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Stop breaking your own heart in business. It's time to come alive!

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An intention is a statement of what you intend to receive / create / take action on.
Most people set intentions in a state of something happening in the future. However, I set my intentions in a way where I’ve already received them.

Whenever I set clear intentions, I almost ALWAYS hit them. When I don’t, though… I rarely hit them.

•    Be CLEAR with your intentions
•    Remember: set. intentions.

Today's ASSKICKERY Action Task:
Take ten minutes to write down your intentions. BE CLEAR. What do you want? How much income do you want each month?

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Seriously. If you want a kick up the fucking ass to take you through the whole year you're going to want to hear this. I don't think I've seen my ‚Ä™#‎revolutionaryfuckingleaders‚Ĩ this fired up since I first LAUNCHED Revolutionary Fucking Leaders!

If you want to know how to overcome any pathetic excuse for failure you have and use those excuses as fuel for your passion, you're going to love what Ryan is bringing for you!

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