Rebel Millionaire

Hi. Hello. Hmm. All right, welcome to the show. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I feel like it is going to be a fabulous show. Is it dark? What's happening? No? Yes? Not sure. Okay, let's get comfortable. Megan Underwood what's up? There's a name I feel like I haven't seen for a while. Comfortable as fuck. Am I in the dark? How's the lighting? It feels like it looks super dark on my phone screen. I'm obsessed with lighting you guys, obsessed.

Hey, Carly. Obsessed! I've just had the more hilarious afternoon ever. You can't even imagine the hilariousness of the afternoon. Okay, looks okay on my screen. Going to sit up straight. Thank you Emily, back at you. Queen to queen, hey Emma, hey Marie. Say hello if you're there people. Hmm, okay, okay, tell me there if you are there. If you're not there, I suppose you can't tell me to-

Why, why? I just made this face to Kelly. Thank you, I was doing filming all afternoon. Matt was over, my videographer Matt and Kelly was here as well. We were doing the most ridiculous shit. We were doing skits. So impressed with myself. And, I was going to say something important just then and now I forgot what it was already.

Why does the phone show a certain visual? And then when you look at it on the computer I can see other bits of me, and then I feel exposed. Because I'm like, like I don't have enough clothes on on the bottom half of me. That's for sure. If I sit with my legs open, it's going to be unfortunate for everybody. Or well it depends on your perspective I suppose. But anyway, I thought that I was perfectly only showing from there up, because that's what I can see on my phone. Now I feel obliged to hide behind my laptop just in case. But I'm just going to perch here and you know, somewhat, careless Marilyn Monroe-esque fashion, like I'm just casually laying here when actually I'm holding everything perfectly together.

Am I going to learn something? Why would I learn something? I don't understand. I'm teaching all the time. So your soul always knows. I just did the best skit on your soul always knows. I'm so impressed with my own hilarity right now. So Kelly, one of my best friends, and Matt, who's my amazing videographer, they've been listening to me go on and on and on for a very long time about how funny that I think that I am and that I want to do skits. I want to do little funny videos that you guys will share all over the internet and they'll go viral.

Okay, I'm super happy with my hair today as well. That's what's happening. There it is, all of it. It looks even better now that it's shook out, feel my head spinning a little bit.

We just filmed four skits, and one them, and I wrote the scripts myself. I mean there was really no script, but there was a concept. We went all in. For one of the skits that Matt and I were filming before Kelly came around, we had me doing a scene typing at the computer, a scene cutting an apple, a scene with me in bed meditating with an eye mask on. A scene on the couch where I was eating honey-soy chips and honeycomb Maltesers, and drinking straight out of a bottle of wine, all at the same time, because it was showing like the stages of grief. Like an emotional meltdown to do with, well you have to wait and see. Right, it's funny as fuck though, or at least I think that it is.

We did that, and then Kelly came around and we did a little thing that was based somewhat on truth that we think is funny that we always do. And then I did a your soul always knows script, and I'm so impressed with my own self about this. I messaged, I had Kelly go upstairs and call me and be like a pretend client on the phone, on the speakerphone, and then I'd send her a bunch of questions to ask. No matter what question she would ask, I would sit there looking like a wise, profound person, because I am. I would say, so the questions I gave her were, "I'm not sure whether I should launch my low-end programme next to my high-level mastermind, what do you think?" Then it was a question about a man, then a question about a diet, then a question about being stuck, and then, "Should I cut my hair?" And whatever. No matter what the answer was I was like, "Hmm, let me just tune in on that. Wait, I think you should check in with what your soul says, because your soul always knows." Then she would be like, "Wow, you're so wise Kat. You're just so connected." And I was like, "I know. I've been doing this work for a long time."

I'm so impressed with how well I held it together while filming these skits. I did burst out laughing a few times, but we had the best time ever. I just had two hours of hilariousness. I was like, "How is this even work?" And I don't know if it technically is. But I don't know if anything technically is. And then what was hilarious beyond hilarious, after that, is as they were leaving and I was going down to the basement to swipe them out of the car park, Kelly's saying something about whatever situation in her life, and I was like, "Well your soul knows the answer Kelly." Then I was just laughing even more. But I'm like, "But it's true. This is funny because this is real." Things are funny because they're real.

So I'm feeling kind of pumped, kind of high-vibe. And I'm kind of impressed with myself as well because I've been saying for at least a year, and lots of people have heard me say this, especially my close people in my life have heard me go on and on about I want to be doing these little videos, with an attempt for my videos to go viral. I want to do the funny ones because I think I'm funny. And I want to do the inspiration and entertaining ones about, "Christine's not learned anything, who promised you that you were going to learn anything. Not me, but your soul always knows exactly what you need to learn. So go and learn elsewhere if you're not learning it here. It's fine, I'm completely fine with it either way, but I can't promise anything. I definitely can't promise learning." You know what, fuck it, I promise soul shifts and deep frickin transformation, and hilarity, and sometimes shenanigans. And by the way, by the way, whatever comes out will be exactly what you need.

Okay, she doesn't give a fuck. She's like, "Bye," she's just like, "I'm leaving." She doesn't know what she's missing out on. You can all send her a message and tell her if you like. I feel like this could be a good device for fixing up your hair so that you don't have to use your hand while you're holding your laptop in the other hand. It does hurt a tiny bit. Ohh, it actually brushes the hair a little bit you guys. I don't know that it was entirely designed for that. Okay, now there's hair sticking out of it and it's a bit wonky. If you look at it closely this [scept 00:07:11] has had a bit of a rough time of it. It's cause sometimes I get overexcited and I whack it on things. Not on people, don't worry, but if they were here in the room potentially someone would get a good whack with the sceptre. Tracy's already learned seven things.

Okay, so we have several things we need to discuss as a community you guys. I shall sit here in my throne and discuss them with you and for you. One of them is we need to decide what my new name is. I feel that it should be put to a vote. Do you think I should have a competition to choose my new name? I'm going to drop my surname, I'm going to drop my old surname which is still legally my current surname. And I'm not going back to the previous name before that because that was my first husband's name. And I'm not going back, even though it was a good name for internet marketing, was a great fitness name, which is what it was back in the day. And I'm not going back to my birth name, because it feels weird and it's like from a 100,000 years ago. I'm going to make up a new name. I'm going to keep Katrina Ruth as it is, Ruth is my middle name. I guess the only question is, what does my soul know that my new surname is meant to be. But I think that it should start with R, so then it will be Katrina Ruth something starting with R, because it sounds like nice for alliteration purposes for fame. I think it would be a good famous person name to have a surname starting with R.

If it wasn't for Ruby Rose, I would probably go with Katrina Ruth Rose, because Rose is a family name and it's also my daughter's middle name that I gave her. So I think Katrina Ruth Rose sounds really nice. It's not fucking going to be Ruthless, but thank you. Katrina Ruth Rose sounds nice, it's sounds kind of like a famous person's name, but I think that we can do better as a community. If you have any thoughts on that, there's a post about it in the daily ass-kickery, you can contribute. If I chose a name that you gave me, I would definitely have to give you something super cool as a prize for that. I can't just go walking around with a name that somebody else came up with without honouring it.

All right, moving along. What do you want to talk about? Why do you even need a surname? I want one. I want it to be Katrina Ruth something. Katrina Ruth Rules. No, I don't want it, no I want a new surname. I don't want to change my legal, because you got to have a legal surname. I don't want to change it to Ruth, because Ruth is my middle name and I like it like that, Katrina Ruth. My mum used to call me Katrina Ruth, not when I was in trouble either, just like sounds nice inside my head.

Fuck a duck, I dropped the sceptre. We'll switch, we'll switch to this.

Have a friend who legally has no surname. Is that right? Okay I didn't know about that. All right, so anyhow, okay this could be a good scratching device down your back if you wanted it to be. Props are everywhere here. Oh my God there's two of these things. You're supposed to have a duel. There's a fucking cape on the floor over there, but it looks stupid as fuck. Madonna's real name's not Madonna though, it's whatever it is. Have a friend who, okay, anyway.

The whole point of the whole point is, you can laugh about it all you like, actually my clients always make fun of me and say that no matter what they ask me I say, "Well just tune in and what would alignment look like. Or what does your soul actually say about this, or what does your soul know." And I'm like, "Well, but it's true." That's why I did the skit, because I was sort of playing into that. Obviously I do say a few more things than that one when I'm talking to my clients. And sometimes I don't even use the word soul, it has been known to happen on the odd occasion.

But the reality is, you have this blueprint inside of you for, I'm going to put that down because I'm going to be serious now. I don't want anyone over here to think I'm being funny when I'm being serious. Let's pause for effect. I've been drinking wine straight from the bottle during the day, for the purposes of my filming, so I'm feeling slightly buzzed. I think I only had that much, but I don't drink during the day. And I don't know if this is just me or is this normal, but whenever I do drink anything during the day, on the odd occasion, I can have the tiniest bit, like three sips which is roughly as much as I had, and I feel like I had two glasses of wine. And then when you are literally putting wine into your mouth with chips and Maltesers at the same time, it's just a whole unusual situation happening up in there.

Okay, we're going to get serious. I'm not changing my surname to Reagan, that's my friend's name, her actual name. It's not going to be Rice either, it sounds like a man's name, like a man. I don't want to be a man.

Okay, I'm going to be serious and professional as fuck. I'm going to talk about soul blueprints, maybe, we'll see if it comes out. Let me just tune in on that for a moment and see what does in fact come out. Okay, I've got it, I've got it. It may or may not be anything to do with your soul at all, but it will be precisely what it's supposed to be. By the way, by the way, Wren, Ruth, Katrina Ruth Aura. Somebody suggested Chai before. I was like, I didn't understand why, but it's definitely not going to be Chia, because I'm allergic to chai tea.

Okay, Katrina Ruth Riley, oh my goodness. It's got to be a new and unusual word you guys. A word nobody else knows or is using. Oh my god, I'm just seeing that my team has posted onto my page. Okay, [Mim 00:12:33], that Amanda France's Vegemite video that's on my page has a spelling mistake in it. Veget-mite it says, but Mim, do you want to drop the inner circle link. By the way, not a link, that's not a link at all. Description, comment, whatever it is.

The inner circle is open, it is open. You can message me if you would like to know about mentoring with me at the absolutely highest level in my one-on-one, badass, hard as fuck, inner circle mastermind. It is indeed open. Message me on my personal page is better. Ongoing one-on-one mentoring, unlimited access to me, plus access to the hottest and most badass mastermind on the internet. On, just like, on, I think my voice just broke. Am I a 13 year old boy? For different creators and different entrepreneurs who just want more, and are willing to do what it takes in order to create it, obviously.

Okay Jillian says, "To those who are even remotely considering joining the inner circle, just pull out your credit card and pay now." You can't actually technically do that, I'm sorry, you got to message me and we'll talk about whether it's aligned for you or not. And then I suppose you could pay. You know what I'm going to do? Here's what I'm going to do, here's what my soul is telling me to do, I'm going to start posting frickin case studies and testimonials of my clients every day. Give me an amen if you would like to see that because I don't normally do it and I've started to now do it, I'm going to just relentlessly, ruthlessly flaunt that shit all over the internet and inspire you with the badassery of the women that I know and that I get to mentor, but also I'm friends with and connected with.

I'm starting my new show Conversations with Badasses. I've had that name for ages, and I've even got a backdrop made that goes behind her on my stands for the Conversation with Badasses show, but it's got red hair on it, so I have to change it now anyway. I'm going to be doing joint livestreams with the most badass people I know, and that will be the show. You'll get to meet lots of people from the inner circle and lots of my cool badass friends and other people that I know. It's going to be conversations with badasses. But part of it will be that I'll be talking a lot about results from the inner circle because I don't normally do that, and I get amazing results so I'm going to talk about it. And I'm going to promote, promote, promote, and find the exact perfect people who are meant to join us.

Here's what else, here is what else, earlier today, I finally pulled my fucking finger out, ohh Raven, that's an interesting one. Raven, Katrina Ruth Raven. I'm going to think about that. Haven, what about Katrina Ruth Haven. Hmm, the perfect name is going to come to me, and so it is, it's done.

You know I just said that I indeed pulled my finger out. Is that an Australian expression, or does everybody understand that expression? I don't know if everyone knows what I mean. I pulled my finger out means, sounds kind of dirty, but what it means is that I just finally took fucking action on something that I'd been holding myself back from and denying myself stepping into soul alignment around, which specifically was what I just said earlier, the videos, the skits, the little comedy things that I've been wanting to do for ages. It was such a good feeling. Firstly, I mean what else would you want to be doing?

Okay, you did think it was dirty. It Aussie only. We have some weird expression in Australia I think, but whatever. Everybody does in their own way. What else would you want to be doing on a Friday, it's not Friday, but you could do it on a Friday, on a Wednesday afternoon except for filming hilarious stuff and just being creative and kind of acting. I guess I was acting, and I fancy myself somewhat of an actor. I'm quite certain I should end up in the movies at some point in time. And I'm going to play myself, so I need a good fucking name for that as we've just been discussing.

That was fun, it was really fun. I had so much fun it was crazy. We were just in hysterics. Matt was just shaking his head, he couldn't even believe the ridiculousness of the entire situation most of the time. That's cool, but really where it's critical actually to receiving, and to abundance, and to stepping into whatever the next level is that's inside of you that you know you're meant to live into is, when you're flaking out and resisting and avoiding stuff that your soul is telling you to do that you know you should do and must do, then you dial down receiving.

This is what I want to talk about. You can take the statement your soul always knows, and you can do whatever you want with that statement right. Your soul always knows what you should fucking eat for dinner. Hello Lily [Babcock 00:17:16]. Lily you know you posted last night, I'm pointing directly at you with my massive, it's actually not that big but when you point it like that it looks huge. I don't even know what this is. Is it a pitchfork? I don't need a pitchfork, let me get my sceptre back. Oh, it's way over there. Wait.

Okay, all right, here I am. Why do I have to sit up? I don't like sitting like a normal person. Now I've got sequins in my bottom though. Just like kind of chewing away at it. Trident. All right, what was I saying? I'm going to tune in on that. Fuck, what was I saying? Lily, you posted last night about your hair like a mermaid, but I wore my hair mermaid style last night for a podcast, and I specifically had that thought because I had it on a side ponytail and it was very mermaidy. The reason was all the sweat from the hot yoga, and I hadn't washed it yet. Now it's cleansed and it's beautified. But last night it wasn't washed, and so I did the only reasonable thing that a person can do, which is put it in a [plut 00:18:26] for two hours before the podcast interview, and then it looked mermaidy. Then afterwards you posted that your hair was mermaidy too. I was like-

Oh my god, there's seriously sequins in my ass. Okay, it's the life is now, press play cushion. If you haven't seen it, your mind will be blown. I feel like everyone's seen it, but some people probably haven't seen it. It's going to mirror language, but you're going to get the idea. Ah, ahh, amazing isn't it. It says, "Life is now. Press play," in the cushion you guys, in the cushion. I've performed this trick many times before, but there's probably new people here who haven't had the joy and the pleasure and the honour. It would be selfish and rude of me not to show it to them. Again, that was all biting my ass just then. I was sitting right on the sequins. Okay, so that's about Lily and the mermaid hair.

Then the other thing was and is, your soul does always know what you should do about anything. Your soul knows whether you say yes when somebody says, "Do you want to be on my podcast?" I just go with what my soul says. You can ask me anything anytime, and sometimes I'm going to say no to you for sure. I say no to lots of people. And then you might be brave enough to ask me again another time, people do that on rare occasions, most people are not, and then maybe that day I'm vibing with it, maybe my soul says yes. That's roughly how I end up on Lily's podcast. Because typically I say no to everything, it's just a blanket rule of thumb. Everything that's not me creating my own content, but now, right now, I'm actually in a vibe of saying yes to a lot of things. So now would be a good time to ask me things.

Just so you know, I feel the openness. I feel that I am open to yes to things. I feel that that can often be a good state. And in theory it sounds like it would be a good overall general state to be in, but actually the answer is, what does your soul know? I know for me there was a period of, it's time to say no to everybody and go deeper into my own content creation, and so then that's what I was doing. I was just like, blanket hard no to everybody, except obviously if it was like James out to try something, I'm sorry, but that's just what's up. That's just the truth of the matter.

Okay, now your soul knows the answer to everything. What are you going to do after this? Should you even be here right now? Tune in. Does my soul say yes I should listen to Kat? She's going to drop some gold, or she going to shift and transform my emotional state in some way. And so that is a good to learn use of my time. Well one lady already left early, her soul did not care for me at all. After you get off this livestream, you go, what does my soul say that I should do, right? What is my next thing? Am I going to create content? Am I going to take a nap? Am I going to go to bed? Okay, of course you didn't, because people in my community are sneaky and badass, and supernatural as fuck. She says, "I telepathically asked you." Yeah, that doesn't surprise me at all. That would probably be the smartest way to things by the way.

For all the people who I love and adore in my life, I send them messages from my soul all the time by the way. I'm not sure if they always get them. It probably depends on whether they're tuning in or listening, but I legitimately do. This morning only, I was sending soul messages to somebody. I don't know if they got them or not, I didn't ask. I mean I could ask right now in my soul, but I don't really mind. It goes through an energetic kind of frequency anyhow, but sometimes they will then reply in a physical sense. Sometimes somebody will reply on a Facebook message when you sent them a soul message. That's pretty cool right? Your soul does already knows how to do it. They did get it. Emily says they did get it. Did you tune in on that? Cool. I reckon right, I reckon they did get it. That's what I'm feeling as I tune in on it.

I just love how fucking supernatural the world is, don't you? I wrote about this quite a bit in my blog today, just like the real gifts that we were giving and that we were born with. She did tune in on it. Thank you. I just wrote about the gifts that we were born with, and what's actually natural and real for us is as humans, how so many people think that it's kind of scary or bad to kind of access supernatural powers, and I guess to access the magic within, and to dive into the spiritual world and create from that place. If you didn't read today's blog post, you can go read that. I'm not sure if that's here on my Facebook business page yet or not, but it's definitely over here on my personal Katrina Ruth page. It's got a hot as fuck photo of me with my amazing client Amanda Frances, and she is an incredible client and super soul sister friend. It's just a hot photo, that's why I put it up. It's from a month or two ago. The title is, don't get scared of how much magic you are capable of, grow harder and deeper, run faster, and do more. I think I'll give you a link to it right now so that you can check it out after this.

Yes Facebook, I will add Malibu, California as the location since that's where it was. All right, so I wrote about this, and I think that we could talk about it. I think that it's powerful and I think that's really relevant and true, and that we're just limiting ourselves so much when we play only in the human realm. Okay, no, correct, edit, rewind, the human realm includes the spiritual realm and the supernatural realm, right? Right, thank you for clarifying that for me. Send me some cat emojis or a love hearts if you agree with me.

People can feel like, "Oh is that bad to operate in that sense in terms of I'm just creating shit inside of myself." I can sit in this chair like I just did, and I can sit in my throne, in my studio at home, and just tune in. Thank you for the cat emojis and the love hearts. I can tune in on whether somebody received a soul message from me, and then Emily who's here on live tunes in for me as well. She's not here, she doesn't know what person it was, she doesn't know anything at all. But she just tuned in energetically and she knows everything. Just like I know everything when I allow myself to, and so do you. Your soul knows. Your higher self knows every aspect of who you are inside and out. You already have the answers to everything, like fucking everything. Do you realise that? And all you've got to do is be willing to listen, right?

I did this little skit earlier, I was like, it was funny. No matter what the question was that asked, I was like, "Hmm, tune in to what your soul says." And I was having the funniest time ever doing the skit. But it's also like, well honestly, honestly, how I've created all of the results in my life. Business results, money results, fitness stuff, health stuff, lifestyle, travel. Even like where should I go next? Or if ever I'm not on tour, should I book, for example recently we were finding a location for my July retreat for the inner circle. By the way inner circle's open, read the pinch comment after this if you're wanting to mentor with my on the higher one-on-one level. You would be potentially then coming along to hang with me in July for our next retreat. We do three.

When we were looking for different venues for the retreat, even something like that, my assistant sends me through the details, and I'm just like, "Okay, let me just tune in for real, this one or this one?" And I'm like, "Hmm, I feel this." For sure I'll look at the website and I'll look at what's offered, and I'll look at pricing, I look at all that stuff right, like with anything. But it's not how I make my decision. I always trust my soul. I always trust my inner guidance. I always trust what's coming through me. Your soul always knows. I just feel like I've let my life become so easy, and wouldn't you love to let your life become so easy by just responding to what's inside of you.

Now earlier today I had a conversation with a new client, somebody who I know already through Facebook, but she's just stepped into Rich Hut Empire, which is kind of like the before step in a lot of cases for the inner circle, or it's not always the before step, sometimes people go straight in. But anyhow, it's my six week one-on-one which oversold and closed out the other day, and she was talking a lot about getting caught in fear, and getting caught in reactivity, and even by the time we got ten minutes into the phone call I was like, "Okay, I'm feeling that so far everything that's come through in this conversation is that fear is guiding and directing you a lot of the time, right? Firstly, that's clouding your ability to obviously connect to soul and create from faith and create from flow. But also, isn't it tiring," I said to her. She was like, "Well yeah." And I know that's it's tiring because I used to live that way. It's fucking exhausting right.

The thing is, you don't have to live that way. It's actually a choice that you can make right now. It's a choice that you have available to you right now in this moment to just decide, I'm going to choose faith over fear. I'm going to choose to access the guidance inside of me. I'm going to choose to access the superpowers that I was giving.

Hello. You can come in. Alyssa just got home from school.

Ohh. For you, mother's day, where do I put it?

That's fine, I'll take it. Okay, go get changed because we're going to go on a girl's day. Okay. We're going to go on a girl's outing after this.


Yay. So, okay, what is this, school notice. Oh shit, don't do that. I'm just literally holding a nearly, an open bottle of water over the laptop. Okay, totally lost my train of thought when I saw her walk into the room. I'm sure you saw that.

You can literally choose right now in this moment to let faith rule you rather than fear. That is a choice that you have available no matter what's going on. Especially when shit is going on when you feel stark, or you feel it's too scary, or there's too much riding on it, or you can't afford to or something like that. This is the leap of faith that it's time to make. This is the leap of faith that it's time to make. It is time to say, what does my soul have to say about this? What would I be doing if I were acting from faith? What would I be doing if I was coming from what's inside of me.

Why aren't they post a bed in my room?

Why are you talking so weird?


I don't know. Go get changed honey. No, no, no, this is the time to go get change.

Who put it in?

I don't know. I have no idea. I wasn't even in your room. Probably Diane. Usually I'm like, come on the live, but I know if that happens we won't go and do our girl's day thing. We'll just get talking about. I'll probably wrap up in a minute now anyhow.

That's really the whole thing right, I could, if I wasn't going to go on little adventure with my daughter, I'd go on and on about this for probably another 20, 30 minutes, like beyond what I've already said. But it would come back to the same core underlying message. This is the thing, you can go on and on about it for 20 or 30 minutes, or 20 or 30 years, nothing is going to change except for the fact that you have the power of choice right now to come from soul. You can sit here right now in this moment and say, "I'm going to commit to operating from faith, not from fear." You can sit here right now in this moment and say, "I'm going to start to fucking listen to what's inside of me, right." It's true in your business. It's true with what programmes you should launch or put out there. It's true with how you interact in your personal relationships. Who should you be giving your time and energy to? Where is a good investment and use of that?

Rather than being like, "Oh, what do you think about this? And I'm scared of that. And here's the pros and cons." And you analysing it with your friends or your partner, or your frickin dog, or even your mentor or whatever. Let's go into soul guidance. Let's go into being directed by faith. Let's go into being directed from what's inside. Even with me right, from my inner circle, my highest level one-on-one mentoring, it's a reasonable investment to work with me at that level as I'm sure you can imagine. If you message me about it, I'll send you a full overview of what it is and what we do, and how it works. Obviously we'll go through cost details as well. But I'm not going to sit there and tell you some kind of, "Well here's the secret strategy that nobody gets to know until they come into my inner circle, right." I think I said your inner self, or I might've said your inner guidance, or intuition state, something along those lines.

When I mentor my highest level clients, my role is not to provide some kind of step-by-step plan that was a secret before working with me at that level. My role is to connect with you on a soul level and to help you access more deeply what's inside of you. This is something that you can already do obviously yourself. Whether or not you decide to work with a mentor, whether it's me or not me, either way, you still have that ability yourself. Obviously it's powerful to have other people who are the alliance people for us to come in and support in that, and maybe help you to see things that you don't see, and kind of remind you of where you need to kick your ass or hold yourself to a level of accountability based on being that soul based version of you rather than a fear driven version of you. Either way and regardless, it is absolutely something that you have access to right now.

Guess the big thing that I just wanted to come on today and do was to remind you of that. Remind you that you've got access to everything you need inside of you. You don't need to be out there on the internet, fucking Googling and trying to figure how to get somewhere. You also don't need to be looking for the perfect strategy or plan. The strategy, the plan, the blueprint is the one you are born with. That's what's up. That is what I want to remind you of today and that's really all.

I could go on and on, but I've got a very important date with a very beautiful child of my own. So I'm going to go and do that. I'd urge you to dive inside of yourself, through your journaling, or through your months at work, maybe take a walk. Whatever you need to do or desire to do, and just ask, "What is my soul directing me to do today?" Honestly, I use this question any time I feel unsure about anything. Literally down to what I'm going to order off a menu. It's not like, like it's kind of an unconscious thing, or it just sort of happens in that moment, but I know that I always know what I need and what's right for each moment in my life. Whether it's something kind of little like that, or it's something that seems like a really big deal. Either way, I just allow myself to be intuitively guided. That is a big part of why my life has gone into such flow and ease, as well as receiving in epic and abundant way financially and through my business, and with all my soul mates and client, and people and so on and so forth.

If that's something you want to know more about, and you feel that I might be the person to support or mentor you around that, message me about my inner circle, I'll get you the full overview and all the details. And do not forget, life is now, press play.

Life is now, press play.

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