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I definitely noticed that when I'm in this place of ... Fuck, I should do that, I should fix that, I should save that person. Oh my God, somebody needs something? I should go round there. I should get on a plane. Maybe I should buy them a plane ticket. Maybe I should buy them a car. Maybe I should send them my own personal assistant. Maybe I should send them my children. It's just like this ridiculous thing that goes through my head, to the point where I'm surprised I don't go around just randomly volunteering my own services as an assistant to everybody I see on the street. I've let this play out many times over the years in my business and life, where I have then given my time and energy and resources. Again, of course it's beautiful and lovely to give our time and our energy and our resources if we're called to do it.

My concern, or what I'm noticing or what I'm learning from it ... And thank you for your comment as well, EJ, about ... It's a big issue for many women. What I'm noticing is wow, when I'm in this place of I need to fix that or I need to save a certain individual person, or potentially the entire fucking Gold Coast, or the whole entrepreneurial world or whatever it is, then it's actually not coming from flow and it's not coming from soul.

It's coming from actually a need to validate myself, because in some way there's something inside of me that says if I'm not ... I guess you could say ... Working myself to the bone's probably not the right comment for me, but probably a lot of women can relate to that. I think my mum was like that, is like that. If I'm not exhausted and working myself to the bone, then I may be not living into my responsibilities. I'm not being enough, doing enough, and maybe I'm not good enough. So it's actually a self-validation thing.

For me it's not like working myself to the bone. It's more like I should give all my resources, because ... Yeah, it's ego. I should give all my resour- ... Well, I said before it wasn't ego, but I guess it is ego, in a different way to what I thought, though. I should give all of my resources, because obviously, I should do that. I don't even have the entire understanding of this or the description of what that means. But it actually comes from a need to validate my own self, which is ... Or ego, which is self-worth shit as well, which is all sorts of other stuff, and which is definitely not something that comes from alignment. It's not what comes from soul and it's not what comes from flow.

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Yeah, so normally even though I have days where I feel like, "Oh, I don't really feel like it or I'm not fully in the vibe," or I feel like, "Oh, I don't really have anything to say," what's interesting, and I can reflect on this now from this place, is that the flow of the normal day-to-day of it carries me along.

So it's like, okay, I might feel resistance or I might feel like I'm not inspired or I don't want to, but because I have a habit around it, I just do the damn thing and majority of the time get into flow. Then all of a sudden I've had this not-planned extended break from showing up in the way that I normally do. I think that that can go on for a week or 10 days or whatever, but when it's gone on for a month, it's literally got to the point where I'm like, "Fuck, I feel really nervous. I feel like I'm not experienced at doing this," or I feel like, "Oh, I'm not going to know what to say," or, "I'm not good at this," or "I'm gonna run out of things to say after 15 minutes," and was just really interesting to observe and I wanted to talk about it.

And fortunately, it's fucking flowing, because I was like, "I'm just going to sit here and just sit here like a stone-cold robot like I never did this before." I wanted to talk about it, because it's such a powerful reminder of habit, the power of habit, alright? And I think that sometimes we've got to get out of our normal habits and routines in order to really appreciate them and really understand how powerful they are.


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Either your life is made up of all these moments where you say yes to purpose and you say yes to destiny and you say yes to doing the work that you're meant to be doing, thank you, Phina, or your life is made up of moment by moment of resistance beat you, resistance has you by the throat or by they short and curlies, if you've got them. Or whatever it was and so as a result of that you didn't write the thing, you didn't say the thing, you didn't turn on the camera, you didn't launch the programme, you didn't go to the frickin gym, you didn't play with your children, whatever it was. You really gotta think about the small moments and how that's making up your life. Actually success is very easy, it's very simple. All it comes down to is in this moment are you doing what you're meant to be doing.

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I couldn't find a band aid for Colette because I guess my children used them all and so Will was able to find one and we saved her. It was a team effort. Then I was telling Mathias and Will about how cute it is that my children are bawling, like they're crying their heads off 'cause they're in pain and they're really crying hard. As parents you all know this, right? You say to your child, "Do you need a band aid? Will I get you a band aid?" They're like, "Yes." Then you get one and you put it on and you're like, "Okay you're better now." "Okay, Okay, thank you mummy." They give you a cuddle. and they're fixed, they're healed, right?

It's super cute and super funny, but it's always such a powerful reminder about belief and I guess it's like a placebo effect type thing. You know this, I'm not telling you anything you don't know. I feel like sometimes these little moments in life or little things you see maybe with children.

We then got into discussion about how you raise your child relevant to any form of beliefs or values system. Ultimately, typically how they grow up. Of course they may rebel against it at some point, but still it's just incredible to think how much we can influence our own minds just by choosing to believe something.

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Good afternoon. Hi beautiful people. Hello to the people of the world, come onto me there, come hither to me, I can't just sit here on a big rock all by myself talking into space. Well I could, it would be nothing that's completely unusual. Oh hi people who are jumping onto Join Me. Check it out, I'm on a rock. I'm sitting on a rock. I'm a lizard on a rock. Good morning from Canada. Holler! Holler or Hola? I'm going to go with Holler! Hey Lana, hey Claire, hey Sarah Ashley. I love how Facebook randomly invites me to bring some people on, but not others. So Facebook's invited me to bring Sarah Ashley on.
So I'm sitting here on a rock. Where am I? I'm in ... what's country is this? America. And it's the state of Florida. Okay I do roughly know where I am. I don't know. I don't always stay on the human earth, I write about that last night. Sometimes my body might be here, the physical me is here. The rest of me, you just don't know, you don't need to know. I know you would know what I mean, who read my blog post last night? It was pretty fucking huge for me to release. I was like you know when you've unleashed some art that is just next level powerful and you kind of like spent ... it's the best word for it.
Diana says, "Just read your blog and oh my God, so me right now! I'm dealing with all of that."
If you didn't read my blog, I think I even going to go get you that link and pay sitting here so ... Nadia, right. Thank you Emma.
So the blog was about I get anxious ... what did I called it? I get anxious ... and I don't think I said bitchy, but that's definitely true. And agitated a lot of the time in how ... I'm sorry I'm just looking at my computer while I'm sharing the post ... in how I kind of hate people a lot of the time, which is not typically something that you want to say on the internet when you're talking to people. But then I know that you guys get it, right? And so I want to give you that link now. I don't want you to obviously go read it now, but if you did miss it, I feel like it's going to be pretty powerful. Oh here we go! "I'm sensitive and anxious" ... I called it. "I'm sensitive and anxious, easily agitated and kind of really hate people, a lot of the time."
And so I'm here at an event. I'm hiding. I'm hiding from the event although presumably if anyone at the event wanted to see where I am, they could just put Facebook on and find me. But this is where I'm at. It's kind of beautiful. So it's actually a Disneyland resort where they're hosting this event at, cause it's like three and half thousand people here. I did not in fact go to class today at all. Today was a day for me to recharge my soul batteries.
And so I want to talk about that a little bit. I want you to go read and read that blog like I said later if you not had chance to read it yet. So here's the link for it right now, it's coming. There it is. Because I think that this is really important for us, for people like us.
Yeah I'm at ClickFunnels.
So I went yesterday and attended. And it was fantastic. I got so much value out of it. I will write and share my thoughts at some point, no doubt. I really just enjoyed the sessions and I really just allowed myself to be open to being inspire by other stories, and I find it super inspiring to hear other people's stories. Today I look at the schedule and it's more Funnels and that sort of [inaudible 00:03:41] stuff. And my brother who's the chief operating officer of my business is here with me and he got to go today.
And you know I looked at the schedule and I was like, "I know that if I went along, I would get epic value out of being in the room." Because I always get value from what I chose to do. So it's no doubt that I would take what I needed from the sessions and if there were any sessions that didn't resonate with me, I would just sneak out the back door as I do ... it's why I have sit near the back. But when I tuned in I was like, "What is it that I'm meant to do today?"
Am I meant to go sit in that room because obviously I flew and travelled in theory from Australia to be here all day ... many other things I'm here for on this trip. And come to the event, and paid for the event. And one of the things that I have long ago, given myself permission for and that I want to talk, is to just follow whatever is actually needed for me. Right? So little people would come along to something like this and they're like, "Well I paid to be here and I want to get my money worth." Or "I want to get my value."
And for me it was never about that. It was actually more like, I thought for my brother. It would be cool for him to come because he's relatively new, I guess, to the online marketing world, well a couple of years in. But newer than me. And my best Kylie is here as well and so I was like yeah, "Cool, you know I'll come along and I'm sure I hang with some cool people. And I'm sure I would get some value out." But I was never like I want to come to the event and be at the event the whole time. That wasn't my intention.
But even had it have been, I've long ago given myself permission to do whatever I need to do in any situation and time. And it's worked out really, really well for me. And that's what I want to talk about, so I did the title for today, "Either way you were born to win no matter what." Or I think it wasn't that long, but my title is essentially, "You were born to win no matter what, so why don't you just do what you want." Right?
So for me, like from these perspectives now, from my perspective on the rock, I know when I look at my business, some of the results that I have with money. Building a multi-million dollar [inaudible 00:05:29] business online ...
Hey Mandy! We're going to be hanging very soon at my event! Did you guys know I'm doing a one day VIP, very intimate high level soul shift and soul creative flow money making event next week one day in New York? It's going to be next Tuesday in New York. And then one day in San Diego. Then a week after which I believe is also Tuesday, either way it's April 3. Message me over on my personal Katrina Ruth page if you would like the details to be at those events. There are filling quite fast, so there's only a few places left. They're very small, high level intimate one day events. Super excited about that. And I just thought of it cause Mandy just signed on and she just said, Hello, on the live stream here.
So yeah when I look at my business now, when I look at ... okay my business makes more than seven figures per year. It continues to grow. I truly believe I have one of , if not the most [inaudible 00:06:18] fucking tribe on the internet, right? Like I just, I mean, okay. If you want to be internet markety about it, my conversion numbers and my engagement tells that story. Right? Actually the income that my, the revenue that my business makes for the size of my email list and my following is quite astonishing. And it's kind of unheard of whenever I talk to normal internet people.
But like putting that aside, you fucking see it and feel it, right? And whenever I'm in a room with my clients and my clients get to meet each other for example like at an inner circle events or over the [inaudible 00:06:46] event in New York next week and San Diego the week after, the clients and my tribe when they interact with each other are always kind of astonished but not. But just kind of blown away at how instantly every single person in the room connects with every single other person in the room. You know I have been in business for nearly twenty years now, and have been marketing online for twelve years of that. And I've never experienced this before. You don't go to an event or retreat or seminar or hang out in a group online and every single person adores every single other person and is like a soul sister friend.
So I know that I've done a pretty damn good job of building my tribe and calling in the correct alliance of people. And that post last night and the resonance that came through from that and the feedback that I had of messages and comments is just like, I think I've actually going to extend it to a book. Cause I just really feel that this is such a powerful topic. And I think that's what I'm going to do today, is really dive deep into writing a big piece of that book instead of going to the event.
So yeah, I know I've done a good job of calling my tribe and it's reflected in energy that I have in my online audience. It's reflected in how I feel. It's reflected in how much genuine joy and love and utterance I have for my clients. And it's also reflected in the fact that I love spending time with my clients as suppose to my hating people thing that I write about on the internet last night. I've truly allowed myself to call in and create. I've a soul tribe of women and some men who are exactly the same sort of person to me. And who get it. And who were not born for this world and we're born to dance between the realms [inaudible 00:08:23]. Like we travel in our sleep and even during the day to other worlds and other places. And then we create new worlds inside of us.
And if we put ourselves into an environment with people who are not ... like whatever you want to call it, astro travellers, indigo children, magical light workers, healers, like you know, the ones who are sent from other places. Us. If we hang with the other people too much or if we just around like noise or a load of city type stuff or electro magnetic stuff or just a load of energy that's not ours or it could be just being really busy. That's going to deplete us. And I'm not just talking like introvert depletion, well that's part of it.
Cause I'm a big ass introvert and I know most people here are. But it's going to deplete us. Just on all possible levels. And what would happen is if you don't respond to what your soul needs, not just in like that moment, like what do I need right here. Okay I need to get out of this room. Or I need to go sit on a rock in the sun and live stream to my people, because right now ... here's a little secret for you guys, right. I'm already playing hooky on the whole day. There's a very specific reason why I just went live right now. It's because everybody just went to lunch five minutes ago. You can start to see them walking pass.
Three and a half thousand people just went on their two hour lunch break. I know that from the schedule. I don't want to talk to them, so I'm live streaming here, so not only am I avoiding the event, but I'm going live to make sure that I don't get caught up in a conversation and then I have some client calls starting at the next hour. Like at the top of the next hour, so I'm super I know what I fucking need and I'm creating my life around it. I'm literally on a rock right now, because I'm pretty sure that my brother or some of the people that I know is going to walk pass me soon cause this is like somewhat near our room and I'm like, well shit if I go back to the room, they're going to want to talk to me about the event. And tell me what happen this morning. I'm not available for that right now.
I'm in Florida, I'm at the Funnel Hacking event.
I'm not available for that right now. And I want to hear about the event. And I hear about it at dinner. And I'm excited to hear about what was covered and what my brother learned out of it. And that sort of thing. But energetically I'm not actually available. Like I would not cope right now with getting into a conversation and having an update about what happened in that room. My soul is not recharge yet. We've been with people non stop for the past week or ten days like nonstop twenty-four hours a day, travelling with people. And people who I love and I adore. And doing a load of stuff, which I consciously have chosen to but having a bit less time to myself of the normal. And it's just like ... no, Kat if you don't take today and recharge your soul batteries, you're going to start next level bitch on everybody's ass, which started to happen last night.
It was not [inaudible 00:11:07] I was turning into a sly asshole and I write about that a bit in my post. But it could be something else. It could be like binge eating, right? Or whatever it is. And I just know what I fucking need. And here's what else, and here's why I'm doing this livestream on this topic, I don't have fear of scarcity around missing out.
This waiting for me to start talking about these things even more than usual. I think I've talk about them a lot before. Cause all this stuff comes in phases. Like if I went back through my blog posts, I've definitely written posts about not liking people and like similar sort of stuff I think I might go and find those posts. And even include them in this book that I'm writing.
So yes, I don't have fear of scarcity, right. Like as I was saying, a lot of times if people would travelled to an event ... and like I said my intention was to never that I had to attend the whole event anyway. But regardless people would be like well, isn't it kind of stupid that people think it's stupid or irresponsible or they will actually think that it's a sabotage to them playing hooky and not attend at all. And it's not an ego thing, I'm fully aware that I'll get value from being in the room, there's amazing speakers at this event. There's many, many speakers whose businesses have grown far beyond mine. And you know what, I kind of don't care because I know that I'm going to do it anyway. And I know that I'm going to do it in my own way. And I know that I'm going to have the perfect alliance, support, or learning, or growth, or inspiration just come along exactly when I need it.
So yesterday afternoon, it was so align and perfect for me to be in the room. And I was so happy to be there and I got incredible value out of it. Today if I would have gone along, because I look at the speakers and I was like well there's some good sessions there that I think I would enjoy but have I gone along, that would have been coming from fear. That would be coming from FOMA, right. That would have been coming from well what if I missed out on that one weird thing that's going to hack my freaking funnel and make me another million or the next million or ten more million or whatever. And I just tune into that and I was like, but I'm going to win no matter what. I was born to win. I was born to succeed. I was born to do something extraordinary in the world. Just like each and every person here.
And I also know that I always make the right decision, because I chose that as a belief. So therefore it's true, cause I chose it and I've locked it in for long enough now that's it fucking true. I know that everything always work out perfectly for me. I know that I always choose the correct action to take. I always am moving forward perfectly on my path. I know that all things are coming together for my greater good. I know that I'm building a multi-hundred million dollar empire. I fucking know that I'm not going to look back in ten years and say. "Well gee I was here to change the fucking world and share my message and create amazing art and build a multi-hundred million dollar empire, impact millions of people, but you know I played hooky that one day on March 21 at that event back in Florida and I guess if I have just have gone along, I could have live my destiny and live my purpose." Right? Like doesn't it sound ridiculous when you put it that way.
But year every single day, we all make choices to do things ... well actually I don't anymore. Well maybe I do and I catch myself, but I certainly don't do it as much as I used to. Make choices to do things that are not aligned. Right? That are not feeding our soul, because we're scared. We're scared ... well what if do miss out on something that could have completely change my business or something that I just had to know that I didn't know. Or meeting the right person or whatever it is. Right. And it's like well what if you miss out on living your fucking life? Because you responded your entire day in and day out through all decades of your life from fear and from a scarcity mentality that says do what other people tell you. Go along. Follow the crowd, just in case.
The only thing that you need to guide you is soul flow. And I'm quite certain I'll be guided back into that room at some time over the next few days. And I'm quite certain that if that doesn't happen, I won't even go back in. And I still am in massive gratitude and appreciation for the event, for the organisers of the event. For the people who are here, and for being here, and I'm glad I came. I'm enjoying the environment and I'm enjoying sitting on this rock. And I'm enjoying speaking to you. And there's a great gym here, so that makes me happy. And I'm exactly where I need to be. I'm exactly where I need to be and everything is perfect and everything is where it's meant to be.
And what I want to, I guess, pass onto you is well what if you chose to feel that way. What if you chose to feel always that you're exactly where you need to be? That you always make the right decision. That everything always works out perfectly for you. That you're moving forward on your correct path with beautiful perfect alignment right now. That you were born to win. And that nothing can stop you. And so therefore, you get to do what you want. Now getting to do what you want, really what I mean about that, following soul desires. And soul flow. And I want to talk about that a little bit more, but let me see what comments you said.
Zuckerberg, what did Zuckerberg do? Cause ... don't even tell me now, I'll read it in the news later, but I saw something about him and then I ignore it.
"This is my mantra from my coffee this morning, stop comparing. Yes oh my God, thank you. ", says Keyona.
"One of my current [inaudible 00:16:12] kiss ass and why don't you explore resistance around that. You must be missing some soul [inaudible 00:16:17]. I'm like oh okay.
Right like I just think that one of the most powerful shifts through people like you and I who are very different like we're the ones who ... for example, I can be in a room with three and half thousand entrepreneurs, which I was yesterday, and I in that room feel like, well you guys are the normal ones. And I'm the weird crazy one in this room, cause I'm the one who travels to ... I know there are others who are like me but I don't necessary know who they all are or where they all are. But I know that ... like I look at that room, and I go well you guys are the normal ones, right? And then it was funny cause they did like a slide on being the crazy ones and the misfits and the rebels, and the not normal ones. And I was like, no you are the normal ones. You're the internet marketing people. And then I'm like, oh but I guess, it's a room of entrepreneurs so technically the whole room is the not normal ones.
But then I think that we, you and I. This kind of person is super sensitive person who reads and feels energy. And who is highly psychic, highly intuitive who does travel to other worlds, who does work magic, who does create from within, who does need to be within a very high majority of the time, we are the not not normal ones in a whole different way and I don't mean better, worst, anything, at all. I just mean I know who I fucking am and I know who you are. And I know that it's an extraordinarily rare thing. And I don't even know what my fucking point was right then actually. It was something about being normal. What was it?
Oh! We always know what we actually need for ourselves. I mean that's kinda my big message, right? So when somebody's like, well you know you have resistance, like this being many things that I've ever had resistance to over my business journey, where coaches or I guess other people that I maybe did follow online at the time before I fully kind of figured this out and got on my own path. Or when I would have come to events that I would've been thrown off my path, because I would have bought into the stories. Right. It would have been like well shit maybe I should do it that way and maybe I should change what I'm doing because my way is like pretty fucking messy and chaotic and so on and so forth. And i did, I fought that battle for some many years, I fought a battle against being me.
And eventually it got to a point where I was exhausted of that but where additionally I started to look back through my success history in my business and in my life and I was like well shit. All this success that I've had, which was significant but all the real flow [inaudible 00:18:51] success had not only been like an amazing result but that I've found easy is when I just completely created from inside of me. When I just reached in and ... well reach in and grab my audience by the soul actually. It's one of my favourite blogs that I wrote of mines, it called "Reaching and Grab them by the Soul", on how to build a cult following.
But when I reach in and grab hold of my own soul and responded to that when I kind of heard what everybody was saying or doing and then was just like, yeah, I'm not going to do that. And even long before I prove myself with my results and business to where I can now sit here and say this is what I think and by the way I've got the fucking results to back it up so don't try to me that I'm wrong. I don't care if you do anyway.
But long before that, I would go to events, even like twenty years ago, right, when I was like 18 years old, 17 years old, even yeah like 20 years ago, or like when I first got into personal development in a big heavy way was when I was 17, so 21 years ago. But really I started when I was about 11, reading books and that sort of thing. And I would go to events, like I went to Landmark when I was 20 for example, and I walked out at like 11:00 am on the first day. And I'm not saying Landmark is no good. I'm just saying I knew I didn't need to be in that room. And I did not have the results to back it up either. Right. And I remember that to this day and I remember that they gave me an exit interview, they wouldn't actually let me out of the room. They kind of barricaded me in and made me answer a bunch of questions about my life before they would allow me to get out.
They were like, "Well do you have any problems with your father?" And I was just like, "Nope." And no matter what they asked, I was just like, "Nope, my life is perfect." Cause I just wanted to get out of there. And then I remember walking out and I was like, "I'm free! I'm free at last!" And I think I went to the art gallery or something. And it's always been that way for me, I can remember so many freaking seminars ... like NLP stuff, and personal development stuff, and two days stuff, and one day stuff, and you know selling stuff, and marketing stuff, and I would go with my friends well before I had this business. Even before I started to build this business, even before I was online, I was always going to personal development seminars and I was always fucking leaving, right?
I was just always leaving my friends. My friends would stay, I would make it through like a day tops. And I would just be like, "I can't be here. I'm just going to go." Because I would feel like claustrophobic. And then all the people. And then all the noise. And then, I don't know you get your value but you get to a certain point where you're like, now my value is going to be me being along, doing what I need to do for me. Going within and creating from that place and space. Because ultimately that's where all my success comes from.
"Yeah going to [inaudible 00:21:30] conference this summer, I make sure to take solitary time for me."
Right, well another thing that I've learned is that when I run my events and retreats I never start the day until 10:30 or 11:00 am because I know how my clients are and I know they need to get their morning shit like done and take care of themselves before they come and hang with me. So even our events start ... the New York one day next week and Sunday the week after starts at 11:00 for example or if I do like three day things, which I do on occasion. Or two day things like in my inner circle then I always give a break in the afternoon from like 4:00 pm through 8:00 or 8:30 pm because I use to think that people would want me to just go straight through because then it's like more value or something and then when I started really truly calling in my soul alliance clients, I noticed they were all just getting ... or just straight up telling me like getting completely depleted. And it was actually higher value to give a massive gap of time in the afternoon for them to go and do their thing.
And then when I think of how I've shown up even in events or masterminds where I did want to be there the whole time and I did stay in the educational side of it or the seminar side of it or whatever the whole time, that I definitely skip out on as much elements of stuff that I could. Not cause I didn't think it was going to be good or fun, but because I knew that I needed to go and do my stuff for me and I've always wondered how people can maintain that energy of being around other people the whole time and I just think like I wrote about in my blog last night, of course you can chose that. Of course I could chose that. Of course I could be like, I'm going to bring it and I could, but at what cost? Right. The cost could be some short term binge reaction or sabotage reaction or dealing with anxiety or whatever it is. Well I'm not available for that shit, but also ultimately it comes down to, I'm no longer available for that shit. I just choose what I know I need.
But also it comes down to well in the end, do you believe? Do you believe that you are born to win? Do you believe that you're going to achieve your goals? Do you believe that you're going to successful? Do you believe that the vision inside of your head is going to come to life? Like actual question right now. Type it in to the comments. Do you have that faith? Do you believe that what you see inside of you is real? And that your vision is coming to life? So say like something. Give me something. Or give me a [inaudible 00:23:39] if you believe that. Or give me an amen, right.
Because here's what real, when you believe that the vision inside of you is true and you just have that faith and don't forget that faith is a choice. When you believe and you have that faith, guess what? You can do and you should do and you must do, whatever the fuck you want, which is fabulous. And I don't even mean it in the sense of being a rebel, or a black sheep. Like I just think I'm like black sheep or rebel but that's just because I was following my soul. I never set out to be a black sheep or a rebel, right. That was just always me doing what I knew I needed to do for me. And then we end up labelled that way. And then you know I kind of use the labelling cause it's like cool or whatever. I think it's fun. But it's like, yeah my intention was never that. My intention was never to be a black sheep. It just kind of happened because it's how I am.
Well doing whatever you want, just means you can't screw it up. You can't go wrong. It's literally impossible for you to screw it up. You know that vision inside of you is real. You know that it's going to come to life. So what you gotta do to bring it to life? Keep focusing on it. Keep sending that intention, keep tuning into it through your through your [inaudible 00:24:45] through your journaling and then your task, as far as what action to take through your day, through your business, through your life is to tune the fuck in and listen to what your soul is telling you. And this is the biggest thing that I come back to repetitively. It's the number one piece of advice or conversation that I come back to repetitively with my private clients. My hiring clients who pay me a significant amount of money obviously to work with me.
This is the biggest thing I teach them and we come back to it over and over again. I actually wrote about in another blog, which I've not published yet, which I put up later today which I wrote this morning. And it just makes it so easy, right. Because I know that I'm going to succeed. I know that my entire vision is coming to life. It's always been that way. And I know that system [inaudible 00:25:25]. So all I need to do is to tune and to follow soul flow. That's it. There is literally nothing else required. And isn't that just the most beautiful glorious thing in the world, because it means that when you are somewhere and you suddenly feel like you need to be there, you not going to screw it up by leaving. It's going to be perfect.
I'm not going to like limit my growth or limit the value that I got by spending the day tuning in, being in my own space and place, being with you. Doing what I need to do for me and that is true on day [inaudible 00:25:55] basis for every single area. Every area, not just business and money, but even how you chose to exercise and eat. How you take care of your body. Whether you should travel, whether you should stay in that relationship or not, whether you should say that crazy thing to that person you're in love with. Like you can't screw it up. This just makes it so easy.
So fucking easy. And there's so many examples, even recently, and from years back where I just feel like I continually go against the grain or go against what people tell me is the right way to do something or what's going to work or what makes sense or what the supposed proven method is but in the end I know that if I follow what's coming through my soul, it is impossible for me to get it wrong. Like impossible. And to the contrary, if I don't follow what's coming from my soul. Like even to the point of what I've explain for how I spent my time today. Had I've gone against that, what I would be saying is, that I don't trust. That I don't have trust. That I don't trust that the vision inside of me is going to come to life. That my belief is I need to make sure I have the right external influences in order to be successful.
So how do you think that carries on? There is carry on effect to every choice that you make. If we continually make choices to go against our own soul or just the soul flow and to show that we don't trust, we're going to rewarded accordingly, which is to say not with the things that are actually available to us in infinite balance and flow. So if you want it all, if you want it on your terms, if you want to bring every element that vision inside of you to life, you know that that's available to your impossible. And it's only going to happen when you say yes to your soul.
So for me, it's become a daily practise. And for clients it's become a daily practise to run everything through this [inaudible 00:27:41]. From the smallest, tiniest decision about any different thing in your life to the biggest things in your business and in your personal life and in your finances. And whatever it might be. And it just makes it fucking easy. It makes it fucking perfect. And it makes it fucking flow.
So that's what I wanted to share today. Thank you so much for the comments. I'm going to come back and read them a little later, probably while I eat my lunch, please do leave me a comment, if you didn't already. I love to see your thoughts and hear if this resonates with you. And if you in New York or would like to be in New York and spend a day with me next Tuesday, April 27th, I'm doing a one day VIP intimate high level event. We're doing deep dive soul shifts and identifying where your massive wealth and impact is going to come from based on being all of the chaotic, crazy, other worldly person that you are. I can send you forward written details or if you even go over to my personal page. And ... or I think it should be even on this page, click on my blog post from yesterday.
You're going to see a full description at the end of that blog, but you can just message me on my private page, Katrina Ruth. And I'll send you details and we'll go from there. So it's New York, April 27th, next Tuesday. And then I'm doing the same thing again in San Diego on April 3, which is the Tuesday after I believe ... I think it's the Tuesday after. So both of those events are filling, there are very limited numbers. If you would like to jump into that or know more about it message me now, also it's coming up quickly obviously. I'm going to go and get some amazing food and I might even talk to some people, now that I've done what I needed to do for me. Have an amazing rest of the day and don't forget, "Life is now, press play."

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Oh. Okay, okay. What's happening? I need this tripod back. Oh my God, you will not even believe what I'm doing to my Chanel handbag down there on this rock. I just, I cannot see. Do you think I need my sunglasses, or do you think the sun is going to play nicely with me? Okay, hey peoples of the internet. I have the things to tell you. Hello Shannon, what's happening? Okay. I'm going to jump off the rock ... face down. Okay, please work internet. I want to share this over to my page.
Do you back yourself fully in your business? What about the rest of your life? That is our topic. I've got some ass kickery for you. I'm gonna jump down. Okay, I'm coming back. I've gotta climb up, oh my God. Okay, I can't get up. All right, I had to go the lazy way around. Okay, the internet keeps fucking up. Okay, Joseph, I noticed that every time you come on my live steams, you say your name. Hello, hello, Joseph, I can see your name though, from your profile. I'm gonna give you guys an ass whooping, is that all right?
I'm just trying to figure out, should I switch to my phone data? Why are you putting your phone number in dude? What's happening? Did I ask for dates on the internet or he's telling something? I'm looking rocky. That's cause I'm rocky as fuck. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I've decided to back myself in my love life. How do you feel about that people? I'm gonna kick my own ass about that. I did just kick my ass. I was just on the phone with a private client just now doing a VIP session. Things got a little bit heated. I'm wearing your favourite leggings. Wait until you see my leggings that have "Grateful as Fuck," written on my ass. Actually, I think it just says, "Gratitude," or it says "Grateful," I don't know. I don't look at my own ass often enough.
Brandon Marshall is bringing it like a soul brother. Thank you. Thank you for backing me there. Okay, I thought I was gonna get in trouble. Someone stopped. All right, what about ... Do you know what's hilarious you guys? When I jump into the search bar on my Facebook on my laptop, and I'm searching for my own page so that I can then share the live stream. The thing that's hilarious is that I can then see the search history, and the search history of my personal Facebook is stuff that my team have searched when logged into my profile, as well as obviously stuff that I've searched. I swear to God, sometimes the cat ninjas are using my profile to Facebook stalk, and fan girl stalk people that they're interested in or something, so that it doesn't come up on their profile, or something like that. Because I'm like, what is up with this search history? What do you guys think you're doing? What's happening?
All right, why is this live stream not coming up so that I can share it? I'm not gonna sell a couch, but I'll sell you this delightful rock that you can come and sit on with me. It's beautiful. What do you want me to give you? Can you stop with the frick ... What are you guys doing? Yeah, I should use Live Leap. I'm so lazy at remembering to use things. Okay. Here's the deal, right? This is gonna get preachy. I'm just gonna warn you. I'm gonna remind you in case you didn't remember, in case you've forgotten.
Do not fucking forget. Can someone share this to daily ass kick? 'Cause my sharing thing is not working. Do not forget ... Oh, don't even worry about it. I'll share it later. Do not forget that there's a one day event happening with me in New York on Tuesday, if you wanna come spend the day with me on New York on Tuesday. One day, VIP, intimate event, and then one day even with me at Soul Shift and Money Making in San Diego the next Tuesday, which is April third.
So, if you wanna come along to either of those, or you'd like to know more, there's a couple of places left in both of them. Message me on my personal page is best, and I'll get you those details. I wish I had my sunglasses, but right now the bottom of this tripod, because the rock down there is on an angle, so I've elevated the back two legs of the tripod by chucking my Chanel handbag down there on the rock and sticking the back two legs of the tripod into the bag, and my sunglasses are in the bag.
So, it presents somewhat of a dilemma. But we'll figure it out. So, I'm on the phone just now, with my client, and essentially we were talking about the fact that she's always trusted in herself and that's how she's got results in her life in different areas, but that when it comes to business and getting the results that she wants in her business, and this was our first one on one call, right? She's doing a VIP one on one trial session with me, that she's noticing this feeling of basically well should I? Should I go and follow along with what such and such people are teaching or saying that I should do, whoever such and such people happen to be.
The people who are commonly or uncommonly known as the gods of the internet, self appointed. Now, obviously we can all self appoint ourselves as anything, but ... This tripod is self appointing itself as a little bit of a biotch. I'm worried it's gonna fall over and then I'll have to quickly jump off the rock and grab it. Okay, it's under control. All right. So, you know, we've all done this. Give me a love hot shower if you've done this, or if you ... Hopefully I'm not gonna fall off the edge of this rock.
I'm sitting with one ass cheek off the edge of it. I don't know why I do the things I do. I just like to live on the edge, literally, on the edge of this rock. There's an ass cheek hanging off. Oh. It's gonna be fine. Okay. Give me a love hot shower if you do this. You're already giving the love hot showers and I didn't even ask the question. You guys are on the ball. You're level as fuck. You're playing tight. It's very stypical of our community, and if you don't know the new words of the community then figure it out.
We do this where we question ourselves, right? And we start to wonder, are you doing this in your business? You start to wonder, maybe I should do it the way that these internet marketing people say to do it. Maybe I should do like the 26 fricking copy written emails, or whatever it is, right? And you wonder if you should follow these different systems or strategies to build a funnel, or to build recurring income, or build any fucking thing, I suppose. Or in general, you just start to wonder whether you should do it like how other people are doing it.
But then at the same time, and there's nothing wrong with learning from other people, by the by. Obviously. But then at the same time, there's a part of you, it's a big fucking part I think, which is just oo, this is gross, right? Like, it feels disgusting. Give me love hot shower if you relate to that, and I swear to God, this sun is just like, I'm gonna get you bitch. I'm right in your eyes, and I'm not backing down. I've just had a fantastic idea. I could turn around the other way. That would make actually a hell of a lot more sense because I'm literally sitting here like a squinty eyed squirrel.
All right. I'm gonna, oh fuck. I'm gonna sit on this rock down here. Okay, oh my God. Now I can see nothing. Do you know one time I helped my ex husband launch a programme online called Rock Hard Results? It was a great programme name. Now I can see nothing. So, it's actually even worse now. We're figuring it out. It's a team effort. I'm totally in the dark now though, so I don't think that's better. Okay. See, here I can see but here ... Okay. Don't revolve around the sun. Let the sun revolve around me. I like it.
Okay. Here's the rule. I'm gonna try and cut to the chase. I have a habit of rambling on. I don't know if you've noticed. The rule is, if your soul is staying disgusting, like if something inside of you is just like this is oo, right? E-U, like ugh. This is gross and it feels gross inside my body, and it feels scaly on my skin to be taking action like this, or to imagine that I should do so, then if you feel that, then that's how it is. That's the rule, okay? This current situation makes no sense at all. I'm gripping the tripod between my feet in order for it to not fall over.
So, this is requiring massive inner strength of abductors, which is my inner thighs. I already have inner thighs like that woman on James Bond that kills a man with her thighs. My inner thighs are extremely toned and tight and strong. And they're now getting stronger by the moment. I hope you guys appreciate the effort because I did already work out today. I don't know why I can't just let it be easy. I just like, my room is like right there. I could be sitting in my room live streaming, but it's very dark. And it's not as fun as being on a rock gripping a tripod between your legs.
So, anyway. I'm getting there, right? I'm getting to the point. I think I said what I needed to say already. The point is back yourself. When are you gonna finally back yourself, okay? So, I was using an example with my client. I was like, listen to me. You already know ... This is what I wanna say to you now. You already know that everything you feel inside of you is real. You already know that the way that you're being directed to do it through your soul is the way that it's gonna work. You already know that if you were to go against your own soul, and your own nature, and you were to essentially go and try and do ...
In a way that ... Okay, I think it just kept freezing. In a way that feels kind of icky to you, or it's just boring, it's not interesting, it's not expansive, it feels really, do I really have to do that? Oh, okay, I guess I better. That's what's gonna get me a result. Okay. And it's kind of like this head hanging type of feeling, right? If you were to do it in that way, you know that it's not only not gonna work, you know this at your core, right? You might be buying into a story, you might be telling yourself all manner of things that are definitely not true.
You might be trying to justify and convince, you might be like, "Well, that person knows better than me", or, "They're further along than me and maybe I don't really know because I haven't achieved that goal yet", whatever your goal is, right? In your business. And so, "They probably do know better, and I probably should do it this way", and you're going down this pathway of essentially trying to convince yourself to not back yourself, which when you put it that way, sounds really kind a crazy, and not good crazy.
And it sound sad I think, as well, right? And then the other side of the coin, the flip side of that is you 100% know, give me a love hot shower, give me a love shower about this, you 100% know, if you agree with me give me a love hot shower. You 100% know that what's inside of you is real. You know that the things you feel inside of you about where your success is gonna come from is correct. And one thing that I love to journal on again, and again, and you might like to save this as an idea for later, and write it down as a journaling prompt, or somebody can put it in the comments if you want because I'm having a hard time getting my laptop to work here.
I like to journal often on where do I ... A question I've asked myself many times over the years, where do I really believe, for example, my hundred million dollar empire is gonna come from, or before I was already making multi millions a year, then I would journal on where do I really believe my multi million dollar business is gonna come from, or where do I really believe my fame or my impact, or whatever it is, is gonna come from.
So, the thing that's a big thing for me at the moment is soul mate love. Being in a soul mate relationship, right? That is kind of the biggest focal area for me, or the thing that I've not achieved yet. And I now and trust that I will. So, if I would tune in and journal on where do I really believe that that level of love and romance is gonna come from, and being in a relationship with my soul mate, and then I would look at some of the crazy ass shit that I've done over the past 18 months, since I became single, since I left my marriage, I went through this period, I went through initial period of what did the fuck, where the fuck do I even start?
I don't even know what dating means, I don't even know how to do that. I've been in long term relationships for 15 years at the time. I'd literally been in long term relationships since my first ever boyfriend. So, it's like I don't even know what I the means to date, right? So, that was ... Being a brand new entrepreneur on the internet, like what's a lead page? I didn't even know. I'm like, "What do you do and a date? I don't even know." I don't know, somebody tell me. I don't think I ever even went on a date with my first two husbands. I think we just somehow became in a relationship after meeting at the gym.
I literally had no clue. And then, I went through the next phase, which I feel like is what all entrepreneurs who are driven, motivated, bad asses like we have here too. The next phase is, well you know what? I'm a high achiever, and I'm a good student of life, right? Okay, finally this is gonna let me share it, so let's share it. I'm a good student of life, and I like to do really well at stuff, and I'm committed, and I will get good results, and so I'm gonna go and learn how to do it properly.
Who's done that as an entrepreneur? Right? You go along and you're like, give me an amen or a hell yes or something on the comments if you've done that as an entrepreneur. You go, "I wanna do this properly. So, I'm gonna go and learn from the best people about how to market, and how you build an audience online, and how you sell a programme, or how you make a programme in the first place", or whatever it might be.
And so, you go along and learn, and because the vast majority of people out there are teaching some kind of non thinking system, like join these dots, do it this way, here's the right way, here's the wrong way, that's probably what you fall into, right? And there's only a very limited number of people out there who teach like I teach around business and entrepreneurialism, which is follow fucking flow and soul intuition, fuck everything else. There are no rules, there is no right or wrong. Let's tune in, let's get you connected to soul, let's get you back to what you've always known. Let's act from that place and then sure, if you wanna know a few little, if there's things you literally don't know, you never heard of what a lead page is and you wanna know, cool. We can learn that, but actually you don't even need that to be successful and to make money, right?
So, for me, if we relate it back to the dating thing, I did that same thing. At first, I was like, "I don't even know what dating is. I literally have no clue what that means or how to do it." I've heard the word, and I am 38 years old so in theory I have some sort of concept around it, but I'm not sure. Somebody's gonna have to tell me. So, then I started hiring coaches. Now, fortunately I hired an amazing sex and love coach to start with who helped me connect with intuition and flow, which was my good friend Alexa Martinez, and cannot recommend her highly enough.
She's actually doing a soulmate manifestation free challenge this week on her Facebook page, so worth checking out. And that was amazing, and that just taught me so much about, oh my God. I was like, "What? Oh my God. All these crazy things I've felt inside of me about what I really want from romance in a relationship, you're telling me that's okay? You're telling me I can even have that? You're telling me I've got permission to be me? What? You're telling me I should tell men how I feel?" I was like, mind is blown, right?
So, same thing as well. I teach a lot of people around business, but then after that, I got kind of, I did that for a little bit, and then I just, I got pulled in, right? And we all do it. You get pulled in and distracted by, if you're on Facebook for example, you're gonna get pulled in and distracted by so many fricking people on the internet who are telling you the right way to make money, or to sell an online programme, or to do anything at all. And so, I got pulled in, and I jumped on a few different mailing lists for example, with people who would send out, "Here's 10 scripts to get him to respond in a text message." Stuff like that.
Or here's how to say this, or here's what never to say to a man, or here's 10 reasons why he's lost interest in you. Stuff like that. And I was on these mailing lists, and I did some coaching with people who teach like this as well. I paid for some coaching with people who teach like this, because I was like that newbie entrepreneur, who's like, "But I don't know. And I don't know if I know what I know, and I haven't had success in this area yet. I've had two failed abusive marriages, and ..." Okay, stuff that was on me as well. Let's just be clear and on that, all right? I don't wanna be blaming and doing anything like that.
But I've had two marriages that didn't work out, and clearly I have no fucking clue what I'm doing, and how do I know how to choose right? So, I should go and learn from an expert, right? And we all do that with business, or we've all done that. I did the same thing with business. I know so many entrepreneur who can relate to having done that in business, but yet I was getting this information and I was getting to taught these things and the whole way through, when I would be told, "Okay, say this in a text. Oh no, don't ... What? You were thinking of saying that to him? Don't say that. Never say that to a man. That's a terrible idea."
And then, there would be this feeling inside of me like, oo, really? I did even send ... I think I did it like two or three times, where I used a little script from a text messaging thing. And I kind of thought it was funny, I was laughing at it, but I was also like, this is kind of gross, right? It feels icky. It feels like, yuck. And it's kinda like, really? And then, a few times where I didn't speak my truth in a romance situation because I was listening to the advice of coaches at the time who were like, "No, no. That's coming from a hurt place inside of you, or that's something you need to heal inside. Don't say that. And this is the right way to communicate with a man, and this is how to do it.
And I was like, ugh. And something inside of me was shrinking, right? I was feeling contracted. I was feeling like maybe they're right? Because I don't know, and I'm not an expert, and I don't have results in those areas. So, maybe I should listen to them and I'm willing to try it, and I said that. And I spoke up. I was like, "I don't really feel ... But okay. I'm open to it." And they were like, "Yeah, well ..." They were basically like, without saying you're wrong and I'm right, that's basically what they were saying. They were like, "Well, this is how it works. I'm right, do it this way."
I was like, "Okay." And then I just didn't follow through though. I didn't follow through. In the end, I sent the fucking letter that I wanted to send to a guy, even though everybody said don't send that letter, right? Or everybody who you asked, which is a very small group of people. But my coach, and one or two friends, and in the end I was like, "Fuck it. I've always spoken my truth in business, and I'm gonna speak my truth in this area as well." Because here's what I know for sure. Anything that's feeling contractive, anything that's feeling like it's actually making me feel sad to follow that method if I would follow the method of that particular person or coach, or whatever.
Or the strategy that's being taught online around dating, it's making me feel sad and contracted, and icky all at the same time, anything you're feeling like that in business, or think that you should be doing but it makes you feel that way relevant to business, I'm gonna tell you flat out 100, 1000, one million percent, all the percents, gathered into a big percentage bucket, don't do that shit. It's not gonna work for you.
And by the way, if you got some kind of supposed outcome from doing stuff that goes against your soul, do you think it's gonna make you feel happy and fulfilled? So, for me with the dating stuff, I just started to remind myself, and this is kind of what I was kicking my client's ass around just now on the phone, I just started to remind myself that all of my results in my entire life, back to when I was a child, and even in my business before I got results and how many results, I had to remind myself of thins and getting into believing in myself, and coming from faith, and coming from self belief before I had the results to back it.
Every result has come from when I trusted in myself, and anytime that I achieved any sort of success, quote unquote success, by doing something that went against my soul and that didn't feel right, it made me feel icky or it made me feel contractive, or it made me feel sad, then that success meant nothing to me. I have made money in the past by doing stuff that wasn't my soul work. I've never done anything that's felt like immoral, or completely wrong or something, but I've done plenty of stuff to make money in business where it was like, "Oh, really? Yeah, okay. All right, I guess. Because I want the results and so I'll suck it up."
And when I did make money doing things that way, it slipped through my fingers. I didn't even fucking care. It meant nothing. It was not fulfilling. So, I started to think about the dating, and I was like, "But if it's true. If it's true that if I would say it in this way and follow, and learn these scripts until they become automated inside of me so that I'm communicating properly, as how you're supposed to communicate to a man. If that's true, then how could I possibly end up in a fulfilled soul relationship for me?" Because it would have been based on me not being me.
Every step along the way it would've been based on me going ... Me being me, and who I am in this moment in time, with all my faults, and all my uncertainties, and all my weaknesses, me being me is not enough to get that relationship. I would have to catch a man by saying things right. Hello, what kind of fucking relationship's that gonna be, right? Just like what kind of fucking business is that gonna be that's built on a foundation of not a beautiful rock like this?
It's not built on a solid rock foundation. How cool is that? I'm sitting on a rock. I'm super excited. Look, here's the rest of the rock where I was sitting before. I was up there. Now I'm just on a lower bit, but there's all these little rocky foundations all the way around. I'm in Orlando. So, I just ... It was like a wake up call. It was like, hello. How do you wanna believe in yourself, right? Like, hello. Where do you ... What foundation do you want this relationship to come from? Hello, do you actually wanna choose to believe that if you speak your truth, and be you, that that's not enough? And I was like fuck that shit. I'm gonna start saying exactly what I want, I'm gonna chose to back myself, I'm gonna chose to trust myself. And like the particular situation with a particular guy where everything that I wanted to say to him was breaking all the rules, like don't say that.
I was like, "You know what? I'm gonna fricking say it, and then some." And the stuff I said was like, stuff you definitely aren't supposed to say to a guy. And my choice was that if I would be myself fully, and it didn't work, then that's exactly perfect and what was meant to be. And my choice was also that actually it's impossible to screw up being me, because when I be me and back myself and trust in myself, only good and positive outcomes can come from that. And so now, I feel 100%, I'm fricking so in trust and in certainty around where I'm going in the relationship area of my life, and I know that I'm getting the results that I desire.
Awesome Nicole, thank you for jumping on first. All right. Janice says, "I feel this icky energy nine hours a day." Soulmate relationship and not backing myself in business, [Keja 00:22:05]. That's exactly the same situation that was happening with the client that I was just on the phone to, right? We were talking about a similar conversation to this, but obviously personal to her, and it was exactly the same. She's got the results in her health and fitness, and in her relationship, and then we're talking about the fact that you know, and this is why I was using the relationship example to her.
I was saying to her, I know that me being in a relationship with my soulmate, it's gonna come from me being fully me, and I know that it's about me speaking my truth, trusting my own inner guidance, and anybody who's basically trying to direct me or tell me what to do, whether it's somebody random on the internet, or someone who I'm personally speaking to, if it goes against what feels right inside of me, then I know that it's not right for me, and I know that that's not how I'm gonna get the results that I want in my life, and I know that I just don't have it within me to do stuff that doesn't align for me on a soul level.
I know that in business, to get to where my business makes millions of dollars a year, and I have only 100% soul mate clients who are so fricking cool and badass and do the work, for that to happen, I had to fully back myself. I didn't have money. I was over $100 000 in debt. I was gonna go bankrupt, I couldn't even buy coffee, and I realised I was one foot in and one foot out. I knew inside of me, I just knew that I was born for more. I knew I'm gonna get those results. I had the faith inside of me, and I believed that I could make money doing what I love, and doing this and speaking my truth every day, and just hanging out and being fully me, and not being worried about if I'm professional and whatever else, but I wasn't backing myself.
I was one foot over there, and one foot, "Oh, maybe I should do it your way? Maybe, okay. It doesn't feel good, but okay. You have more results than me so I probably should do that." And then eventually I was like fuck this shit. I'm gonna fully back myself, and if I have to do that every single day for the rest of my life, and never make money, then that's gonna be fulfilling to me rather than living a life of if I follow your rules and do it this way, maybe then I'll get a result that I won't even fucking care about because it didn't come from flow.
So, that's what I apply over now to the relationship area. I'm like, this is like a done deal. 100% the results that I desire are gonna come from me backing myself and trusting in myself. Somebody said, "What about if you being yourself will cause others to shun you?" Which is a great question. Well, they will. They will. They will. I'm gonna tell you a great answer about that. First I'm gonna open my laptop, because I just saw that my brother WhatsApp'd me. It came up at the top of my phone. He doesn't know I'm sitting here waiting for him live streaming. He's asked me what time we should leave for dinner.
So, I don't know. How long's it take to get from fricking, a Disneyland resort to downtown Orlando? Let me just message him back. Don't know. Can you check? Downtown Orlando. Am on a live stream. All right, cool. Did that work? I don't know. We'll see. Okay, so here's my answer. How are you gonna feel about whether people shun you. The reason I'm at a Disneyland resort, I'm so not a Disneyland person. I actually really don't like Disneyland. I don't like a lot of people around me, and I just don't like Disneyland. I don't like rides.
Sorry all the people who love Disneyland. You can hate on me for it if you want, because we're at a conference here, and I'm like playing hooky on the conference because I'm not really a conference person either. So, that's why I'm sitting on a rock on a live stream, instead of being in a conference. So, he's in the conference room and he's just messaged me about dinner. All right. So, yesterday I found out that in certain groups on the internet, of Facebook groups, that people talk all the time about what a bitch I am, right? And how they can't handle my life streams. And I'm just like, okay. I'm just gonna say something directly to those people right now. Just so you know, if you say that you can't even, even, with me, and you can't handle my live streams, and did you see what she did on her latest live stream, I'm just gonna point out the obvious, which is that the only way you know that is because you're watching the fucking live steam.
So, technically that makes you a magnetises fuck fan. Who's triggered as fuck, by the way. And if you are triggered and emotionally charged by me, that's because I'm being a mirror, and because I'm confronting in you something that you know you get to address inside of you, and basically probably you're gonna become a client in about a year, and then you're gonna tell me that you used to hate me and bitch about me behind the scenes but I already knew because other people told me. If you didn't actually care, if you weren't connected to me on a soul level in some sort of way, then you wouldn't watch the live streams, and you wouldn't bitch about me behind the scenes, and you wouldn't care. You'd be like, "I'm not interested. I'm not attracted to her. I'm not magnetised to her", and you would just not even observe. You literally wouldn't care, right?
It happens all the time, Melissa. I actually was a little shocked because I'm so in a love bubble of my own cult and my own world that I've created that I haven't heard it for a while, but I used to be much more conscious of it, and to answer the person's question who asked about this, I knew about it more and I was conscious of it because I was concerned about it, and because it would cause me to shrink and be worried, and not speak my truth. And then I just gradually over time let go of that, because I still care. Yesterday I was like, I was triggered and I was a little hurt. I was like, "Oh." I was actually like, "Oh, I thought everybody loved me now." I really did. I was like, "Oh. Well, okay." And then I was like, "Oh, well technically I suppose I could ..."
I do actually know that people don't like me but I kind of forgot because I'm only surrounded by love, so I was a little triggered, and I was kinda like, "I think I wanna go around to their houses and cook them dinner, and just sit them down and just explain to them, just so you understand, I'm a nice person." And I'm actually like really nice, and I'm really introverted and quiet in real life, and everything as well. I think you would like me, right? Like, really, I'm an actual ... I'll buy you a present. I'll bring you chocolates. I'll do that. I do that all the time anyway.
So, I kinda felt like I need to deal with this situation so that people understand how awesome I actually am. But then the other part of me was like, not fuck them. I got into curiosity, and I think it's funny because the reason I said, I'm like, "Well, if you're watching my life streams, then it means you're a fan." Just technically. Just saying. So, I think it's funny. But also, even if I feel hurt, or even if I've lost people along the way, and I've lost friends, and I've lost some clients along the way who I got too much for them, I got too intense for them, and some of them came back and then they're like, "You've got too much for me. You got too intense for me. I couldn't handle it. It was like a trigger for me."
One of my newest clients who joined my inner circle, first thing he did introducing himself is, "Oh, I'm probably like a lot of people here when I first came across Katrina Ruth, I wanted to punch her through the computer screen." I was like, "Aww. People say the sweetest things about me." And for real though, my clients say that all the time, right? So, it's really, really common and normal, oh, thank you. Thank you for the present in advance. So, anyway. My point is, I got to a point of understanding that my message and my art, and speaking my truth is more important and bigger than what people wanna say about me, right? And that I have to put that first.
So, don't assume that somebody like me just doesn't care, or is so confident, because it's not that. I'm still hurt at the idea, and I don't like the idea, and quite honestly, even at a big conference like this, there's three and a half thousand people here, I'm conscious that there's people in this room, and some of them I know who they are, who really fucking don't like me and think I'm a bad person, or I'm too aggressive, or I'm unprofessional online, and that fricking annoys me, right?
And I let it go, because in the end I have to be me, and I have to speak my truth, and even the real life friends how I've lost along the way, I've just been like okay, there's some sadness there, or sometimes there's a grieving process to go through depending upon who the person is in your life, and technically not just as friends, but really even my marriage was a fallout of me being fully me, right? There's many reasons that went into that, but it was. I'm so fully me that you can't have me in your life if you don't ...
For somebody who's not fully being them in their life, and not fully pressing play, or they just, they disagree with my values or my beliefs, how can you keep me in your life, right? You can't. You're either gonna ... If I'm in your life, there's only two reasons for that. Either you really love me and you resonate so fucking fully with me, and we're basically come from the same glorious pot of souls, which is why when we hang out in real life we're gonna have the bestest time ever and I won't be hiding from you like I'm hiding from everyone else here. I know there'd be some cool people here, I just don't know where they are, right?
For real though, whenever I meet any of my tribe or my clients, or people who follow me online and who are the same as me, when we meet in real life, we're instantly magnetically best friends because we're the same sort of person. Or there's the people who hate me. And if they actually say that they hate me, or they're like I can't stand her, or whatever, then actually it's because at their core, they're the same sort of person, and they're just not owning their truth. That's a reality, right?
That's just how it is. Okay. What else? Where was I even up to? I am not who you think I am. I am ... You are who you think I am. Reflect your own truth. Thank you Ruby. You are also the most beautiful soul. Thank you for seeing that in me, and I reflect it back to you. I'm shooting it back to you like that super hero who shoots stuff out of there, like Spider Man who shoots his spiderweb out. I'm shooting back love and acknowledgement.
All right, what else? So, anyway. I think one of the hardest things, in theory, it's a choice whether or not it's hard, is when you don't have the results yet. You don't have the money results, so you don't have whatever results you're having in your business. And you know, you know on a soul level what is right, and what is aligned, and how you're gonna get results, right? But you don't have the results. So, that voice comes up ...
Maybe you have some other people who are lovely enough to tell you all the time that you're doing it wrong. Eliminate those people. I don't mean in a bad way. I just mean turn away from them energetically, or physically, or whatever else is required, right? Don't listen to them. Literally, la-la-la-la-la, can't hear you. Not listening. Choose to only listen to people that affirm what you already know inside of you, yeah? To me that seems obvious. But, mind you, I've definitely gone against that myself at some points in time.
So, there's that. But then the other thing is it's not just the voices of other people, right? It's the voices, shit. It's the voices inside of your head. Those things are little bitches some of the time. And they come up every day and be like, "Really? Are you sure? Because that sounds kind of stupid to me. And besides which, how can you prove it? And I bet you're wrong. And I bet you're gonna screw everything up, and I bet probably if you do that, or say that, everybody's gonna tell everybody, and then the whole entire internet is gonna laugh at you because you're stupid."
That's what the voices inside your head will say. Or it'll be like, "Who do you think you are to do that? Somebody else could do that, but clearly you have no clue what you're talking about. You don't have the results, you can't prove yourself, you don't speak properly, and your hair doesn't look good." And so, these are the normal every day thoughts that we all have. I have these voices inside of my head as well, and I know, I see them for what they are. I'm like, "Bitch please. I see what you're trying to do here, and I'm gonna let you know that I'm gonna be over here doing what I'm meant to do anyway."
But sometimes they get to me. Sometimes they got to me with the dating stuff, right? And now I became stronger over time, because I just kind of thought back, and I thought back to my business stuff, and I'm like, "Hmm, well, took me like five fucking years, or however long, to really get this with my business, but then when I did, shit started working. When I fully backed myself. So, I think, thank you for coming along, and telling me all of your thoughts for today, and if you insist on carrying yourself around and following me everywhere, and talking shit, then I guess I can't stop you. I'm still gonna be over here pressing fucking play", and I'm gonna learn this lesson a lot faster, right?
So, it's about realising that you can have these voices inside of your head, you can have the voice of doom and gloom, and self doubt, and whatever bullshit is going on or coming through you, or even coming at you from outside of you, all of that can be present and in attendance, and you can still do whatever you know what you're meant to do. And so, what that comes down to is you've gotta be bold enough, and trust enough to actually back it up and follow through though. It's not gonna be enough to feel and know inside of you what's true and what's gonna get you results. That is not gonna cut it.
You're gonna have to back it with action, right? Which means, from my example, the dating example, it means that when I have an instinct or an impulse, or a soul nudge comes through me, like, "Hey, say that to this guy. Speak your truth. Say this", and my voice inside my head's gonna be like, "Oh my God, are you crazy? Don't say that. Really? You already said such and such thing. Like, really? You're gonna morally now? You're gonna say that?" And, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't, and maybe this, and then let's go check what he's posted on Facebook today because maybe that's gonna put me off because you don't know ..."
Like, what? What if I just always followed my soul nudges? Because I can tell you something for sure, in my business now, and it took me however long it took me to get this, I always follow my soul nudges. That doesn't mean only when it feels exciting or inspiring. That means especially when it feels terrifying, when it feels reckless, it feels crazy, it goes against what everybody's saying, and I built a multi million dollar per year online empire where I get to do only what I fucking want everyday, and I have a 100% soul mate client base. My clients are now becoming millionaires and multi millionaires in the last year as well.
Multiple clients who've gone from where they were making 8 to 10K a month at the start of last year to where they're now making 50, 60 and over 100K per month in numerous cases, over 200K per month consistently in multiple places as well, and all of these women and a few men who work with me, are doing what I'm talking about here, following soul nudges. And not only attracting such badass from only following soul desires, requirements, and flow. It's not just when it feels easy or comfortable or fun or exciting. It's when it feels terrifying. It's when it's scary. It's when it feels reckless. It's when it feels ridiculous, right?
And here's something else. Let me just check in in what my brother's saying. He's just messaging me more. 36 minutes. Am on my way back. Okay. We can go for like 5 or 10 minutes more. Okay. Am on a rock. I'm telling him. Don't forget, if you jumped on late and you didn't hear me, I'm doing a one day VIP very intimate event this Tuesday in New York, and I'm repeating the same event the Tuesday after, April 3, in San Diego. These are soul shifting deep dive days to get clear on exactly who you are as an entrepreneur, who you wanna be as an entrepreneur, creator and leader, and the best fucking way for you to make fuckload of money and a fuckload of impact doing that. That was too many fucks. Maybe. Not maybe. Whatever it was. It's something like that.
I can send you the whole written overview, so message me over on my Katrina Ruth personal page if you wanna know more about that. Okay, so then coming back to this. Here's how I actually got into this business, because as I've been sharing, I don't have the results yet, I'm like working towards these results in my romance side of my life, and I know that it will come from backing myself, but I also know that that means I can't just sit around being like, "Yeah, I believe that I'm gonna have a soulmate relationship, and I believe that it's gonna work out for me and I have faith."
It means that I've also gotta follow all actions that my soul tells me to take, even though I feel like a fricking crazy person half of the time, okay? And the reason that I knew that first for business though, and where I can now apply it from business over to love, I knew it for business because when I was broke in my business, and when I was over $100 000 in debt, and I thought I was gonna go bankrupt, I sat down one day, and it's funny because I'm kind of at a theme park now. I'm at the resort anyway.
And I was at a theme park. I was at a Wet and Wild theme park, like a water one. And I went and sat down for coffee, and I made this list and it was based on the fact that I'd been a personal trainer for 13 years before I built my own online business, and so I've now been actively involved in the fitness industry for 21 years, since I was 17 years old. And so, at the time, it was maybe like six years ago or something, so I would've been involved in the fitness industry at the time for like 15 years, and I had complete faith and certainty around my ability to always be in great shape.
Now, it didn't mean that I always was in my ideal shape, because sometimes I would slip a little bit out or whatever, but it never was a problem. I was like, "I know how to be in fantastic fucking shape. It's very simple and straight forward, and easy, and it's just automatic that of course I get to have that." I have zero doubt, and also that it comes from me following what I believe is true and real for me inside me. Never once have I followed a diet plan. I've tried to do it a few times in years gone by, and I always was like cheating all the way through on those diets.
And I don't follow structured training. All my training and my eating is intuitive. I even wrote a book about five or six years ago called Think Thin, The Intuitive Diet for Women. You can get it on Amazon if you go to books for kick ass women dot com, you're gonna see over 60 books on Amazon that I've self published, and Think Thin is one of them, right?
So, that's my way of eating and staying in shape. So, I sat down and I thought about what if I had the same beliefs for business and for money that I have for fitness? What if I just always knew that I know what's right for me? What if I fully trusted in myself, what if I fully backed myself, what if I went from soul flow and intuition, and I basically sat there and I wrote a big list of what are all my beliefs to do with fitness and my body, and being in great shape? And they're all really powerful positive beliefs that would serve a lot of people well, as I'm sure you can imagine, right?
And then I looked at what my money beliefs were at the time, and I had so many money and business beliefs around not trusting myself, or there's gotta be a wrong way, or something like a right way or a wrong way, or I've gotta get it right, or something along those lines, right? And other people maybe know more than me, and I've gotta do stuff that doesn't feel good, and just all these beliefs, and I literally sat there and I took all of my positive and powerful fitness beliefs and and I rewrote them into powerful positive beliefs for my business, and for money, and I just made a decision.
I was like, that's how I'm gonna choose to think. I'm gonna choose to back myself, I'm gonna choose to trust myself, I'm gonna choose to basically operate from inside of me. And even last week I had another breakthrough around this, because I noticed that in my business there's still a couple of areas where I feel like I'm not fully showing up, right? Where I feel, you know that sense of disease, or feeling uneasy, or restless, or unsettled, because you feel like ... I had a general feeling that there's some discontent present in my business. And a general feeling of feeling like I notice that pretty much every day I feel slightly restless, like slightly, just like what am I missing?
That was it. I journaled on why do I feel like there's always something missing in my business? I just have this niggle all the time, and I thought ... I said to myself, this was like the other day in Santa Monica, sitting in the tea and coffee bin. And I thought, "Well, I don't feel that way in fitness. I have like zero restlessness or niggles in fitness." Even if I go into [inaudible 00:40:58] and I'm in my little shorts and my sports bra, and I see that I got a bit puffy around the waste or something, it does not remotely bother me. I'm like, "That's fine. I know exactly how to fix it." Right?
And I have only self love, right? Like I actually really, it took me several decades, but I really love and accept myself regardless of what my body's doing, and I have full trust, right? And I thought, "Why do I have such contentedness in fitness, but in business I still feel a little uneasy?" And I was like, "Oh my God." And I realised it's because with fitness and nutrition, I 100% follow every single soul command and desire and requirement.
So, what that means is, like this morning, I was like, "I gotta go to Bikram Yoga this morning." Hot yoga. That's how I felt. That's what my body wants. Well, I had a schedule of going to a conference today. I'm like, "Too bad. I'm going to Bikram Yoga because that's what I feel I need." The zero of the time will I not follow soul urges in that situation, right? 100% of the time with fitness and my body, I do what I'm told to do from within ... Not by other people. Zero percent of the time I do what I'm told to do by other people, and 100% of the time I do it even if it comes at the cost of something else that I was supposed to be doing, but it's also on the times when I don't feel like doing something. Maybe I'm like ...
Oh, the other day. I didn't feel like going to the gym. Too bad. I go to the gym if I know that it's what my soul's telling me to do. But by the same token, if I go to dinner, and there's like an amazing dessert and I wanna eat it, I'm gonna fricking eat it, right? If that's what feels good for me. So, then with business and money, I noticed that there was still times, or there's still times where I'm not doing what my soul tells me to do. You know, I like to rebel even if it's against my own self, from time to time. Just to kind of prove a point, that I can do what I want, I think.
But I had to kind of acknowledge this. I'm like, "Oh, I have a feeling of discontent, or dis ease sometimes in my business because there's certain things that I know I actually should, quote unquote, should be doing from a soul point of view, like my soul's directing me to do it. Could be like whatever little task, or getting back to somebody on my team, or finalising an idea, or what it is, and it's that kind of little girl inside of me that's still like if your Mom tells you to clean your room, you're like, "Well, I was gonna clean my room, and now that you've told me to clean my room there's no fucking way I will clean my room."
It's exactly the same reason that I refuse to see the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, because everybody was like, "You've gotta see them. They're really good." I was like, "Bitch, please." If everybody's seeing them, there's no way I'm gonna see them because clearly I'm better than that. And then eventually I saw them and I was like, "I guess they were okay."
So, it's just that ... I recognise that part of myself, and so I kind of kicked my own ass around it. And so then with love, and relationship, and sex and that sort of thing, I was like ... Oh, shit. I was like, "Well, okay." I went through this phase last year after I left my marriage, which was the year before, and so last year my phase was like, trying to do the things that I thought that I should to do be successful at dating or whatever, or try and learn about it, and doing things ...
But also, I was in this most ridiculous pattern, which was so stupid, I can't even believe that I did this, where if I would go on a date with a guy, and I wasn't attracted to him, like romantic, to where you're like, "Can we just have sex right now?" That I would still kind of convince myself and I would be like, "Oh, well maybe I am attracted and I just don't know it, because he's a really nice guy." And now I say it, and I'm like, "That's hilarious." How could that be a thing? You either are or you aren't, and you fucking know where you are because you're like, can we just seriously, can I just crawl into your skin immediately? In a non weird way.
And so, it was kind of this phase of trying to make it work, right? And now I'm like, "Okay, it's either I'm fucking feeling it, which is relatively rare, but that's the whole point, or it's nothing", right? And either way is totally fine, but I'm not gonna keep on meeting up with somebody just in case I somehow at some point magically wake up one day and in massive lust and attraction, or whatever, right? But by the same token, it also means ... That's fun. But by the same token it also means that if I'm feeling like, "Okay, I should say this to this guy", or message this or whatever ...
I do this where, it even happened last week I think it was, last weekend, where I'm like, "Oh, don't message that." I met a guy, and I'm like, "Don't message that. That's a bad idea." And then I felt like messaging it. I'm like, "My soul is telling me to message that, so I'm gonna message it." And either outcome is fine, right? And it's just that continual process of I'm gonna continually back myself, I'm gonna continue to follow what I'm directed to do inside. Whatever the outcome is actually doesn't matter because the point is that I'm proving I fricking believe in myself, right? And I'm proving I'm gonna back myself, and I'm proving that I fucking mean what I say when it comes through me from the inside.
So, I'm building inner strength, I'm building self belief, I'm building resilience, I'm building tenacity, and all these areas can just be related to each other, whether it's fitness stuff, business stuff, love and romance and sex stuff, all of them just connect into each other, and I have to fricking go. I could live stream all night, but I'm gonna go and have dinner with several badass people. So, I'm sure I'll have many more things to share with you tomorrow. I would really encourage you to watch the replay of this live stream. I feel like I brought the message and the preaching tonight, this afternoon, whatever it is.
So, go watch the replay, leave me a comment, send me a message, let me know what you thought, and seriously, what if you just fully decided to back yourself? I've built a multi million dollar per year business where every day I just wake up, and sit around and talk to cool people on the internet like I'm doing now. I only do what I want, I have the best time ever. I travel the world continually. You guys see this, and I just want you to really know that's available for you. I didn't have all that. I built it up, and I built it from backing myself, right?
And I literally used to write in my journal, all I really wanna do is inspire, educate and motivate people, and talk to cool badass people on the internet, and now here we are. So, I know that this is available for all of us in all areas. Don't forget that if you wanna spend a day with me in person in a VIP private event, on Tuesday in New York, that that's happening. There's several places left, I think three maybe for New York. Send me a message on my personal page, and then there's a couple of places left for San Diego the week after as well.
So, it's gonna be April, sorry. March 27 in New York City, and April 3 over in San Diego. Message me on my Katrina Ruth personal page, or you can message on this profile if you're confused about how to find it, but maybe someone can tag in my personal page right now, or I'll do it in a moment when I jump off, and send me a message there because it's just easier for me to PM over on my personal one. I prefer it. And I'll get you all the details of exactly what we're covering, and the cost, and all that good stuff.
Have an amazing day. Go take massive action, from your soul. And do not forget, life is now. Press fucking play.

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