit that they may have told you about, you're finally able to be like, "I fucking knew it. I knew I didn't have to do that shit. I knew it." That's how you should feel when you watch me.

But some people are gonna feel more like how Sarah Jane felt where it's like she's appalled and fascinated and it was ... What did she say? Did she say barbaric? I don't think barbaric, but it was something along those lines. Macabre. She said macabre. Which is a great word, really, if you think about it. Michael says he feels my soul. This makes sense. I read your comment wrong and I thought you said you feel for my soul, kind of like I'm praying for you. I was like oh well. Then I read it properly. Thank you. See? He said it exactly how I'm trying to say it. This goes both ways, what I was saying. He feels my soul.

This is what I mean. You feel it. You're like, "Yes, this is what I've been looking for. Holy shit, she's reading my mind. I can see that she's clearly bat shit crazy and I love it, and how am I gonna let that shit up myself," and then you're just gonna do it. You're just gonna do it. I'll show you.

And then the other thing was, which was my original live stream title ... What time is it? My laptop says 5% battery left, so I guess that's exactly what time it is. What's this over here? Doesn't matter. Don't concern yourselves with it.

The other thing, the other thing was ... I feel like I should go to a higher level in order to talk about this. I'll get up on some more cushions. The other thing was ... Okay, now this one halfway up inside of me. Not in a weird way. The other thing was how are you selling? I don't really wanna talk about it, because it feels like a boring conversation already. But it is important. "This is why I can only listen to a handful of people," says Angela. Well, I got a throne right there. See, I could sit on the throne. I just really loving this art that my sister in law made for me. She downloaded it from her soul for all of our souls. Sorry, I just killed the unicorn.

Yes, they either get it or they don't. Exactly right. Exactly, and we don't care for the ones who don't. But we do use them to create fabulous jokes and things, which sounds horrible, I'm sorry. Maybe just quietly.

I think they like it. I think they appreciate it. That's what I'm going with.

The other thing which definitely sounds a bit boring but I'm gonna tell you anyway because I'm gonna make it exciting for you. It's not even boring. I don't know what I'm talking about. It's the whole reason I was doing this live stream, because I was telling this to my clients earlier, and I was like, "The world must know about it." The whole reason ... Ooh, blue unicorn. How good is this shirt, right? It's badass.

The whole entire reason that I was originally gonna do this live stream is because I was giving a live demonstration, a live demonstration you understand, to my clients earlier on this evening in a live stream training in our group. It was about the energy. Are you selling, are you selling, or are you selling. All right? I'm gonna explain it to you. It is a huge part of what we're doing in Reminder, again, it closes tonight, midnight eastern standard time. You would be off your tiny little beautiful head if you didn't join this programme, unless you're one of those people that's like, "She's macabre," right? I still think it's a fancy word, and you get points for using macabre. But whatever.

When I get really in flow, I feel the need to stretch when I'm on my live streams. What do you think that's about? I don't understand it at all.

If you like the crazy and if you are the crazy and if your soul says yes to the crazy and if when you saw my crazy your soul was like, "Holy shit, that's my crazy," then you would be a crazy person in a not good way though to not join If you never buy another programme of mine again, make it this one. That's the wrong way to say it. If you only ever buy one more programme of mine, or you're never gonna spend any more money again, this is the money you should spend before you never spend any money again, except that really, based on the results that are already coming through, and we only just started, then once you join the programme and you do the programme, you're gonna be like, "Kat, just take all my money all the time, because I get so much fucking flow and so much results from your stuff. How much can I pay you?" You will do that. I'm just letting you know, and you'll do it with glee, because you'll be 10X-ing every dollar back to you. It's just how we do.

Already, already, already epic results, and I only did the first deep dive training today. You can still get it. You'll get straight into the Facebook group. So I think I'm making somewhat of my point. I'm just gonna shake my head and whoa at you quite frankly if you don't join. I'm just gonna not even understand it.

But I mean, maybe the reason you don't join is you're like, "Bitch please, I am fully already in my magnetism, I am owning my shit all the time, every day, I don't need any of your magnetic juju, I got it all sorted." Well, you probably do, or you wouldn't be here. Of course you've got it all sorted. The question is are you letting it the fuck out? Are you the only one who knows it's sorted, or does everybody else know as well?

Okay. Amanda told me not too long ago that nobody knows what I mean when I say sorted, except she's appropriated the word and started using it with her team. [inaudible 00:23:44] Amanda, who many of you know. If you don't know what I mean when I'm saying sorted, I mean organised, like fixed up, done. But just take on the language. Please just adopt all Australian language and mannerisms and cultural behaviours and knowledges. Otherwise it's just gonna be difficult. I'm just saying.

On a side note, because I said this earlier as well. If you come to my house and it's established at some point during your stay here that you don't have a tripod on your person, I may have to ask you to leave, because it would be very odd. Very odd. I only feel a little bit bad that I'm rolling that joke out again. I only said it two hours ago with my Rich Hot Empire clients. But it was so good and it was so true, like legit true, that I had to say it again.

Nobody's gonna ask, Talisha, why you're talking Australian. They're gonna understand that it came from me because you'll tell them.

Okay. There's a difference between selling and selling. That was really the primary point that I came here to make, and then I was supposed to be going to bed. The difference is nobody fucking cares if you send 7,000 sales emails. Well, some people might care, and they might unsubscribe. But you might send all the sales emails in the world, and you might do all the messaging and all the content online, and many things about many things ... I need a purple cushion just there. Right? Christine. Well, you know to get one before you come here. I mean, I have many backups, but I would just be a little concerned for your mental well being if I found that you were travelling without a tripod on your person. And preferably a selfie ring light as well. I'm just talking practicalities of life, really.

Posting shit on the internet. That is not a thing that makes you money, by the way. I post a lot of shit on the internet. I just make shit up all day long and post it on the internet, messaging and stories and blogs and live streams and then a sales call to action. And then the wrong people are like, "She hasn't even said anything." Never mind them. But if you think that the system is post a lot of shit on the internet or email out sales emails or yes, I'm promoting my launch and doing my shit all the time, you're getting the skeleton of it but not the one that it wants to live in. You're getting the ... What's it called when the caterpillar leaves behind its scaly exterior? What's the exterior bit of a caterpillar that it leaves behind called? I'm gonna Google it. 1%.

What is shell of ... There's only one percent on this. That's a problem. But, stop the phone, so I don't know why I'm freaking out. But I really wanna know what it's called so I can tell the story properly. It's a chrysalis. No, when it gets excommunicated out of it though. Fine, whatever. The scaly old shell. No, the actual shell itself is called a chrysalis. Interesting. I'm sure you're glad you came along to learn that today. Valerie just knew that. Did you just know that? How did you guys just know that? What are you, some kind of scientific experts? That's fascinating. I didn't know that at all.

I got stuck on a symmetry question today on my third grade daughter's math quiz. It was very stressful, and then she only got 97% or something on the test. It was like an online, maths online. I just freaked out. And I'm like an A plus math student. I couldn't help her with the question, and she was not happy with me because she only got 97%. And it's not even a required test or homework or something that she had to do. I literally had to say to my child like four times, "Stop doing math now. That's enough math." Because we had to get ready for bed.

She's obsessed with doing extra homework that nobody asked her to do. She just goes onto the online curriculum websites for the government, for the standard maths curriculum or whatever it is and just does extra homework like a weirdo. I mean, it's amazing, but I still think it's super weird. I'm listening to myself, and I'm saying, "Alyssa, that's enough maths now. Stop doing math. I already asked you to stop doing math. Put the math down." I literally was like ... She's like, "Just one more." I'm like, "You're a little addict." And then she's like, "I can't believe it," when she got 97%, because I didn't help her properly with the question about symmetry. It was very confusing. And now I feel upset about it. I feel like I'm gonna have to go study up on it.

Anyway. So when you step out of your caterpillar shell and then you discard the old shell behind you, right? Ooh, I'm gonna read that comment in a moment from Michael. Then you discard the disgusting old shell behind you. Well, it's beautiful still because it was part of you. But my point is that when you're just doing fricking sales emails ... Okay, I gotta say one more thing about the homework. When my daughter had been in school for a full year and a half, I remember I was suddenly like, "Do they still do homework at school?" I've gone, "Do you get homework?" She's like, "Yeah." I'm like, "How often?" She's going, "Every day." I'm like, "Who helps you with it?" She's like, "I just do it." This is bad, but she had been in school 18 months before it occurred to me that she might have homework. Now I'm a very hands on mother in many areas, but not the homework area, apparently.

But I was top academically, always. I got in the top 3% of the whole country, and I was always the top student in each class. I just expect the same from Alyssa, and I just assume it. It's just freaking manifestation. It's an identity thing. It's like this is just who we are.

To be perfectly honest with you, I don't really concern myself with matters around doing work to get results, because results come from belief. But I definitely felt bad that it hadn't occurred to me. But she was like, "What are you even asking me for? I'm all over this shit." Okay, she didn't say it like that, obviously.

It's very relevant, anyway, to our topic at hand. Yeah, but isn't the parent supposed to help? Aren't you supposed to know when your six year old child is doing homework? I don't know. Maybe they've changed their systems. Now there's an app where you can text the teacher. You can text them on an app, and they send you photos and shit. It's amazing. It's all very high tech. Digital age, I really don't know much about it. I just know how to make money with it.

Actually, what I just said is so relevant to what I'm even freaking talking about here as far as how to make money online and how to make sales online and all that good stuff, which is there's nothing you need to do. You don't need to concern yourself with how many emails you should be sending or what you should be posting or fricking what process to use in your sales copy. It's making me wanna bash my head on the table in front of me just thinking about it.

Here's the difference between selling, like selling, like you're kind of like an old caterpillar shell. I don't know why that, but that's what came to mind. And the difference between selling, where people are like, "Give me the thing, give it to me now," and I don't freaking ... Like money, whatever, it's an energy exchange. But people are like, "Yes, I'm gonna be in, and then they're in, and then the second they even sign up and pay, before the damn thing even begins, they already get results, of course, because they said yes to their soul.

The difference is, of course, the whole fucking thing that I'm demonstrating on this live stream without saying anything, apparently, according to some people ... Okay, maybe I'm a little bit defensive. It's fine, I allow myself to be human sometimes, on occasion.

The caterpillar shell is the chrysalis. We discussed that. You're missing bits. Keep up. Do your fucking homework. It's the protective shell. It even said it on Wikipedia. So there. Said protective shell.

The difference is the energy, the energy. People will buy from you when they feel your energy. Alyssa would know all about it. She probably has 49 caterpillars right in there in her little toy room, where I go in to see if she wants to play something with me, which I find a little painful, to be perfectly honest with you, depending on what it is, but I do it anyhow. And then she's like, "Leave, I have to do my homework." Then she comes out. I'm like, "Okay, let's spend some time together relaxing, like relaxed time." And then she makes me do fucking maths online with her in her play time before bed.

It's the energy. I was gonna scroll back and look for comments. Fuck them. But, but, but, leave me a comment anyway. Leave me a comment anyhow, because I'll ... Look at that other picture. Did you see it? Rachel made that one too. Isn't she a genius artist? It's on its side. Oh, fuck you phone. Okay, the phone just did not care to be turned on its side. Okay, it's a very long picture. My sister in law Rachel painted it just for me. It's supposed to be sitting above another couch. Anyway, now you've seen the mess that was behind there. But we just had to come in here to get some more wine, didn't we? It's logical.

Look at this little gift area that Linda left for me. She left me an amazing card. I'm not gonna read it to you. She left me some Vegemite. She's a true friend. And these pictures of her and I, we [inaudible 00:33:28] some really cool sayings on them. And the flowers. And also a box of seashell chocolates, which have been hidden, hidden in order that the children don't get them.

Tonight we're drinking Yangarra Estate Small Pot Whole Bunch Shiraz. Whole bunch. Whole bunch of what? I'm putting you up there, even though you can only see the top of my head. I can't hold a tripod and pour wine at the same time. The seashell chocolates are right there on top of the toaster. I didn't hide them very well. I'll show you. That was the other part of Linda's offering. She knows they're my favourite chocolates.

What an amazing friend. I came in off a flight yesterday. She'd been in my house while I was away for a few days. She's now left. But I came in off my flight feeling quite fucked up, to be honest with you, because there was a small infidel on the flight, which was my four year old son, who did his utmost best to break the psyche of every person on the flight, starting primarily with me. There were a few moments when he prevailed. There were a few moments where instead of trying to be the good mom bringing him to some sense of order, the stewardess coming up and trying to be polite and helpful but really being fucking pissed off, where I just had my hand on the tray table and I was just like ... And I was in, I don't even give a fuck, I'm broken, there's nothing I can do. Then something deep within me went, "You're stronger than this cat. You're growing stronger. You're turning into a warrior right now on this flight. Arm yourself with inner strength and power and go back into the fray."

Then I turned to the tiny little curly haired monster that he was being, who was jumping up and down, standing up on top of the seat, and flinging a bowl of fucking lamb meatballs with red sauce in it, which seems like a perfectly logical thing to give a four year old on a plane, flinging it atop the person in front of him. He was perfectly sweet on the plane on Friday, and then on yesterday's flight he activated all known terrorist systems. Repeatedly. Which was actually somewhat valid, because when we got on the plane, they told us the entertainment system's not working, and the kids have the Virgin app on their iPad, and they can use the entertainment system and watch movies. It had been already like a two hour drive from my brother's. So I was like, "You're gonna watch a movie on the plane, we'll put a movie on." We get on there, it's not working. There's literally no entertainment for the kids because I didn't bring anything, because it's only a two hour flight.

And then, the plane doesn't take off. We sit on the tarmac for an hour. I should have understood. I was like, "Well, he's going through the stages of grief now, and everybody's gonna have to suck it." And that's exactly what happened, and it went for the entire two hours plus the extra hour on the tarmac.

All right, let's have some wine in honour of that terrible moment.

What was I up to? Energy. It wasn't just meatballs. There was pretzel sticks, there was nuts, what else was on that tray. He took the whole tray. He's nothing if not grandiose in his behaviour. He picked up the entire tray, and I tried to bluff him, because he picked it up, and he was looking at me, and he was like, "I'm gonna do it," and he started to raise it slowly. And he was like, "I'm gonna do it. I'm just gonna pour it over the seat." And I was like, "Okay Nathan." I was calling his bluff. And he just went higher and higher, and I was kinda like ... And he just kept going. Yeah, it went down over the top of the seat. It was very embarrassing.

But I'm very proud of myself because I maintained an aura of calm. I was like ... On the inside I was screaming. Screaming. But externally I was a perfect example of conscious parenting. I was a delight to behold. I think everybody was quite delighted to see the back of us by the time we left. It was really hard. It was really one of those flights. It was the second worst flight that I've had with him, which means that I must get many blessings that are given to me this week, I imagine. They've already begun, so.

What was I up to? I'm making some kind of point about energy. Is this like the time he came in and maintained eye contact as he ... Oh. Oh. Oh, wait until you hear what he did to Linda today. I don't know if I should even tell this story. He's the sweetest child. He's a fairy child. He's an indigo child. He's a crazy one. He's like us. The problem is that when you've got somebody like us in the ... Oh, I gotta tell you what he did. It's so bad. Like, so bad you can die. Before you die, join, because if you didn't join that you might die just from woe at your own recklessness and foolhardy behaviour.

He's one of us, right? But when you've got some ... Oh, it's way worse than the boob grabbing. You'd love to have your boob grabbed anytime over what happened tonight in this house. It was so bad, I was like ... I couldn't even ... I didn't even know how to communicate about it when I found out. It happened while I was out. And Serafina was here. Yeah, so when you've got somebody who's like a crazy rule breaker soul person like us who's in the body of a four year old boy, that person can be kinda hard work, alternated with incredibly powerful and charming and you just love and adore him, and of course you do anyway.

He may ... I'm gonna tell you now what happened. He may have spread faeces all through Linda Doctor's bag of her possessions as she was about to leave the house to go on her next trouble adventure. I was out. She was about to leave. And he went and used her bathroom. Then for whatever reason unknown to anybody except him, and maybe probably not even him, he then took that shit, literally, and he put it in Linda's bag. It was apparently everywhere through the bag, and all over her toiletry bag. I'm not laughing ... I'm laughing in horror, you understand. It's a similar horror to the horror of that girl earlier who didn't like me.

So I get home and Serafina's finishing tidying up, cooking dinner for the kids or whatever, and I'm like, "Did Nathan eat his dinner?" She's like, "Yeah, I've gone." "Cool, what else?" Like what else went on tonight, what else is news or [inaudible 00:40:13]. She's like, "Oh." And then she told me. I was just like, "I don't know what ... Oh my god. He's never done anything like that. Like, never." And then I'm messaging Linda, I'm like, "I'm so ... I'm mortified." I mean, she just laughed, but I don't think she was impressed. She didn't just laugh. I think she had whatever internal reaction that she obviously had. Then she told me what she said to him, which was very perfect, really. I was like, oh my god. Oh my god.

Why? Why would he do that? And, by the way, he completely adores and is in love with Linda, just in case you've got only questions around that for anyone who doesn't fully know the story of Linda and everything. Like, he loves her. He is in love with her, and he thinks she's the most beautiful, amazing person, and he talks about her all the time, and he calls her Linda the unicorn, because the first time the kids met Linda, she stayed overnight and had a slumber party, and she wore a unicorn onesie the whole time, then gave the children unicorn rides on her back. That was the same time when she brought this cushion and some kind of unicorn pillow also.

So he loves her. Why would he do that to a woman he loves. Men, answer for your gender. All of you. Now.

Of course, he threw some undies with poo on them off the balcony a few weeks ago. That's quite different to spreading poo through somebody's bag. That was also an isolated event. I feel that he's starting to build somewhat of a rap list of some kind, and I should probably keep some of his stories quiet now.

This was definitely the worst thing that I've ever known him to do, or just the most ghastly thing, I must say.

So anyway. I think we've said all that we came here to say. I just wonder, when you're selling things, are you selling from a place of reaching into their souls and telling them why they must buy and really fucking meaning it, or are you just like, "Yes, I've got this thing, and it's quite a good thing. I think it's a good thing. It's something of a thing. Here's 49 bullet points as why you should buy it, and then yeah, now here's 29 more emails that get sent out every day, and I'm gonna keep telling you about it, but I'm a little embarrassed, and I'm a little self conscious, and I wouldn't ... I don't want you to think I'm selling to you. I don't wanna be salesy."

So you're kind of like, "Yeah, I'm just gonna meekly pop it in the corner here and hope that you see it, then I'm gonna apologise energetically even if not literally, then I'm gonna do it again, because that's what you're supposed to do, but I won't say what I'm really thinking, because that might scare some people off. And I don't want people to think that I'm trying to make them buy, so I'll just kind of casually mention my thing and maybe they'll just know that it's for them and that they should pay me a lot of money."

No. Are you crazy? Not the good crazy. Why are people doing that? Why? Why are you doing that if you're doing it? I'll tell you why. It's because you didn't kick your own ass properly. It's because you didn't join Join before we close.

Why would you not just tell them that they're gonna be off their tiny little beautiful minds if they don't join your thing? Why would you not just tell them that if they never spend another cent with you again, they better fricking join the thing? Why would you not bring the energy and the passion and the fire to what you're selling? Or is it that you don't really believe in it? If that's the case leave and never return.

But presumably you believe in what you're selling. Right? Right. Hi. Hi Janine. Thank you for saying hi. Send me a love heart shower if you believe in what you're selling, because if you do, and you're carrying on like that, it's a travesty, and it's an embarrassment for the entire fucking community and yourself. You should fucking sit up straight and stick your boobs out and have some wine and own your queen power. Who the hell do you think you are? You're a queen sitting on top the throne. Be in the fucking energy of that. be gracious in your power. And be bold in your message. And don't take any fucking shit from that other voice inside of your head. That's basically the main point that I'm trying to say.

I mean, why don't you just act like you fucking believe in it, if you believe in it, right? You can say you believe in it. Why don't ... Oh, fuck that was one of those moments where I nearly threw the glass of wine at the laptop. But it would have been for a worthy cause. Is there any way that I could show my passion and fire more than throwing a glass of beautiful organic red wine at my rose gold MacBook. It can be so tiring to keep being around, being this person when there's struggle around you. I thought you meant it's so tiring sometimes to around me. It's so energising to be around me. The more that you're around me, the more your energy raises, your vibe elevates. Just being in my presence makes you more powerful and you become more abundant and you make more money. So really you should join for that reason if no other reason. And I'm not making it up, it's obvious.

Won't stick your boobs out because someone might lose an eye. Well, bully for you. Me too, as of tomorrow.

What else did I miss here? It can be so tiring to keep being this person when there's struggle around you. I don't fully understand that, but I think there's wine all in the corners of my mouth. What does that mean? I'm missing something that I think is important.

Okay. Stick them out. What do you mean? I don't understand. How am I missing this? It's going straight over my head. I think I've gotten too hyped up on my own excitement.

You gotta fricking own it. You gotta own your awesome. I did a challenge one time, a free challenge called Own Your Awesome. It's really a similar type of thing that we're talking about here. You've got to fucking own it. Thank you. Thank you [inaudible 00:46:22]. You've gotta fucking own it. That's my whole point. It's not enough to just be posting shit on the internet. Nobody cares. I'll stick them out already. I've been doing a fabulous self pleasure routine, actually, on my breasts and on other parts of me. I've been covering myself with love. Not in a gross, sticky way. And just taking the time to love my body.

I had a beautiful moment in yoga earlier this evening where I was like, I think ... I'm being super serious now, so sit up straight and pay attention. We turned into church now. I had this moment in yoga where I was like, "Well this is my last yoga class with these breasts before I do the surgery tomorrow." But in that moment in yoga, I suddenly was like, "I think I'm experiencing right now in this moment the purest love and acceptance that I've ever had for myself. I've spent most of my life completely fucking hating myself, and never even able to look my own self in the eye in the mirror. Took me like eight freaking years of doing 90-minute yoga classes nearly every day to finally be able to look myself fully in the eyes and not look away.

I went into self love, true love of myself last year sometime I feel, but in that moment earlier today, I was like, "I think this is the purest moment of deep self love and acceptance," where I was just like, "I fully fucking love myself in a completely non-ego way." It was just beautiful, and I feel like it's quite a contrast that I'm saying that now to everything else I've been yabbering on about. But it really was, and I was like, "This is the most perfect moment in time ever, because I'm doing something tomorrow that's changing my body, that is daunting or whatever." And I know it's [inaudible 00:48:17] in the right decision. But there's still that part of me that's like, "Um, am I gonna lose a piece of myself, or something, that I'm changing myself?" Something like that. And it was just this moment of no, this is perfect, and it's exactly as it's meant to be, and you just get to fully honour and love yourself right now, and tomorrow's whatever it is. Something like that. It was a glimpse.

Thank you Angela.

It was a glimpse. And also all these things just fell down where I was just like, "Oh my god, I see everything so clearly now." Relationship stuff mainly. And I was like, "Holy shit. It's just so fucking clear and so fucking obvious." And I was like, "This is just how it is." I was in my queen energy. That's what happened. I was standing there and I was like, "I'm like a queen." I was elevated into a queen in that room somehow. Like, my posture changed, my whole presence changed, everything changed, I could see it. I don't know. I'm gonna write about it later.

Now I feel a bit self conscious. That's the truth. It means you step in it again and again. Sometimes I feel like I've run out of poop. I'm like Nathan, who never runs out of poop. Aah. Unagi. I understand. Sometimes I feel that way as well. Sometimes fuck the full on live stream. Sometimes I'm gonna be super quiet and not even turn the fricking light on. The real one or the ... Well, this is the real one. But the other one over there, or the you know one. So that's fine. You can be whoever you need to be each day.

But as a general rule, if you're gonna sell something, then you're gonna fucking sell it, right? You're gonna be like, "Buy the damn thing." Speaking of the queen, I'm feeling coterie. That was a great course, hey? What a good course that was. Many people were transformed by that course.

Okay, I gotta go. What time is it even? Should I even go to bed or just, should I just stay up all night? Oh, this laptop died. I forgot about that. has already begun. It is off the hook. We cover many things about many things. The details are in the pinned comment. You would be out of your mind, and not in the good way, to not be part of this. If you remotely resonate with the way that I do business in life, with my soul speaks and your soul says, "Oh my god, yes, there you are, I was waiting for you." Not in a lover sort of way, but in the same sort of way but different. If you experience that with me, and you know that it's 12:22 am, two two two right here in Brisbane, thank you Lisa. It's not Brisbane, but close enough. Then join Details are down below. I'll see you inside. Doors close fully midnight eastern standard time tonight, Monday, May 28th.

So you have a little bit of time left, but I don't know what the fuck you would be thinking if you would just wait until that final countdown. Join now. If you do it super quickly, I might even let you into the group before I go to bed. Otherwise, I'll be up in several hours, and I'll be doing many things, mostly going to hospital. But I'm sure I'll run a whole fucking business while I'm there somehow.

All right. Love, love, love the badassery of this community. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. Thank you for remembering. Life is now. Press play.

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