Rebel Millionaire

[Silence for 25 seconds.]

Hi. Hello. Welcome to the Katrina Ruth Show. Where anything could happen and probably will [inaudible 00:00:34]. You're gonna like it. It's gonna be fun for everybody. Or maybe I'll just be super sweet and nice. I'm pretty sweet. I mean I feel like life is sweet, like sweet. But I feel like I'm pretty sweet. I feel like this morning ... I hate ... Oh my golly gosh. Oh, no it's okay. I thought I left my Nike hoodie at the gym, but I found it.

Brandon Marshall? Brandon Marshall,I fucking knew it. From that first live stream. I fucking knew it. Probably everyone else did as well. I definitely did. I was like, I see exactly what's happening here.

Kelly and I took a photo of ourselves this morning. And we just decided that we looked so beautiful. We were like, look at us we're so pretty. And then we were like, will you listen to the sounds of us. One of us said, I won't tell you who said what. Damn intuition. I know all the things. One of us said, "We look so pretty." And the other one said, "We should be super models." I'm not gonna tell you who said what. Why don't you just guess?

But we just looked really pretty, I think. 'Cause of the pinkness and the sweetness. And because we just, we were just like two sweet pretty little girls. Like just little girls. Little girls talking about naked sensual dancing. Actually, may have been video shown of one person doing a naked dance in front of a mirror. Maybe, maybe not, maybe I'm just making shit up. Guess who that was as well if you like.

So anyway, I don't think that's got anything to do with what we're here to talk about. What are we here to talk about? Oh, you just put one foot in front of the other. It's a whole story, right? I'm sort of quoting Elizabeth Taylor. She says, "I just put one foot in front of the other. I just got up everyday and put one foot in front of the other." Something like that. That's what I did. That's the only way you could ever do it. That's just how it's done. Something like that. And I really love that quote.

A lot of the time I feel like it's just total flow and ease. And I'm dancing, I'm playing with life, and astro travelling, and sitting in a beautiful surrounds at the outdoor section of the shopping mall here, for example. And having the best flow day ever just live streaming into one of my client groups just now. And then there's, you know, and everything just like comes through, and you just know what to do, and where to go, and how to move. It's like being in a dance, on a dance floor, and just knowing how to move your body, right? Or maybe sex. You know in sex where you just, like it's just like super flow. And you know, you just know, like from working.

And then there's other times where you're like, should I move my leg like this more, or like that more. And you're like this is stupid. Why am I even thinking about it? And then you're thinking about why you're thinking about it. And then you're like, I think I'm not good at sex. I'm probably thinking that I'm not good at sex. And then it's just like a mind fuck. And it's definitely not flow.

So it's kind of like that. Life is like that. Life is like sex. Or sensual dancing, same thing. Or just normal dancing, or writing. It's all the same. Sometimes it just kind of comes out. And it's like, oh this is fucking magic, and it feels so good. And clearly everybody's having the best time ever because this is amazing. And then other times you're like, do it do it this way, or that way? Do I dot the I like this, or cross the T like that? Maybe I shouldn't do it. Maybe I shouldn't do it at all. Maybe I'm stupid at this. Maybe I'm not good enough for this. Mind fuck.

So just now. I was kind of like, I'm a little bit cold actually. Been sitting here for a while and I'm a little bit cold. And then I was like, maybe I'm a bit hungry. Maybe I should go and get a quick 30 minute massage before I have to go to the dentist in 43 minutes. Which I'm so excited about. I've decided that I'm gonna have the best experience ever at the dentist. Calling it in. Why would I not?

And I didn't really necessarily feel like going live. But then I was like, well really am I going to fuck around here. I'm like, but what am I gonna do? Am I gonna walk in to Sephora and buy a freaking eye liner? Or am I gonna do a livestream. Am I gonna bullshit myself that I don't have time to doing a livestream? To do a livestream before I go to the dentist. Am I gonna like tell myself the story that it's too cold to sit here? Am I gonna say, "But I don't really have a topic title anyway that's coming to me right now." I've been like, going at it hard all morning.

By going at it hard I mean I spent three hours sitting having coffee with my best friend Kelly, and talking about sex, and life, and business, and money, and sensual dancing, and all the things. But I did write a blog. And I did three or four pages of journaling. And I did go to the gym. And then I did a livestream for my members. And I've answered a bunch of comments and questions. So I've done many things, about many things. And so I have been going at it hard.

And so then I was like, well maybe my brain is a little bit fried, right? Maybe I should go up to grilled burger place and get a burger. Maybe I should go in to Sephora. Maybe I should go over there to that's over there behind me. Where I do wanna go? Maybe I should go and buy a new, you know like a hoodie to fit my big breasts that I now have. 'Cause none of my clothes now really fit me. I'm wearing the same exact Nike hoodie all the time. But it's just 'cause I love that hoodie. And I wear it obsessively everyday anyway. I have like a wardrobe that's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I just get around town like a semi homeless person. With a Nike backpack and the same Nike hoodie on every single fucking day. Like I don't have any clothes.

So then I was like, maybe I should do that in my spare time before I go to the dentist. I don't really need to go live, you know? I'm sure I can do it later. I'm sure I'll be more inspired later. I'm sure my brain won't be fried, besides which maybe I'll have a little cool new top that I get to wear. And then I was like, you shut the fuck up Kat. You kick your own ass right now. Who cares if there's 25 people walking past you on the other side of the camera looking at you like a crazy person. You waving your hands around in the air and getting a preacher mode on for the last hour and a half, talking to your members. Man the fuck up and do what you're supposed to do.

And here we are. That's roughly how it happened. It's roughly the entire story. It's roughly the entire story of how I created my whole business and life. What do you think? What say you [inaudible 00:06:29]. Or any of the, get a float. I so have to get a float. I could float anywhere with these new breasts. I would just bobble around. I could to the ocean and just bobble around. And just float everywhere.

[inaudible 00:06:43] Sephora is always a great idea. Well it is right there. I get lost in there. I get into a little bit of a mild panic when I'm in there. It's very overwhelming. I already have way too much makeup that I don't wear or use anyhow. So I definitely don't need to go and buy more. But I don't need to go to a flotation tank to float. I've got these babies now. I'm just gonna float.

I'm sitting in a pod. 'Cause I'm a space person. Have you seen my top? It says, "Follow your soul." It's backwards writing, but it says, "Follow your soul it knows the way." I'm reclining in a pod like an alien. I'm at the shopping mall. I'm a mall rat. At least one day a week I come and I be a mall rat. A pretty wealthy one, but still a mall rat. There's a gym right up there. I have a membership at every good gym on the gold coast. So that I never have to worry about driving to the gym and just go wherever I wanna go.

So go to the gym. And then I come and sit down in my little pod. Then I was doing a livestream for my Break The Internet members. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Where am I from? Well it's a very deep question. I'm from the place where our souls meet and collide and come together as one. I'm from the same place as the soul of my soulmate clients. Our souls were formed in the same soul bucket.

Mim put the comment in. Put the comment in. I'm gonna talk about the comment. I'm from places from far and near. I'm from the places that are inside all of us. I'm from the places where we travel to in our dreams and in our prayers. I'm from your wildest fantasies but potentially your deepest nightmares. It really depends on the day of the week. Who can say?

Anyway, did you see that I launched the Millionaire Mastermind? Did you see? Did you see? I believe that you have two days, minus 22 minutes left to join it. Can we all just take a moment of silence for the fact that it's 12:22 pm. If we cut off the 1, then it's 222. 1 2222, sounds pretty good. Brandon just 'cause I'm in a relationship doesn't mean I can't mingle. We're gonna need to have clarification around that I'm afraid. Gonna need to understand and clarify the terms of this agreement please. Please outline your policies below.

So, did you see that in two days, minus 22 minutes, the Millionaire Mastermind closes again? Again? It only just fucking opened for the first time ever. So it will close for the first time. It's never closed before. Because it never opened before. It only opened a few days ago. Screwed the whole thing up, I forgot to launch. Then the sales page went down for most of Sunday, and nobody knew 'cause it was Sunday. And we were all off to the races, as you do on a Sunday in Australia. Having a great Sunday session.

And then on Monday. What did we do on Monday? Oh, Monday we realised we didn't even write the freaking outline of the offer properly. We put it like a little after thought somewhere. And we didn't clearly explain what it even was. And it was very confusing to [inaudible 00:09:35]. So then we're like, fuck this shit. Countdown timer goes till midday on Thursday. Which is two days minus 23 minutes from now, 23. How may hours in a two day period? 43? 48. So, 47 hours and 37 minutes are left. You better get your ass over there.

You could wait. You could wait to join my high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind. The mindset and the strategy of how to crush it online. For driven entrepreneurs and crazy creators. I don't know many of them myself, but I feel like it's a thing. Crazy creators who just want more. More what? Stupid question. If you have to ask, well more what? You don't join the programme. If you go to the Katrina Ruth forward slash Millionaire Mastermind. Let me make sure that's correctly ... I was giving out the wrong link for a while.

If you go to The Katrina Ruth forward slash Millionaire Mastermind, and then you read the tag line. And that is the right link. One hour, 23 hours, 35 minutes, and 38 seconds. That just blew my mind, 'cause I was like, no it's 47 hours. And then I'm like, 30's the same as one day 23 hours. So when you read the tag line and it says, "The mindset and strategy of crushing it online for driven entrepreneur and crazy creators who just want more." If your mind sense it, but more what? Then you leave, you leave straightaway. You take your questioning friends with you. And you do not return, alright? Just telling you. 'Cause I can't even with people that ask silly questions. And I only want the right people in there.

And there's not gonna be any need for any explanations about anything. 'Cause I'm just gonna impart knowledge to your soul. That's how the whole programme works. Well not really. My team are also gonna teach you everything that we do behind and in front of the scenes at the Katrina Ruth Show. All of the marketing, all of the funnels, all of the strategy, all of the selling. Monthly fucking report on exactly what we're doing and how it's worked. You're a founding, founding, founding member. Triple founding. Triple X. A EMC squared member, why not?

I think we should have black diamond members. Do you reckon? [Brandon's 00:11:43] a black diamond member [inaudible 00:11:44] as well. Not sure who else. Lisa [Mitchell 00:11:48] [Mackell 00:11:47], no I don't know how to say your name Lisa. I just feel like I've never said your surname out loud.

Okay, so you can go there, you can check it out. You could wait. Like I said, you could wait. Because maybe you're one of those people who's like, yeah I know exactly what I want out of life, and I fully know what's aligned for my soul. And when I get to heaven I believe that I can have it all. But I'm just like, I'm just gonna think about it. I'm just like, I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna think about it.

[Helen 00:12:12] I'm so glad you're in. Yeah, I'm just like, I'm gonna think about it. 'Cause you know, I don't do fast action taking. I don't do fast action taking. I like to think about things. I like to, you know, sit on it. And it sounds uncomfortable. And talk it over with my partner. And the dog. Then I like to look for signs. Like I like for a vestal virgin to come down from the mountain above, and to deliver me with a scroll that says, "It's time." I gotta make sure it's the right phase of the moon. So I gotta wait. I can't take fast action. I don't do fast action taking.

If you're that person, you should leave. But first you should tell me all your excuses and reasons, 'cause then I can turn them into sales copy and sell more places. Please comment below with any thoughts that you have along those lines. And otherwise, just join the fucking programme. Go read the page. And it's either going to speak to your soul. Or it's not gonna speak to your soul. But if it speaks to your soul please don't be the person who's like my soul speaks to me, and then I don't take action. 'Cause that's definitely embarrassing for you. Why would you listen to your soul, and then not act on it? It's actually like really stupid when you say it out loud and think about it.

Black diamond membership. We're gonna have to think about what black diamonds membership involves and includes. I feel like it should be a mix of slightly terrifying and slightly amazing. I can definitely handle that. What else? This is a membership programme. We do like a huge crazy ass discount to be a founding member. Which means you're going to pay only 16.666 devil numbers. I don't know why, that happened by accident. 16.666%, or something like that to join up for the first month, like a trial.

Fish slapping. Yeah, that expression came from my dad. My dad says, "Would you like a slap in the face with a cod fish?" And I'm like, "Well who wouldn't, really?" I don't know. He never said it as a mean thing. It was just funny. But it made its way into the blog this morning. So you should get a slap in the face with a cod fish if you thought you needed to think about it. That'll wake you up for sure. Anyway Peter [Gregory 00:14:09] [inaudible 00:14:11]. Shout out to my dad the pilot. He's just flowing around the earth, slapping people in the face with a cod fish if they're not paying proper attention.

Wouldn't you just hate to be his copilot? What if you weren't paying proper attention, you'd get a fish in your face. You should deserve it too. Alright, I'm trying to get to the point, I'm not sure what the point was though. Oh that's right. I am the fucking point. We all are. I'm trying to tell you about the programme, but I'm just like a little, I'm in my crazy mode obviously. It's off the hook, I can see that it's off the hook. 'Cause it says it right here in the pinned comment. But I can't read the rest of it.

Definitely off the hook. It's definitely fucking amazing. It's definitely like, the most bad ass deal to be a founding member. 'Cause I wanna get you in, and then I wanna reach into your soul, and I'm gonna grab your soul. Your soul and mine are gonna become one, in a really non-creepy way. And then you'll be thrown out. I won't throw anyone out. But you'll throw yourself out. Maybe I will throw someone out, I shouldn't say that. I will if necessary. You'll either leave, because I don't know why. But you're probably not gonna leave, because your soul will know whether or not you're meant to be there. And then obviously you stay on.

And it's a monthly membership programme. Where you learn all the things, all the time, from all the ninjas. Specifically my cat ninjas, who do all the things in my business. And then I, I, will just come in like a rockstar. When I feel like it. Straight up, I'm just gonna tell you. I'm gonna come when I want, how I want, and with who I want. I'm gonna do what I fucking want, in my own programme. So if you wanna know what I'm gonna bring, you're gonna, I don't know. I have no fucking idea. But it will be fucking amazing, and I will dazzle your [vagazle 00:16:25]. I hope we do get that one person here.

Well that was fun. We had that moment in the [inaudible 00:15:48]. It was quite hilarious and shocking. So I will just come in, when the mood strikes me. I'll come in with some bad [inaudible 00:15:56]. I'll bring my energy. I'll bring my presence. You'll be like, wow I can't even look at it, it's too blinding. Get me away from it. But it's fascinating, what is that? And I'll be like, it's me, Katrina Ruth, hi. So you know, I'll probably be in there a lot. Just dancing and prancing. And doing whatever I wanna do.

I promise nothing, at all. There's nothing I'm promising at all, nothing. But I'll deliver everything. I think I said dazzle your [vagazle 00:16:23]. You know [vagazles 00:16:25], like when you get little diamond on your vagina. It just came out. It just popped out. I don't really have an explanation. I can't excuse myself, there's nothing I can say further. Maybe that's what you get as a black diamond member. You get some [vagazle 00:16:45]. You get a little sequin that you can put on your ... Well I'm sorry [Brandon 00:16:48] you're gonna have to give it to [Rebecca 00:16:51]. Or we'll find a manly version. I'm sorry.

I'm not really sorry at all. I'm having too much fun. So isn't it just the best creation ever? Aren't I a genius? Don't you just think I'm a genius? I'm selling a programme where I'm promising nothing. I'll do whatever I want. I'll turn up like a rockstar when I feel like it. It's fine, because anyone who knows me knows I over fucking deliver all the time. And really it's the energy. It is the energy. I will allow you into my soul. I don't allow everybody into my soul. I wrote about that in my blog this morning. I said, "It's a hell no with every cell in my body."

I'm gonna give a shout out to [inaudible 00:17:32] because that was her line. And she let me use her line for my blog title a few weeks ago. In an audio she was telling me about it, something a story in her life. And she said, "It's just a hell no from me. With every cell in my body." And I was like, goddamn it that's the best blog title I ever heard. And I said to her, "You should use that in a blog title." She goes, "I'm not going to. You can use it if you want." I was like done and done. And I wrote it down, and I saved it on my desktop, and then I forgot.

And then this morning it came back to me. It was like smack. It was like not a smack in the face with a cod fish. Okay just slapped myself with two hands whilst at the shopping mall. And I'm in the kind of designer area, like where, like [Harolds 00:18:08] is right there. Coach, don't care for Coach. Don't bring a Coach purse if you come to see me. It's not my favourite. [Ermez 00:18:16] is just around there. I'm in the designer area slapping myself. [inaudible 00:18:21]

It's gonna be amazing. It's gonna be beyond next, next, next, next level. You get all my ninjas. We're actually including like tech support for you, and Facebook advertising support, and all the market, like all the things. I'm super fucking excited about it. Had some control issues. I had some control issues. It required some prayer. It required some wine. And as I put on the sales page. Oh Channel is just up there [inaudible 00:18:51]. Hang on, is it up there? Yeah.

And it required a little bit of sexual healing. Before I was able to release the control issues that I had around, me not being the only rockstar of the show. Because I'm letting my team all be rockstars as well. So you know, I had to like, this is embarrassing. 'Cause I just gave a whole lot of shit to people who sit on things and don't take rapid action. Like I don't do fast action taking. Mirror, hello. Yeah, I didn't take very fast action on this. I sat on it for ages. What a flake. But now here we are. And it's fabulous.

What else should we talk about? Is there anything else to even say? Don't you think it's just divinely delightful, that you can launch and amazing bad ass membership programme. Where you can bring your whole team in. And allow them to share their gifts with the world, and support your amazing bad ass clients. That's a big deal to me. It feels very special. It feels like I'm letting my little birds, they probably don't really prefer to be referred to as little birds I imagine. But it feels like I'm letting my big eagles free from the nest. Well I suppose if you had a nest full of eagles they'd probably be doing whatever the fuck they wanted anyway. And not flying free from the nest.

The truth is, my team do do whatever the fuck they want a lot. But I just trust and know that they're gonna do what is aligned and profit-full. I really don't wanna know what they're doing. Like I don't want a fucking report. As if I care. I just want the outcome, right? So it is a special thing to be able to give you my team. But isn't it just divinely delightful, that I get to just give me. And I don't even have to say in advance what little piece of me you're gonna get.

Like what am I gonna do? You know on the first Monday of every month you get a piece of my elbow. On the second Monday of every month, you get like a little demonstration of my soul. On the third Monday of every month, you get access to a makeup tutorial from Channel. What am I gonna do? Am I gonna pre-package all the little parts of my life and who I am? Or am I just gonna show up like a star, on the stage. And whatever needs to come out for my members will be the full power and the glory, and the exact soul flow message that was meant to be delivered that day.

That feels a little more fun and interesting. My goodness. Six years ago, ten years ago, even two years ago. I would have thought, you can't sell that, you can't sell nothing. Well I guess I'm not selling nothing, there's a whole lot of fucking promises on that sales page. And we haven't even told you the half of all the plans as well. That's just a percentage of it. But, we're kind of selling nothing as far as my role. I'm selling that I'll do whatever I want. I'm pretty happy about it. And I think that I'm pretty happy, or grateful I should say, to my community to you. To have that level of trust. Even for people who've only just met me and come across me. My soul spoke, and your soul said yes, and now here we are.

Or maybe you just created me. Maybe your soul created me. In which case, I gotta give you props for being such a bad ass creator of such a bad ass character in your story. I think you were very creative with this one. So maybe you just created me, and maybe right now this is you talking. Like this is you talking. I am talking to you. And it's actually you. Well done, get out of my soul. Without prior access or permission. Go read my blog from this morning. 'Cause I talk about who gets to be my soul, and who not. So you know who you are anyway. You already know.

I think that's really all that I have to say. I think maybe I will go to freaking Sephora. I think I'll go to Adidas, or Adidas, or whatever it's called. I can see it over there. I think I'm gonna go up there. I'm gonna buy something that fits my large bosoms. And then I'm gonna go to the dentist. And I'm gonna have the best time ever. Because I decided to. And I'm probably gonna meet an amazing person at the dentist who's gonna change my life. And I'm gonna change their life. And then we're gonna have an argument over who created who. And then that person's gonna join the Millionaire Mastermind. And then I'm gonna be like, I told you about that already in advance on the livestream.

And then after that I'm gonna talk to some of my clients. And then I'm gonna do another Muay Thai session. 'Cause who doesn't like to back up a Muay Thai session in the ring every two days, less than a week after having breast surgery? Me, that's who. Then I'm gonna have my hair done, and it's gonna look amazing. So I'll probably need to livestream again. It already looks quite amazing, just a bit sweaty. That's the whole story. If you didn't read my blog from today, I'm gonna give you that link now. 'Cause that was a must read. Here's this, everyone needs to do this now, no wining excises. You should listen to your soul, and you should do what your soul says.

You should go read my blog from this morning it's called, "It's a hell no with every cell in my body." I feel quite happy with the ass [kickery 00:23:22] tone of it. My battery of my laptop is down to only 6% though. Which feels problematic and troublesome to use a word that's recently been reminded back to me. I'm going to try and share that blog for you before I go. But It doesn't wanna share. So maybe it's not divine to be. So go to my personal Katrina Ruth page and read the blog from this morning. It is gonna kick your ass. It will metaphorically and energetically fish slap the fuck out of you.

Okay I just found it, don't worry I'll bring it over for you. Hello, hello hello. I will not try closing and reopening my browser window. You try closing and reopening your browser window you stupid thing. Do you think it's normal to talk to your laptop? Well we should give my dad a shout out for providing some good coffee. Alright, and then the other thing is, read the comment. Go to the comment. It's not really another thing we already talked about it. The Katrina Ruth forward slash Millionaire Mastermind. Maybe you're wondering. Maybe you're new and you're like, where is the show then I wanna watch the show. Well this is the show. It's happening right here. It will be happening at the dentist in not too long. In 22 minutes in fact. So I probably should get up and go.

Alright, in one minute when this thing fucking loads for me. I'm gonna give you the link so you can go read my blog. 'Cause I like to make your life easy and fabulous. When you really could just go there and read it anyway. So I'll pop that link in for you. Have an amazing epic rest of the day. Wherever you are in the world. Thank you for playing. Thank you for allowing my silliness to come out. I wasn't expecting it. I actually said at the start of the livestream that I was gonna be giving you an ass kicking today. Actually I did give you an ass kicking. You're welcome. You're welcome. It was with pleasure. I'm just here to serve. I'm just here to serve. But I didn't think I was going down the stupid silly route. That just happened. I'm happy about it 'cause it makes me feel hyper.

And now one of my favourite songs is on. Havana, I left my heart back in Havana. They play the best music here. Why would you not want to be a mall rat and work here all day. Okay this link is coming. It's coming for you right now. Don't go anywhere. Read this mornings blog. Read the pinned comment. It is going to expand your beautiful mind. Your soul will know exactly what to do. Do it. And don't forget Life is Now. Press Play.