Rebel Millionaire

Katrina: Hello world. Alright. What a beautiful live stream this is going to be. Probably everybody who comes by is going to be like having a little peek over my shoulder to see why I'm talking to myself, or they'll just think I'm doing a very high tech face time on a tripod. Take my face time to my friends so seriously that I bring a tripod. Do you think that everyone in the world knows what a Facebook live stream is now? Don't you think it would just be super weird if you ... Don't you think that if you met somebody.

Katrina: Here's a question, would it be very rude or exclusionary if you went on a date and then the person didn't know what a Facebook live stream was, do you think that would be a veto? Would that be an automatic veto or is that just quite ridiculous? I don't know, like I feel like if someone, I've said this before, but I feel if somebody comes to visit me at my house and they don't arrive with a tripod just a little bit concerned that's all. Just a tiny bit concerned.

Katrina: For their mental sanity more than anything really. But also just for organisational reasons, how the hell are you supposed to hang out and have a social time with your friends if one person arrives without a tripod? I mean it's okay cause I've got probably about 20 tripods at my house of all shapes and sizes and a full studio. Well it's somewhat of a studio anyway, it's got a throne in it, next to the studio there's a throne, there's some art, there's mini tripods, there're many lights. Fine it's a dining room, okay it's a studio. I converted it into a studio, it is what I say it is and that's all it is.

Katrina: Hello everybody, thank you for the 1% stickers. How do you like my background today? Looks a little bit airbrushed doesn't it? This is gonna be the best live stream in the world. Thank you Vicky, I love you too. This is gonna be the best livestream ever because you're gonna get the sunset happening right as our livestream. I hope you're super grateful to me cause it's actually quite freezing here and I am indeed sitting like a schoolgirl cross legged. I'm sitting on top of the picnic table. I don't really believe in sitting at picnic tables, I feel like that's more for the normal people. I feel like I need to make a point to the entire rest of the beach and the park, and the point is I sit on top of the fucking table bitches, I'm not sure what it's trying to say. Not sure exactly what it's saying to the world.

Katrina: But I've had an unusual day, I've had an adventurous day. I've been many places, I've done many things, I've seen many people. I've, oh, somebody's said hello already to us, there you go. I thought that I was going to be out in Brisbane for the whole day today, Brisbane is an hour from here. It's a major capital city near here, I guess, near to the coast where I live but that just fell through. I went to see a man about a car. He didn't have a dog. My dad used to say I went to see a man about a dog, he might've had a dog but he didn't have it with him at the dealership.

Katrina: Hello Emma, hello Amber, hello everybody who's jumping on. I didn't like the car on first sight, it was hate on first sight. It was not a soulmate car. It was the wrong shade of grey, so there you go. I thought I was buying a Mercedes convertible today and upgrading or handing over my older one, which is a Cialis, but I didn't.

Katrina: So then I, well then I had the best conversation in the history of the world on the way there, on the road trip out, and then on road trip back I watched Patrick's livestream, well I listened to it through the audio, it's very good. I actually gotta send him a message about that. It was very good. It went for a whole hour and I listened to the whole entire thing. Then I went to see another car, I may have just accidentally sneakily bought a small car. Okay, it's not that small, but I sneakily bought a car in a small pocket of time in between appointments. So I'll tell you about that. It wasn't the one I went to see, and then I went to see a house and I may have taken the house as well. That just happened today and just then, like 30 minutes ago. And then I realised I hadn't eaten all day long. I was gonna title this livestream, I don't know I've forgotten now already. Then I realised I haven't eaten all day long.

Katrina: I'm maybe now supposed to go on a walk with my friend Matt, we'll see if he appears on the livestream, I've sent him a message and said, listen you'll find me easily cause I'm sitting on top of a picnic table in the park near his house, and so just come and find me and interrupt me on the livestream cause I cannot send messages while I'm live streaming. So you may or may not get a guest appearance by Matt. So I came down to have a picnic because I hadn't eaten all day, I've been carrying my food around. You know, it's like that personal trainer kick back thing, when you've been a trainer for 13 years you still just carry your food around in little containers everywhere you go. It doesn't matter how much of an empire you've got on the internet.

Katrina: Here's the remainders of it. So I had one lamb cut left, it's gone now. That was full. I had a fuck load of chicken, broccoli. I don't know why I've rejected this small piece of chicken. Lots of carrot sticks, cauliflower, it was nice having a picnic by myself. I haven't had a little picnic by myself in ages.

Katrina: And then what I had to do, what I had to do because my teeth were full of chicken and broccoli and cauliflower, so I had to pull out one of these here cusps, these are my favourite earrings that I had designed for myself, they're black diamonds with pink diamonds and white diamonds around them. This is a trick. This is a live stream trick, it's a little bit embarrassing for me but I'm going to tell it to you because I love you, I used the earring thing to clean my teeth, to get the broccoli and the chicken out of my teeth. I used the thing of the earring, and I did it right here on top of the thing in my camera while people were walking past. So, I was like am I gonna do this, am I gonna sit here actually cleaning my teeth with the stem of a black diamond earring. Yes I am, cause otherwise I would be here with chicken and broccoli all up in my teeth, and I just decided to go with it.

Katrina: And then I had a flashback to being 22 and one of my oldest friends in the world, if not my oldest friend in the world, Ryan [Prigg 00:06:17] who's a great friend of mine to this day, and you might've met him he's been on a few of my lives I guess. He lives in Perth now, but he and I would walk to the gym at 5 or 6 AM, we lived in the same suburb and we'd walk into the gym together back in the day and he would always be eating lamb chops while walking down the street at 5 AM, and I was always like "Can you just walk on the other side of the road from me?" I don't know, I found it embarrassing.

Katrina: And right here, as I sat here picking my teeth with the back of my diamond earring in order to do this live stream in a presentable and up market fashion for you, I just thought of that and I thought of all the men in my life, like all the male friends or males in general who I've known, how men often to seem to just not give a fuck.

Katrina: They just seem to, like they don't care. If they're doing something kind of embarrassing in public or something where you might think don't do that in public. So I just channelled the energy of lots of male friends from over the years and I was like yes, I can do it. I will sit here, pull out my earring and then pick out bits of broccoli and chicken from my teeth through the back of the earring while sitting on top of a park bench.

Katrina: Serefina I just found us a new house. I was supposed to be in Brisbane until late, it was a whole shenanigan. It didn't happen. Instead, I may have come back to the Gold Coast and quickly bought a car in a small four minute block of time that I had and then went to see a house, and now I've got us a new house.

Katrina: Anyway, you'll find out. I only just saw it an hour ago, but of course I'll get it because I'll get whatever I fucking want and decide. And that was actually what I came here to talk to you about today. So who is ready for the most high vibe as fuck live stream. My millionaire mastermind members, there's been a special, I'm gonna tell you some things about receiving the things. Receiving the things that you wanna receive and having it done with ease.

Katrina: Why do people look at me when I wave my arms around in public? It's a normal thing to do. I forget that I'm in public and I get into the super flow and then I kinda vaguely catch those glances over my shoulder. So send me the love heart showers and the little press play stickers and the 1% signs if you desire to know how to receive more of things with ease and with gratitude.

Katrina: I was starting to say you should send me some love heart showers as a thank you to me that I'm sitting here in the cold just on your behalf so that you can see a beautiful sunset, because it is quite cold. But I have a system, here's one of my weird systems about disciplining myself. So I have another sweater here, I'm already wearing one, okay, I am sponsored by Nike obviously as well as Chanel, Montblanc and Virgin Airlines and Starwood Hotels. Anyone else can apply just PM me and we'll see, but if I don't use your brand already it's not gonna work. So, I have another sweater here. It's very fucking cold.

Katrina: I was sitting here shaking my bones off before I went live. One of the weird habits that I have and I'll be curious to know if anyone else does this, because I personally feel like it speaks quite highly of my character, is that when I'm very cold, like lets say I'm at the snow or snowboarding, I will snowboard in a tank top. I will put the proper pants and shoes on obviously gotta put shoes on, but I will wear a tank top and I will keep my jacket, just like all my jackets and all my sweaters, tied around my waist, and my friends are always like, "What the fuck?"

Katrina: And it's so that I can earn putting the jacket on. When I get to where I really deserve it, where I'm really falling apart with cold, then I'll put just one more layer on because that way I so appreciate it, right?

Katrina: So right now I'm very fucking cold. I'm suffering in the name of giving you a beautiful sunset live stream, and I appreciate your love heart and your stickers that you're sending me. Thank you, thank you. I could be less cold but I feel like I'd rather wait until I've really earned it because it's building character. It's building, I just feel like I'm so tough. I just feel like I'm super tough. I'm building resilience and inner strength by not putting a jacket on. Okay, I know it's only like 20 degrees Celsius or something so it's not that fucking cold but it is winter, winter on the Gold Coast, it's a real thing.

Katrina: Hello Lila, hello Ruby, hugs. Live stream hug. So everybody else can have a hug as well. Helen when you come to the Gold Coast we can come and hang out in the park right here together if you like.

Katrina: Okay, I feel like I lost an important point. What was it going to be? I'm going to talk to you about receiving with ease. There was something halfway through that I was talking about but yeah, they've been walking. I've been sitting in the freaking car all day long, alright fine, you're just saying I'm a wuss, it's fine, I accept it. It is so beautiful here. So I think this is where I'm going to move to though. The new house that I just looked at is like ten minutes drive from here. I'm not gonna have my full on ocean views that I have anymore. I've got complete floor to ceiling double story ocean views its phenomenal. I'm sure you've seen it on my live streams, but Emma message me next time. But the new house fucking hell, like I just walked into this house and I was like holy crap. I literally said holy crap.

Katrina: It's more naturey. It's at the back of a reserve and it's elevated and it's four levels, the house. So you've got full on reserve and nature views but then from the master bedroom, my bedroom, you can still see the ocean as well. It's pretty fucking amazing. And I realised actually ... I wanna learn more about this, I saw somebody make a comment about this, there's something about the ocean. As much as I do love and adore it and I'm by the beach nearly every day and I can see the beach from every window in my house, I think it unsettles me a little bit. I think the ocean used to be unstable energy for me because as soon as I walk into a house like that with the incredible more rainforestesy type vibes to it, maybe partly because it reminds me of where I grew up which was at the foot of the mountain ranges and I used to always go up there and go running up the trails and that sort of thing and I still do when I go back to my home town, but I just felt instantly calm.

Katrina: I feel like that's actually more me, and it's funny because I never feel fully relaxed in my own house at the moment even though the view's fucking amazing and the place is incredible and everyone's like holy shit and I'm like yeah. And I don't really pay it that much attention. It doesn't actually connect to my soul. Being here does. I mean I'm literally 20 yards from the beach. I don't know maybe it's something about being in a high rise.

Katrina: Alright let me talk about the energy thing, though, because why I started to do this live stream was I was thinking about, right trees are more grounding. I think I really need to be grounded. I have a high need to be grounded. People who are super empaths and that sort of thing, [yugo 00:12:54], children whatever it is that we tend to really need grounding. And I live 50 stories up, whatever it is, and I think that might be part of it.

Katrina: Well this is the thing, right? I can be, it was eight minutes drive according to my map in my phone when I drive from there back to here. Eight minutes from the house to here, and this where I am right now is in Boyle Heights which is an amazing area. It's a really cool area with cafes and lots of stuff just all right there, I can see it right from here and the playground is there for the kids and all that sort of stuff. What was I saying? So yeah, I've got the beach right there and the mountains over there as well, it's the best of both worlds. And I could have a trampoline and there's like a party basement in this house, party. Alright anyway on the show.

Katrina: So what I was thinking about was: I literally did, I went to see the car that I thought I wanted to see in Brisbane and then I came back to the Gold Coast dealership and I'd already seen the car at the Gold Coast dealership last week but then I've gone to Brisbane to see it in a different colour. It was the wrong colour I didn't like it on first sight, I hated it. So I went back to Gold Coast, and I was like, "Listen I've got eight minutes can we do a deal, here's what I want." And it just went boom boom boom done. And I left maybe five minutes after that or something, and it was just done. And this is a fairly pricey car. Alright? and then I went from there straight down to the house that I wanted to see and I mean I took a little bit more than eight minutes through the house because it was so freaking big, it's four stories. So I had to go through all the different areas of the house and look at it, but same thing, I just came downstairs I said to the women, okay this is the offer I'm gonna put in, it's gonna be like this with these conditions and this, this, and this, and boom left.

Katrina: Alright? So obviously I don't know yet if I got the house, but I will, because I always get everything I want. And then I came down here to have my picnic and I was gonna title the live stream something like, "Put an offer in on your dream life and just decide that it gets to be done." Cause I was thinking about putting an offer in on the house, I was putting an offer on the car and all that stuff and always getting what I want. And the fact that mostly, I suppose when people go and buy or invest into expensive items, or even like getting a new car it's a big deal. It is a big deal, I'm not downplaying it all, but mostly people will take ages going back and forth and doing all that stuff, and they do that though with everything.

Katrina: Now, on the one hand, I'm at a point in my business now where I don't, in my life, where I don't have to dilly dally over going back and forth or should I shouldn't I, as far as the money side of things. Actually my brother asked to come in and negotiated on the car for me, already did that over the past few days. And that was cool. That was nice.

Katrina: So it could be, you could easily say it's because of the money's in now right. I did the thing I built the business. I did all the years of hardship and not having money and so now I can just walk around merrily quickly getting new cars and houses any time I like. It's not that though, because I always used to do that, I've done that the whole time. In fact every car that I've ever had, specifically, it's always been like, "Yep that one done. No I don't wanna know the details. No don't tell me what kind of V8 it is or what kind of whatever it is. I just don't really, please lets just be clear, what matters is how it looks and the vibe of the thing." That's what I said word for word, that's what I said to the car guy. I'm like "Really, no I don't really need to test drive it. I'm sure it drives great, it's a brand new Mercedes, of course it's gonna drive good. It's got a V8 cool whatever. What does that mean? Oh I get to go out now be in the AMG Australian club and go to the ... I've already got an AMG car why am I not in that club already, and go to the Formula 1. I'm like cool, cool, now let me just feel into the vibe of it because that's what actually matters to me."

Katrina: And so I've always been like that with all things in my life. It's not about being at a certain point in my business, now being able to easily make decisions to do with money, it's not that. I've always done that. I just don't wanna know. I don't care. I know what I care about, but more importantly I know right away what's for me or not for me, you know. And I choose to trust my intuition and I can't even remember what I've titled this live stream now. Something like imagine how much energy you would gain, what did I say, I mentioned how much energy you would gain if you made things non fucking negotiable because for me when I saw the car, I'm like, "Soul mate car, has to happen, okay these are the terms of the deal that I want. So I'm gonna hold strong on that." Thank you Ames.

Katrina: I'm gonna hold strong on those terms to a point right. I'm not going to be obstinate about it for the sake of it, but I know what feels right, same with the house. I know what conditions I want, but in my mind, at no point am I remotely energetically available for it not happening. I completely know that that's my soul mate car, I'm having the car. As soon as I saw the house on the internet before I even looked at it I was like, "Oh, it's that one."

Katrina: And it's roughly the same thing I've done always with men as well, I'm like, "Oh it's that one." And then I just trust and wait and know that things are going to come to life as they should and it saves me so much fucking energy and time. Because why would I need to go back and forth, think about it, weigh out the pros and cons, look around, is there a better soul mate car, is there a better soul mate house in the area or is it, you know. Okay, can I trust my gut or can I trust my instincts when it comes to men?

Katrina: Now I haven't maybe always been this decisive in all areas the whole way through. I've definitely had gosh with the relationship area. Definitely had much time of not trusting myself except the funny thing is, that even when I wasn't acting as though I trusted myself, I did trust myself. I just didn't know if it was okay to trust myself, something like that. So it's kind of like you have these layers right, where you doubt yourself but then deeper down you actually trust yourself, and maybe in some areas of your life right now you're really continuously acting from trust and from faith, and in other areas of your life your more like, "Oh, is this okay and is it allowed and maybe you're checking with friends or mentors or whatever?" And that's all fine. That's part of the process obviously and it's totally allowed and okay.

Katrina: But for me, and if I look back, and I look at the things that I brought to life in my life in all areas, the most how yes things which have just been like: of course that had to happen and was meant to be, or that was the best decision I made, or whatever in that particular area, it's always when it just comes really fast from the gut.

Katrina: And, in fact, if you ever reach out to me to work with me as a one on one client, you'll see that I'll say something in my response to you along, like when I give you investment details of working with me, I will say something to you like, "The rate is x amount, but if you wanted to say yes now in the next, like today, in response to this message right now," which I think I give 24 hours notice usually, "then you're gonna get usually about a 10 to 20% discount." And the reason is, and I say this like I'll do this with Empress for example which is in the [inaudible 00:19:31] comment.

Katrina: The reason is: I like working with people who take rapid action from the go, make fast decisions, and just act on the immediately, and that's because that's what I do. So I like to work with clients who are like that, because I believe that people who act like that get better results in life, and get faster results with it, and for me, it's just more fun to work with.

Katrina: So, it's not like a sales tactic or a strategy that I say that. It's legit. People who wait and then get back to me after the 24 hours, they do pay the actual full rate, but for people who want to take rapid action from the go, and follow their instincts, then the get, essentially, a discount or reward for that.

Katrina: And for me, it's a really effective way for filtering out my ideal clients, because for me, well before I had the business, well before I had the money, well before I had the credibility, I guess, in any area of my life to back it up, I have just always been that person who's like, "Yep, it's that one. That's what I want. No please don't tell me the details. How quickly can we get this done? Yeah, I get that it's a car and I'm buying 20,000 dollar car, but no I don't really want to sit here. I don't want a coffee. I don't want a pellagrino. I want to sign the paperwork in two minutes flat. Then I'm gonna go, get out the door and get on with my day. And yes, ill take the champagne. Why don't you send it to me. I'll give it to somebody. I'm allergic anyway."

Katrina: And it's just a way of living that has enabled me to have massive flow in my life, right? And of course not just with monetary things, with all things, with every area, even down to what should I eat? What should I order off this menu, or should I have the fucking stupid salad because I'm on a diet?" Well, I'm not on a diet, but back in the day I would have been, right?

Katrina: Or, "Is it okay if I have pasta? Or maybe this is gonna happen then and then I'll have to go to the gym an extra time, or bla bla bla." Like who can even bother caring? What if you just tuned into what your soul is telling you, what your gut is telling, you and you just chose to trust?

Katrina: Really, what we're talking about is a trust based conversation. So it can come across as being, "Yeah this comment from AIM said something about being impatient and spontaneous." It is impatient and spontaneous, but at the same time, it's very fucking empowered, right? Now for me, I know I used to be more so down on myself or hard on myself about it because I probably did feel that it's irresponsible to live like that and to behave like that, especially when it comes to big decisions, right?

Katrina: Even for the day to day stuff I guess I am pretty impatient. Like i know what I fucking want, and I just want to get it done. I don't want to have this fucking discussion about it. I know what I want, and I know I want it to lead it to me instantly, energetically, right? And it tends to work that way, but there was a period for sure, that I felt like that was not okay, and that's not allowed, and it makes me irresponsible, and it makes me flighty or maybe it means that I'm making bad decisions and I'm not creating what I want in my life, and that sort of thing.

Katrina: Whereas now, fast forward, and I guess, after a certain amount of time, and you get to a certain age, and you've lived for that way for however long, and you've bit by bit given yourself permission to be who you are, that you do get to the point where you're like, "You know what? I actually think this is quite a good approach to life. I actually think it's working for me." Spontaneity and decision making can make even ... I can't read the whole comment. I don't have my laptop here. It's in the car, so I can only read half of your comment.

Katrina: Is anybody gonna creep up on me on the side? I just had this sudden thought there are so many Gulf Coast people on the side that one of them tries to live stream bomb me? Typically, [inaudible 00:23:00] girl like me and pathetic ... Okay, I'm gonna read these comments later. So keep leaving me the comments.

Katrina: So yeah, with Empress, which is my current offering that I'm putting out there at the moment. Details are in the comment right there in there. It's one on one with me for four weeks, claiming the fact that you were born to impact people through your energy, and through your message and your presence and not only be a coach. You'll probably always do coaching, but you're not actually born to be a coach. You're born to be a leader, a revolutionary, a bad ass, a messenger, somebody who people just want to be around and get into the energy space of. A mother fucking empress.

Katrina: Read the pinch comment and read all that Empress is about. It's about stepping into that energy, stepping into the environment, stepping into creating the money results from that place, stepping into your business and life based on being who you're meant to be, rather than on doing certain things.

Katrina: And with that, that's exactly, what we've been talking about, is exactly the sort of stuff that I ... I'm not even gonna say teach. I don't teach it. What I do is, I look for the people, the women who are like me, who wanna work with me at that level who already are that person and are attracted to the way that I show up, because maybe I'm showing up a little more boldly than you are right now and you feel either triggered or inspired by it, but what I'm really seeking to do when I call in my soulmate clients is to find the women, and men as well, mainly women, who are attracted to something in me, and they recognise themselves in that.

Katrina: And so, my job is not to teach that, though. My job is not to come on and teach people that, "Hey you should be impatient or spontaneous, or insist on buying new cars without test driving them in four minutes flat." Whatever it is, right? Or I don't know, refuse to think about details to anything, and just want to click your fingers and have your whole life delivered to you on a silver platter. That's not what I'm here to teach anybody. I'm here to connect with the souls that come from the same mould as me, come from the same big bucket of souls, and empower you so you remember who you fucking are. Right?

Katrina: When can we meet? I don't do a whole lot of in person stuff, officially. Mainly, I meet up in person with my existing private clients. I don't really do meetups or anything, and at the moment, when I do events, it's typically only for my existing private clients as well. I'm from this area originally, though.

Katrina: So, whether it's that you wanted to, like for example, read the pinned comment if you wanna know about working with me one on one, and then message me over on my personal [Catrina Reed 00:25:26] page, or here, but preferably on the personal one. Whether it that you wanted to look at what it would be like to work with me one on one as your success slash business mentor, or have me kick you into alignment in my [00:25:40], or whether it's simply that you want to be part of my free content and watch my live streams and read my blogs and that sort of thing. Either way, what I'm here to do is to empower you to remember who you fucking are right?

Katrina: And who you are at your core, if you resonate with my message, and with my way of doing business, is someone who knows that they can mother fucking trust in themselves. Alright. I wasn't trying to deliberately trying to put those guys in the live stream. I keep sort of half looking around in case my friends are here.

Katrina: Right, so it's not about, "You should live this way." You definitely shouldn't live the way I live. It would be very stressful if you aren't this sort of person. It wouldn't work for you at all, and you should definitely leave this live stream right way. Plus, maybe those birds annoy you, but if you're that person, where you know at your core that you can trust in yourself, then, at some point, you're gonna have to learn to do that, because the energetic cost and the energetic drain of thinking about every fucking thing will literally cost you your life.

Katrina: Thinking is a very over rated activity. Right? And I believe that there are those of us, certain types of entrepreneurs and leaders, who just have such a hight level of intuitive power, and are able to tap into that and carry everything from that place, but most of whom just don't fucking do it, right? They don't do it because you buy into an idea, from what's being taught around the rest of the internet, or by what's bing taught by other coaches, or even by your own self, and your questioning mode.

Katrina: Can you guys even hear me? Cause it seems that I'm getting a little bit frazzled by the birds. They're so freakin' loud. Luckily, I put my ear plugs in. Can you actually hear me, though? Or can you only hear birds right now? Am I just kinda message over top of the birds, and the birds are like, "I don't think so. This is our show bitch." I've got birds behind me, and I've got a tonne of kids playing football or something in front of me, whatever it is they're playing.

Katrina: You can hear? Alright, I'll keep going then. Ill just try not to get distracted.

Katrina: So really, no one believes that we are not like the other entrepreneurs. This is what I'm trying to say. We have incredible intuitive abilities. We have psychic abilities. We have like a knowledge and wisdom that goes beyond the physical realm, and everybody does. I do think everybody does. I know that everybody does, because it's part of the human experience is to access this direct order. The emotional, the world within the world. The river beneath the river is another way of saying it. Access that collective conscious or go into super flow or however you like to term it. Go into the, what is it, the deep collective unconscious, I think is what Yung called it. Everybody has that ability, but some of us more than others. We're really born to create from that place, and it's how we learn, and it's how we communicate, and it's actually how we wanna do life, is for it to come deeply from intuition, and deeply from what we feel, rather than from what the details are.

Katrina: So when I go to see a car, and the guy is trying to tell me about the mother fucking engine, maybe it's a girl thing, I don't know, but to me I'm like, "I don't care. I'm not buying it for the engine. I only wanna feel the vibe of the thing. I jut wanna feel the soul of the car." It sounds kinda silly. I mean, a car can't really have a soul. It's a very material item, but I'm just using that as an example, because that's what I did today, but it's the same with people, right? People ask me often, "How do you know? Who are your soul mate clients from people who message to work with you, like in Empress for example, or in whatever it is that I'm doing."

Katrina: And I say, "Well, I just know." Part of it is that I fully trust that only the right soul mate people will come to me, and I just trust, and expect and assume that. So pretty much if you message me, I'm assuming that you're a soul mate person. I'm not looking for you to prove to me that you're a soul mate person, or I'm personally trying to figure out if you're a soul mate person. I trust and know that you are because it's just how I set my intentions for my business and my life, that only the right people come in. But at the same time, I guess I'm automatically reading people's energy, and it's not based on anything you say or don't say or do or don't do. It can be as simple as the energetic response that I get from looking at your name on Facebook, or your photo, or not even looking at anything, just feeling it. It's all from feeling.

Katrina: It's the same as how I always know how to spend my time, and I used to spend so much time in my business, questioning everything. I was a hard worker. I did the hassle. I did all the work. I've always been a disciplined person, and I build my business that way, but when I think about how I do business in life now, as compared with five or six years ago, and well before that also, it's just so easy now, and maybe partly that's from practise. Maybe partly it's from getting it to a certain point, but I really believe and know that the biggest fix was being, I just stopped worrying about it. I stopped the energetic drain. I stopped going back and forth and back and forth on every possible different thing that I was doing, and just decided to trust.

Katrina: And so, it gets me to the point that I wanted to come on today and make for you, or the question to pose for you is, "What if you just decided to trust? What if you just decided to trust that was you feel inside of you is real? What if, from this moment in time, right here on the nosiest fucking beach in Australia, what if, from this moment in time, you decided to trust that what's coming through you is real? That, if your heart, your soul, your mind, the weird hazy voices inside of your head say something to you, then it's right? What if you just decided to trust that feeling?"

Katrina: For me it's the house. I saw it on the internet last night, only last night. I was scrolling through, scrolling through, kinda vaguely looking at details of houses, but really knowing that I'm wasting my time, because if I don't straight away feel that 'yes' when the initial images comes up, then there's actually no need for me to actually look at the details. I already know that, but I was sorta going through the motions, and then this one came up and my soul just said 'yes', right, and like I said, it's the same thing, the same when I go on dating apps for example. It's the way that I've done it when I've used dating apps. It's not based on the details, it's based on ... there's a feeling, there's a vibe that comes up. It's been the same with every car that I've bought. It's the same with how I order food. It's the same with how I decide what I'm gonna launch and sell. It's the same when I think what price I'm gonna charge something out at on the internet.

Katrina: Can you really not hear now? Somebody said they can't hear now. So, when I'm going through my head like, "How much should I price my new offer at? This much, or this much or this much?" It's the one that my soul says yes to. It's even the same way that I do it if I'm thinking about going out to drinks with somebody, or going for a social occasion, or should I stay and work at home today, or should I go for a café today, or whatever it might be? It's always, always that first response that comes up. What's the first response that comes up?

Katrina: And I think that what happen, and what we're convincing ourselves to do previously, and maybe where you're at now in come areas, and that's why you had to come on here today and listen to this.

Katrina: So only Rajaela says she can't hear me. Everybody else says they can here me. So I'm gonna continue on.

Katrina: I think that what happens is, we condition ourselves out of trusting in that gut instinct. We condition ourselves out of believing what we feel inside of us. We condition ourselves into believing that we should be suppressing things, that we should need to way it out, that we should need to get through, that it should need to be fucking cross checked and referenced and backed up with 20 different research papers and 20 different people, but not fucking you, and actually, you already have known inside of you the entire time, what you need.

Katrina: Headphones are in. Doing the best I can. Birds are loving it.

Katrina: You've already known inside of you, the entire time what you need, and who you are and how to be directed and guided, and it's simply a matter of giving yourself permission to follow that. It's simply a matter of saying, "You know what? I'm gonna choose that, from this moment forward, I'm gonna quit losing time, losing energy, losing focus, losing self belief and losing trust in myself.

Katrina: Yes Lee, from the comment about the birds, thank you. So good.

Katrina: Losing self belief and losing trust in myself.

Katrina: Ah, the people listening should put headphones in is what Mary Louise said.

Katrina: What if I'm gonna quit losing self belief, losing time, losing focus, losing trust in self belief in myself ... I'm gonna quit letting all of that just energetically seep out of me, and I'm just gonna choose to make rapid decisions that come from the gut.

Katrina: Can you imagine how that would impact your life moving forward? I'm gonna tell you that in a very practical sense, if nothing else. Nevermind the feeling of being so happy and in flow and just buoyant with life, because you're giving yourself permission to trust in yourself, that's a good fucking feeling, but in a practical sense, you save a mother fuck load of time. Mother fuck load. Is that a word? I don't know it is now. You save a fuck load of time, because you just don't need to do that whole thing of checking with the whole world and all it's neighbours in order to see if you can do the thing.

Katrina: And then meanwhile, when you're doing that check and research, and trying to figure it out thing, often times you'll lose the whole opportunity, and it's just gone. One of the things that people as me, probably more than anything, relevant to the business and the life that I've created, is how I do it all, how I fit it all in, how I can appear to create so much content. I do create so much content, and sell so many different things, but I'm doing like all this shit, and then on top of it, I'm nailing the fitness side, and travel, and have so much free time as well as [inaudible 00:35:56] time. It's because I don't do that time wasting thing, that most people do. It's because I just eliminated all of that.

Katrina: If you look back over your past day, what percentage, roughly, would you say was taking actually action that leads to an outcome? And what percentage was hiding your head in the sand, scrolling Facebook looking for the meaning of life, checking in with all your friends and mentors and neighbours about what you should and shouldn't do, second guessing yourself, doing the shit that is the version of second best because you're worried that maybe you wouldn't get the thing that's your real ideal. You're not good enough. You're not worth. Wasting time and money doing worthless shopping, or overeating, or over drinking or over masturbating. Great thing to shout out loud when you're on the beach. Or whatever it might be.

Katrina: Like where is your life going right now, and how much of that is a product of just not choosing to trust in yourself? Do you see how so many of the things that I just listed out come about as a result of not giving yourself permission to make rapid, gut based action? I know your heart is up here, but actually your gut is a invisible thing. I'm not just talking about your digestive system. So it's everywhere all the way through you. Right? How much time is actually being lost?

Katrina: Is that Matt? I think we might have a guest creeping up on our live stream.

Katrina: How much of your life is being lost from that, right? You're probably squandering, most people are squandering as much as 80 percent of their time.

Katrina: [inaudible 00:37:40]. There's Matt.

Matt: [00:37:42] live stream, and it's [inaudible 00:37:44]. How are these people?

Katrina: Look at us. We look like we're on a movie set.

Matt: We do don't we?

Katrina: There's Matt.

Matt: [inaudible 00:37:52]. Is that not comfortable?

Katrina: I'm so comfortable right now. Look at that. I had a little [inaudible 00:37:57]. Allie, you know I only have hot men that hang around me. Yeah, well I'll finish the live stream now. Would you like to leave any words of wisdom? Because you can't just appear like a silent person and not say anything.

Matt: I don't have any.

Katrina: He's got no words of wisdom.

Matt: [inc=audible 00:38:19] I just had the [inaudible 00:38:19] on the side.

Katrina: Alright, we're gonna go. I'm sorry about that. I'm gonna have to do this.

Matt: [inaudible 00:38:26] in one, two, three, four.

Katrina: I was talking about what if you just chose to trust in yourself and take immediate action about what you feel inside you, rather than just taking a whole fucking week thinking about it, missing out on opportunities, losing your self belief, just because you don't act from the heart.

Katrina: He agrees. Alright. We're gonna go.

Matt: Cat is the best at live stream. So I'm sure she's given you some wisdom.

Katrina: You're a live stream king as well. I told them at the start, I said "Matt might appear at some point, because I've messaged him and said: "You'll find me sitting on top of a picnic bench in the park."

Matt: No, I saw your message, but didn't read it until I was pulling in here.

Katrina: Oh really? Well you saw me anyway.

Matt: Then I saw you sitting here like-

Katrina: That's what I said on the audio. I sent you an energetic song message. Alright. Have an amazing rest of the day. Don't forget life is now, don't fucking quit. Bye.

Matt: Bye.